Greetings fellow Unitarians.

If u ever need a good weapon to slay WA mobs or perhaps u looking for some armor to protect your "gifted" body or maybe u are missing a tool to master your craft class?

Don't hesistate to send me a tell ingame or leave a message here and i will see what i can do to help u [img]/Web/emoticons/emotion-1.gif[/img]

Got most T1-T3 techs and i am currently searching for more T4 and T5 techs.
The only form i am missing is Expert Invisible Scalemail Mask Form so if u got it pls send me a tell in game.

Will edit this post as soon as i get a new tech avalible.

T1-T3 got most. If i miss the one u need i will get it

T4 Techs: BlightNature, Armor, 2hC, Spirit

T5 techs: Stats; Power, focus. Adv; Crossbow, Flame, Energy, Ice, Mind, 1HC, 2HC, 1HS, 2HS, 1HP, Unarmed, Spirit. Defense; Armor V, Nature Res, Nature Ward.
Abilities: Smash, Power Strike.

Craft: Cooking, Carpentary, Fitting, Spinning, Tannin, Weaving, Salvaging, Sculpting, Logging, Lumbering, Masonary, Enchanting, Essence Structuring

// Your Weaponcrafter, Metaltoolmaker and Armorer