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Thread: snickels reply to floating city reply and its closure

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    Default snickels reply to floating city reply and its closure

    Dear snickel

    when i saw your answering post this " two post " entry was already closed so it seems that someone has read it
    and for the choosen language of german why not not every thing has to be in englisch
    shame that is is closed now but the fact that this game is not free of bugs and that every patch open new bugs cant be treated as state secret its the sad crying truth .

    so if someone gets enough of this and makes a cry of help then help him and not let him drown

    as i have heard a post can be moved by the admin to another place in this forum so why was it not move to your suggested place ????
    For your language statements
    iam an American so dont get this
    wrong my "dear friendly oppressors "
    we who have thrown all your tea into the harbour ...
    dont think the englisch language is heavensent and has too be the one and only .

    greetings dunkel and family

    dunkel_ice helian 100 100 5,5 mio hoard
    dunkelzahnjr helian 80 42 280 k
    Hrdunkelzahn helian 80 41 280 k
    now all adult

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    Default Re: snickels reply to floating city reply and its closure

    Hi dunkel,

    the post you refered to was a rant in German. I did two things:

    (1) I indicated to the writer that he/she should stick to the english language, not only because it is the official language, but also because he obviously wanted some of the game officials to take note (and I don't know if any of them understand German) and

    (2) I disclosed what his rant was about -- that he had trouble porting to/from floating island. And that was all the information (besides several angry statements) that his post contained.

    So I think that I did my best to help him by providing advice as well as translation.

    I wasn't the one who closed up the thread.

    snickel wigglsniff (retired) Twilight Crusaders on Unity
    poggle wigglsniff (gnomish crafter and mage) semi-retired on Order
    A gnomish house should not just sit there, it should definitely DO something!

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