The below information is actually from a quest that can still be currently done. Since most of the info provided sheds light on past events and current views I figured it'd be useful in lore, and I don't provide any indication where any of our characters -- thus not a game guide.

Ambassador Chauncy
? Greetings! I hope you?re having a pleasant day, and that you?re finding everything you?re after here in gorgeous Tazoon. I wish I could find everything I?m after, myself??

Chauncy tells you, ?You see, I?ve recently been appointed Ambassador to the outlying cities of Istaria. The problem is, well, I? fibbed a bit, shall we say. I ?m not at all knowledgable about the cities and their people. And now they?ve given me this poll and directed me to travel the lands. I can?t even figure out how to use a travel gate, for Istara?s sake! You seem to be a worthy individual? do you think you could bail me out? I?ll make it worth your while!?

Chauncy tell you, ?Fantastic! Here, take this list of names; these are the people you need to speak with in the various towns. I?m sure it?ll be no problem for someone like you. I?ll be waiting here for your results.?

Combat Instructor Brilthor
? There is indeed hostility among the Living Races. You cannot deny that the Gnomes hold a solid grudge against us, the Elven people. They blame us for not coming to aid, but what could we do> DO they think we do not understand their pain? It is a hostile undercurrent in our dealings that, I fear, may never entirely leave.

Veteran Olkeyr
? Of course there?s enmity brewing under the surface of some people. You?d have to be blind to miss it. The Gnomes hate us for not coming when they feel we should. And we, consciously or no, blame the Dwarves for not saving our fair city when they may have. It is all based on might-have-beens, and dwelling on such things will only impede our efforts?

Protector Maika
? Conflict? There will always be conflict. It?s the way of people. Whenever there are differences, there will be those who fight against them due to misunderstanding or fear. It is not my job to ponder why these things occur; I simply know they do, and accept it as a part of life.

Bixben Sallamuster
? Of course there?s tension between the races, and good reason for it, too! Where were the might other Living Races of Istaria when Rachival fell, eh? Eh?! They were at home by a roaring fire, telling jokes and having feasts, while my people died at the hand of the Withered Aegis! That?s just not something you turn around and forgive, I?ll have you know!

Morran Gizmogrinder
? Well sure, there?s bound to be someone rubbing someone else the wrong way. Look at the Elves, for example. Now, I?ve no business saying this, rightly, but its not fair, petitioning the Empire for aid freeing their city from the Withered Aegis while our own still lies in ruins! They didn?t help us when it first fell, and it looks like nothing?s changed?

Daggle Ironshaper
? What do I think about the? races an? all? Well, I admit that some Elves and Gnomes have given me th? cold shoulder at times, but then I?m not th? most charmin? of individuals, if ya catch my meanin?. Us Dwarves aren?t angry with anyone, as far as I hear tell ? we?re all in this t?gether, after all.

Olstas Buradach
? How are we dealing with it? By ourselves, that?s how! I haven?t met an Elf or Gnome that will give me the time of day1 I hear all that propaganda spewing from Tazoon about how the Living Races are supposed to stand together against this threat, but the only people I see looking after Dwarves are other Dwarves, and that?s the truth!

Tannil Underig
? You want to know what I think, hm? Well, there?s talk of? this is just a rumor, mind you, but I?ve heard the Gnomes are plotting to break away from the Empire! With the tinkering knowledge they have, there?s no telling what they could do? I just hope it doesn?t get into the hand of the Withered Aegis.

? You?re asking my opinion? Really?! Oh, ah-ahem. From what I?ve seen around here, the Dragons I know are dedicated to getting rid of this threat once and for all. There?s no animosity there? I mean, sure, there?s some superiority expressed ? we are dealing with bipeds, after all ? but really, this is a threat to everyone!

? Strife amidst the Living Races? Of course ther?s going to be conflict? they?re like ants, really. All we can hope to do is guide them on the proper path to ending the threat of the Withered Aegis. You can?t tell a river where to go, but with the proper planning and gently guidance, you may be able to change its course.

