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Thread: Bye Bye Gold Rage, Silver Strike and Ravage. Nerfed!

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    I have seen this on my level spideers (around 50) like the Redbacked Spiders east of Aug. though even with me missing a lot, I was able to take the named one (Moulani) out even when he was 16 levels higher than me. But like most others said, spideys are kinda rough to judge that on, seeing how they have huge dodge/evasion bonuses.

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    my best attack atm is

    ravage!!! he he he

    for me it kills like alot of things the health bar on the creep i'm attackign takes a huge chunk down. yey!!!

    any way Gold Ravage, i don't know about that yet!!!

    any way though. lol

    GL with fixing your problem!!!

    Love Si!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dragoniade
    I'm starting to believe that Tulga simply want every dragons to be Lunus...

    You want to do spells, then say Good Bye to the dragons best abilities:
    Gold Rage, Ravage and Silver Strike.

    Since those 3 abilties have been modified to use Tooth and Claws, they miss a lot more than before.

    I went to hunt spiders after the patch. Before, I used to hit 75% of the time, Gold Rage being the one missing the most. Now, I miss 90% of the time.

    Those abilities are now completly USELESS. Unless, of course, you choose to be a Lunus and follow the Lunus way, by putting EVERY training points you can into Tooth and Claws.

    So, if I get it right, you have to put ALL the points you can in Primals to be able to use your spells, and now you have to put ALL of the other half into Tooth and Claw....
    Ok. Why not remove the Strength, Health, Evasion, etc skills from the Training Points while we're at it.

    Giving us TnC should HELP us hit, not penalize us. Before the patch, I was able to hit. Not anymore. There is a problem there. ANd I hope it get fixed soon. Or at least, but those skill on Tooth and Claw AND Primal. The skill favorize Tooth and Claw way to much. Balance please.

    Now, I'll try to get some fun out adventuring, if I don't get too depressed and give up from the constant
    Your Gold Rage misses.
    Your Gold Rage misses.
    Your Silver Strike misses.
    Your Silver Strike misses.
    Your Silver Strike misses.
    Your Ravage misses.
    Your Ravage misses.
    Your Ravage misses.
    Your Ravage misses.
    that I am now getting,
    LMFAO. Dude... obviously your problem is you want to be BOTH Lunus AND Helian. Pick strikes or spells :P It's that simple.

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    Problem with picking Spells or Attacks is: No real good spells that can do same amount of damage. I am Helian and use alot of spells, but I like the special attacks to get outta trouble It's not nerfed just throw some pionts into T&C and the rest where ever you like. Pretty easy.

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