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    Most folks know about ambrosia, a single serving of this strange substance can clear the pain of a single death. There comes a time however when ambrosia no longer hits the spot, and the gifted of Istaria either become more careful when fighting the enemy, or they accept the consequences of death as part of their progression. A few of the older adventurers discover that regular food removes some of the downsides of death, but they can rarely get their hands on enough food to make it worthwhile.

    Adventurers over the age of 80 seasons need not suffer the sting of death anymore. Tzael's tavern is almost open for business, and when the doors open there will be enough food to sate the appetite of everyone ! Over a period of a couple of hours, you will find yourself able to aquire and consume enough food to remove the sting of more than 3 deaths [:D]

    The tavern will also be stocking various foods requested by some of the citizens of Istaria, for example minnow kabobs for the famished miner, jerky for Old Man Jenkins, and in due course a variety of soups that you might find yourself needing if you wish to aquire the impressive magical effects of the spell known as Shining Blades.

    In the meanwhile, feel free to contact myself for all tier IV foods, I am ready to meet the hunger demands of all of Istaria's citizens ! I will update this note you see here pinned to this message tree when the tavern's doors are open [:)]

    (Coming soon : Tzael's Novian Shop - over 3000 novians to be put to good use !)

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    the novian sounds promising hope you make a prices i can afford i heard dragon an apply no vians with out builderskill would love to try it

    cant wait your opening
    dunkel_ice helian 100 100 5,5 mio hoard
    dunkelzahnjr helian 80 42 280 k
    Hrdunkelzahn helian 80 41 280 k
    now all adult

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    Tzael's Tavern has now opened its doors !

    Head to Troy from Bristugo portals, and make your way to 22600, 16685. Delight in some of the delicacies available from the tavern keeper,while you're there why not try your luck with the local slotbot while you have a meal [:)]

    A tavern stocking service is available for those who wish to put their own taverns to good use, please contact myself for more details.

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    hi neighbour - nice to have a tavern on the doorstep (i am 2 plots down from the landing pad-the one with the vault)
    I am sure i will spend many a night dining in Tzeals Tavern :)

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    Nice place, just about caters for even the appitite of a half-giant with many death points ;)

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    is that Novian Shop still up-to-date or abandoned or already finished idea :D?
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    Quote Originally Posted by metagruen
    is that Novian Shop still up-to-date or abandoned or already finished idea [img]/Web/emoticons/emotion-2.gif[/img]?
    Hard to decide which novians to put on my consigner, and there's no way I'm paying the consignment fee to put them all up for sale [:P]

    Best to send me a tell in-game, telling me what you're after. If I've got any available, then the pricing is 1s per tier. At the moment I don't have any masonry novians left, kenaf bolts and tapestries are all gone too. Plenty of tier I novians from bronze sheetings to cedar braces, a noticably smaller selection of tier II, and limited choice of tier III, but what I do have of tier III I have in large quantities.

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