Khafniu ?
I?m astounded at what your Empire has done to Istaria! Is it true you worship no gods? In Nazderon?s time, he had priests of Nyrevin everywhere. Nyrevin is the goddess of death and rebirth?it?s said her priests have control over the Realm of Spirit. ?I don?t suppose the rumors are true, are they? Are you people truly immortal, unable to die? If only we?d had that power?the priests wouldn?t have been able to do anything, then!

? Well, the desert certainly looks different from when last I saw it. I suppose a thousand years or two will do that to a place, though. Huh. Things certainly have changed. Do you know, in my father?s time, Nazderon?s kingdom was the only true city, aside from the dwellings of the Dragons? Seems everyone copied our idea, eh?

Beithir Deagh
? We?ve done it! Through strength of the Dryads and our own research, not to mention the gracious aid of the community, the people of this town are alive and well again! At last, the mystery of the statue brought to us by that Sslik can be solved. I?m sure that sandstorm revealing the town was no coincidence?

? Having that burden off my shoulders at last is a relief! Nazderon is dead, truly dead, and by the grave of the gods, may he never return.

Denge Dusthoof
? Hm, well, it worked, didn?t it? I?ve got to speak with these people. I?m sure they have many stories to tell. Imagine, people before the time of Ashlander Vandus! Eyewitnesses! My pen won?t be resting for a week at least!

Teana Pluirean
? What a wondrous sight! They changed from stone to flesh! Thank Alyssa they were returned to life successfully. I only hope they?ll be able to adjust. We Dryads were gone for some time, but they? they have a lot of catching up to do, I suppose. I can sympathize?

Nurusa the Pawn Broker
? I see the desert scarabs have been out recently, their bodies hold a mysterious power that can be imbued into jewelry. If you wish to learn how, I have a formula detailing how to make the jewelry ? I will sell it for 1 silver and 800 copper. I figured the blurb about the scarabs was kinda interesting and so added in her whole conversation.

? Things are so different! I fall asleep one day, and the next, there are all sorts of strange folk wandering around town! Who would have imagined seeing a blue person with horns and a tail? That?s something out of nightmares, that is? like one of the tales of Nazderon?s creatures. You don?t suppose they?re his creations??

? You mean to tell me the lizards are a part of normal society?! That?s ridiculous. They?re just animals on two legs, barely intelligent enough to use simple tools! That your Empire coddles them and accepts them as citizens is preposterous. Open your eyes ? can?t you see the mistake you?re making? They?ll kill you while you sleep and steal your children away for their supper.

? The rumor around town is that, now that we?re back, Nazderon will awaken and come back for Brienaire. The thing that worries me is this?surely even Nazderon, powerful though he was, must be dead and buried by now. What power could stir him from that sleep? What if he joins with this Withered Aegis of ours, the beings that seem to bring people back from the dead? I don?t know about you, friend, but I don?t exactly feel safe, especially with the possibility of such an alliance looming?

? If Nazderon?s coming back, the Magadi are sure to come back with him. Kaiyar was far from the capital, and so we did not need to deal with Nazderon himself often, but oh?we saw plenty of the Magadi. We once thought the rumor of his guard being linked to his own life force was just that ? a rumor. That is, we thought so until we saw a criminal stab one of them straight through the heart, saw the Magadi think nothing of it and rend the offender to pieces? No, if Nazderon is indeed coming back, you shouldn't fear him alone. His guard is formidable as well.

? The dragons are acting so oddly? When Kaiyar was whole, they ruled the skies and the land, and we worshiped them almost as if they were gods themselves. They, in turn, allowed us to continue our lives uninterrupted. But now, now? they fight amongst themselves, and seem to be nearly equal footing with the bipeds! How can this be? How is that such might creatures lost their perch at the top of the world?

? So all this happened because of Nazderon?s obsession with Brienaire? Talk about the lengths someone will go to in order to get a woman! Freezing a whole village, consorting with dark powers?you know, that kind of single-mindedness just may be bordering on the insane. Something to think about?

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