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    Hi im Joey the alchemist. Im also a vampire, liccen and also a mage knight. Im looking for any warriors here to go on a quest to find the moon faerie so we can cure the land of its sickness. I will take anything from alchemist, mages, knights, vampires, anything. Join us plz

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    hmm wrong forum?

    what server are you playing? you seek dragons?

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    wrong universe ?? <_<
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    What's a liccen?
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    Another word for a wolf

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    Ah, lycan, from lycanthrope.

    It does seem a bit odd to post this in the Dragon Adventurer forum. Dragons are not vampires, werewolves, warriors, mages, or alchemists; they are Dragons. Moreover, as noted in a thread over in the Hello section, these boards are more for meta discussion of the MMORPG Horizons.

    HZ does not have moon faeries, at least none the Devs have let on about. You might want to post in the roleplay section of the Order forum, since Order is the roleplay server for the game. However, I've not seen a lot of RP done on any HZ-related boards; the RP is done in the game itself.

    Feel free to set up a chat tab for your adventure in the game *smiles* I'm in a couple of RP tabs on Order that have had some truly intense storylines over the past few months.

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