Zhessix the Singed
? GAAAAH! Not another interruption! I?m working with some very volatile substances here, and the last thing I need is someone accidentally spilling one thing on another thing and making everything EXPLODE! Please, please, I know you?re curious, but can you go be curious about fifty feet away?

Guard Kerrak
? Do you need help? If not, leave me be at once. I most focus on maintaining my *inner rage.

Your inquisitive nature IS NOT APPRECIATED. I gain great strength from the power of anger, and perhaps if I didn?t have ones LIKE YOU interrupting my concentration I would be stronger still! Perhaps if you went to Mahagra, where they are not so ignorant as you about the ways of the berserker, you could forever stop bothering me! Perhaps if you turn and walk away now, won?t have the need to knock you head over tail!

I DO NOT CARE if you have a tail or not! It is a common phrase among my kind. Now cease bother mine with stupid semantics! I?ll try using a common phrase among all kinds, so perhaps it will sink into your thick skull: GO AWAY!

*Did I NOT JUST ASK to be left alone?! Do you think its your right to simply bother someone about any little thing that happens to interest you?! I am a guard of this region and unless you find yourself beset by wolves, I AM NOT REQUIRED TO DEAL WITH YOU! Now turn and leave before my sword finds its way to your skull!

By the Empire will you CEASE this RIDICULOUS nitpicking?! Yes I know this forest has no wolves. What if I said I wished you were beset by zombies, would you be happy THEN?! Because I do, and I ALSO wish for some wolves so they may be at your throat! Now LEAVE ME BE!

? Are you interested in trophies? I am a bit of a historian. I?m searching for artifacts from ancient races of Istaria. There are many races that do not appear to exist anymore who left evidence of themselves behind. Some of these artifacts are powerful weapons. Perhaps you would like to help? Leads to quest list.

Ssthar the Elder
- Do you know of the Sslik? Do you know of the way we were treated in ages past? When Humans were rising to power in their cities and we were nomads, traveling across Greater Aradoth, we were shunned and persecuted. The city folk drove us away, claiming the land piece by piece and forcing us aside, for we were not like them. Eventually we came here, and only the Saris truly treated us as equals. Lesser Aradoth is our peaceful home, and the other races come and go? but the past is perhaps not so easily shoved aside.