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Thread: Order - Scions

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    Default Order - Scions


    Scions is a loosely structured group of folks who enjoy roleplaying and helping others. Anyone friendly is welcome - talk to any Scion to learn more about us and to see if Scions is a good fit for you.

    Your welcome roast should be an experience to remember

    See you in Istaria!

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    Default Re: Order - Scions

    Just a note with the recent influx of new and old players, the Scions are still active. We are about 30 active strong, with about an even split of male/ female ratio. We welcome all races and boost both crafters and adventurers. We are what i wouldcall soft rp , it is encouraged that all speak in character within guild chat. But we have become a close knit family , who helps each other alot, though we frown upon powerleveling. We have players from both NA and Eur.

    If the scions interest you please contact any scion in game and check us out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by awdz View Post
    Your welcome roast should be an experience to remember
    Every one is a unique experience and quite enteretaining. }:=8)

    * snuffles curiously*
    [Visit The Order Underground]

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    Default Re: Order - Scions

    So, "Thegruokisdead" isn't a good name?

    "Thegruokislunch" was better
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    Default Re: Order - Scions

    definitely excellent naming :-)

    just a hint - the live one is the pet... ;-)

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    Default Re: Order - Scions

    Well, I wonder how the Mighty Scions are doing?
    Just doing a bump and letting the Scions know that i am sill around .
    I will be home soon, just waiting on some changes to come
    as always BEER ME
    Roguar the Zerker
    Drinker of Ale
    Order, Scoin
    why can i not sell hoard to a PB?

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    Default Re: Order - Scions

    *presents [A Flask of Dwarven Brandy] to roguar as fast as she can*
    *and a cask of [Dwarven Ale]*
    *and some of [Knut's Fire Whiskey]*

    now hurry up and get here!!! :-)

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    Default Re: Order - Scions

    hi rog ! :P
    ^.^ *Speed Demon of order..*[SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]

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    Default Re: Order - Scions

    Hmm, I'm a noob but I'm interested. My name is Zharek RalDeesh and I'm a lvl 10 tan and green dragon with a red underbelly.
    Living is the only revenge we Jedi can partake in. If the Empire fails to kill us all, we win.

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    Default Re: Order - Scions

    *serves Zharek an [Imperial Urn] full of klava with a towel and a curtsy*
    Wonderful to meet you! Speak with any Scion in game to learn more about the guild and to see if it may be a good fit for you, what you are after in a guild. It really is very loosely structured; if they feel up to it, any Scion can /guildinvite name (some prefer to let others handle it though). I look forward to seeing you in Istaria! :-)

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    Default Re: Order - Scions

    We are like a big family of rather misc people. It can be pretty interesting when awdz gets cooking too.

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    Default Re: Order - Scions

    Sorry for late !! im Pepposauro "the italian dragon"( and sandrocan sslik during many death point time lol )
    it's an onor for me be in your guild ( or family )

    ... golem is no tasty ...
    Pistacchio Pepposauro

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    Default Re: Order - Scions

    Greetings Scions I should be awake in the realm within the next few days, look forward to seeing everyone again.

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    Default Re: Order - Scions

    I can truely say that the people in Scions are a really nice group of social people that are mostly friendly as well
    Tarskin Ranawen <Scions>
    Male dragon of the 28th season, Order Shard

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    Exclamation Re: Order - Scions

    hey guys DemonWing/Chrystalas/Alisan may be off for a few days now my subscription ran out and I dont have any cash right now to get a new card. hope to see you all soon so take care and ill see you when I get back in. hey do the Scions have a Home page?
    Last edited by Demonwing; March 22nd, 2010 at 03:04 PM.

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    Default Re: Order - Scions
    sorry i'm not much of a website guru, went with a freebie and got some basic stuff in there... but i post updates about our activities mostly weekly :-)

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    Default Re: Order - Scions ys my account is with hotmail/ should look up webnode its an easy to use set up and its a free web page

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    Arrow Re: Order - Scions

    I could go and set up a web node page if your like...I was just thinking it would be a good spot to post any screen shots and backstorys maby..
    I have used this program in the past for the draconic alliance..I would be more than willing to put another together for the scions..just let me know..
    Chrystalas Wolfbane (Saris of the Scions)..Just a normal lil kitty cat ...well maby a bit crazy..just a bit..

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    Default Re: Order - Scions

    also could someone post the adress for the order wiki plz...
    Chrystalas Wolfbane (Saris of the Scions)..Just a normal lil kitty cat ...well maby a bit crazy..just a bit..

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    Talking Re: Order - Scions

    Greeting's all if you all want , i have a pc store in italy an can make a web-site
    ( sample : or similar ) .
    but im new in site consctruction ... and for now i don't know how insert a blog inside...

    but i learn quikly
    Pistacchio Pepposauro

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