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Scholar of Contagion

Scholar tells you, 'Bless you my friend, for coming to aid us in this time of dire need. You are here to help, I assume? Surely by now you've heard of the illness plaguing those who aren't blessed witht he constituion of a Dragon. It is a sly trick of the enemy, unleashing this upon us when our guard was down. We must do our utmost to find the remedy and save our peoples.'

Scholar tells you, 'We must use the alchemic knowledge of all the Alchemy trainers across Aradoth, they will possibly know of a way to process a vaccination.'

Scholar tells you, 'So you do wish to help? Splendid. Go to the alchemist known as Standish -- she dwells in the frostbitten city of Kirasanct. You may find her a touch arrogant, but if you are persistent and stress the importance of this errand, I believe she'll come around to our way of thinking.'

Standish tells you, 'What is it?! What? Oh. You're one of those bleeding hearts from the freed Elf city. Couldn't stay down there, could you? No, you had to come up here, probably plague-ridden. Hmph. Well, let me see what you've got there. I've heard all about this 'theory' of that crackpot scholar...well now. This is interesting,I'll grant you, but there's notuch I can do about it up here. I suggest you take it to Morrigan in Tazoon, along with two Ice Beetle Carapaces. She always needs one of those.'

Morrigan tells you, 'So, you're looking for a remedy for this disease. Let me see what I can do with what you've broughtme. Hmm... with some scrapings from this carapace, I should be able to grind this into a dry mixture of some kind to start you on the path. That'st the way, out in the desert, you know. Here you are -- I'm dreadfully short on supplies, though, and I know this isn't the finished product. I don't suppose you could take this to Sshranu in Sslanis, could you? The Sslik may have just the thing for a catalyst. Oh, and bring the fellow a maggot mandible, would you?

Sshranu tells you, 'Thank you, thank you! Nothing like a mandible to make things intersting. Hm? Oh, you're one of those folks looking for a remedy to the disease. I sympathize, I do. Let me see what you've got so far. Argh, this is Morrigan's work, isn't it? Grind this, mash that... doesn't that woman understand that alchemy isn't just about powders that getin the cracks of your scales and make you itch abominably? Here, here, I'll make you a proper suspension with this and the mandible. Well, and a few of my own ingrediant. Now, take this to Herman in Dalimond...and bring him a zombie finger, too. Heh heh.'

Herman tells you, 'What on Istaria--agh, ghastly zombie finger. That's Sshranu's doing, I'll bet. Prankster at heart, that one. So you're looking for a disease cure, I hear...let's take a look at this. This is a good start, but there's not nearly enough here -- you need something volatile. I'll bet you've never heard the curative powers inherent in gruok bristles, have you? If you take some to Effsee in Kion, along with this postion, I think you'll have your cure at long last.'

Effsee tells you, "Hmmm? Oh yes, I remember, you're one of those looking to stop the plague. I've heard of your efforts so far. Let's see... you've taken this to how many alchemists?! Don't they know to apply heat at all? Here, we'll bring this to a good boil with Herman's 'miracle cure' and see what's what. Ahhh, yes. This, I believe, should at least help with the disease, if not cure it.'

Presented with "Effsee's Vile Concoction."

"This flowery smelling potion provides a cure to your ailment."

Delay 50
Recycle Repeating
Range Self Only
Effect Cure Zymosis
Bulk 1