Micklin Vandus
? Come to ask the opinion of the Confederation, have you? We?re doing fine here in Dalimond. There?s no animosity displayed between our visitors that I?ve noticed?well, except perhaps between Sslik and the Humans, but I may have imagined that Sslik have an odd culture in any case. Regardless, they all aid the Empire as best they can, which is all anyone can ask, don?t you think?

Onye Kutima
? Everyone?s out for themselves these days. The Empire?s dream of a unified front against the Withered Aegis is just that ? a dream! The reality is that no one really cares about the long-term. Humans, Fiends, Gnomes, Dragons, you name it?they care about their own hides, first and foremost. Mark my words.

Gangaf Tagley
? Racial conflict? Nonsense! People of all races and creeds come to aid me with my spectacular creation, JJ180 ? how could there possibly conflict?

? Of course there is conflict, you fool! Open your eyes! We Dragon war against ourselves. The Fiends and Humans are standing at the brink of their own battle. There are grudges amongst the others that have never been cleared. That is why relying on the Empire alone to defeat the Withered Aegis is the idiot?s way. We will do what needs to be done!

? You wish to know what I think? I say it does not matter. The bipeds will fritter their lives away on pointless errands and ridiculous infighting while we, the Lunus, take control of Istaria away form the undead and into the proper hands ? ours.

Amenai Gauzir
? Do the race on Greater Aradoth squabble? I?m sorry, I haven?t been abroud lately; I?ve been stuck by the forge. I can tell you that the Saris and the Sslik get along as they always have: well, and peaceably. I certainly have no quarrel with the others that come through Kion, and I don?t see a reason to act otherwise.

Sethos Bakari
? When ways of life are threatened, there is bound to be conflict between those who would be friends. We are relatively safe here on Lessor Aradoth, but the Withered Aegis represents a frightening possibility: that the Istaria we know may one day no longer exist. You cannot blame people for reacting to that fear, but you can suggest a better method of dealing with it. Perhaps you should share that with the Ambassador.

Zhessix the Singed
? Who had time to spend pondering the relationships of the races? I don?t. That?s now what I?m paid for. I?m just an alchemist! Patrons are patrons, no matter what race they are. Look, I?m busy, so could you go harass someone with more time and safer environs?

Ssthar the Elder
? The Sslik remember in their hearts the wrongs done us by the other races in times long past. The stories of persecution have been passed down from generation to generation. DO we act on such things? No. Our friends and neighbors, the Saris, counsel caution and enlightenment. They perhaps do not understand the fierce hearts that beat within our chests, but for now, we are being cautious as they say. I cannot speak for the future.

Ikeli Endebaugh
? The race are only treated as they?re due. There is no reason for me to welcome a Human into my home after what their ancestors did to mine. We Fiends need rely on no one to progress into the next age and stave off the darkness in our own right, and that is the simple truth of matters.

Kyriani the Quick
? I?m afraid I don?t socialize much with travelers through these lands, so I honestly can?t answer your question reliably regarding the larger picture. For myself, everyone should be judged on their own merits, I believe; race has little to do with it.

Ghald Mazadren
? Racial tension? Up here? That?s crazy talk! We all get along fine up here, everyone of us! Who wants to be fighting your brother when there are better targets to the East, that?s what I want to know!

Saydra Strong-Arm
? Enmity between the races of the Empire? I?m sure I don?t know. The people I see this far north are normally set upon their own tasks and have little time to speak with me of politics, even if I cared to ask.

Ambassador Chauncy
? You?ve done it! I don?t know how to thank-wait, of course I know how to thank you. Here, take this. I hope it?s more than enough to cover the cost of portal fees and such. As I said, I?m not all that familiar with the practice. Your service to the Empire will not be forgotten!

You have received 500 copper.