Hethsa the Patient - Peak of Storms
"It is good to see another of our kind capable of taking wing. I come to understand that in recent years the continent has seen harsh times, and that our numbers have thinned. I also gather being able to take other forms may be of increasing importance."

"In past time, there were some dragons capable of changing their form at will, often into one the size of a man. If one deals often with men, it undeniably has some use. I do not know who, at the present time, would know of this art... but I know one who did in the past. I would speak to Nyasana."

"I have little involvement in this, myself. I would suggest first speaking to Nyasana, who resides on the northern cliff face of this peak, just a short way from here. In older days, she was well capable of creating the art needed to change to our most common forms. However, while I retained my sense of time after the cataclysm, she was not so lucky -- you may have to remind her of your purpose more than once. If she rejects you, don't worry, simply return a while later and act as though nothing occurred."

Nyasana - Peak of Storms
"You... you are alive! It's been years since I saw one who wasn't a ghost, or a swirl of bluish miasma. Or... no, no... you come from tomorrow, or a thousand years from now. I stand under the meadow's sun and watch the light glint off the Sleeper, don't I? You are another trick, another trick of these hollow mists, making the mountain look crumbled and grey! Out! I do not wish to see you again!"

(3 hours later)
"A living dragon! Truly? It has been centuries since I saw other than empty spirits wandering the blue mists under the pale, distant sun. I... believe. Or is it yesterday? Or a distant, flat desert? When am I, pray tell?"

"No, this shouldn't be. It was only yesterday I stood at the foot of Sleeper's Peak, admiring its perfection -- this kind of time cannot have passed. And you say you wish to learn to change your form? Am I to believe all those who live, in this thousands of years, have forgotten the simple art? At the least, those of my clan must know it, the skill has always been passed on! Seek one of them!"

"The first part of our name is traditionally passed on, and we've always kept homes in high places, out of reach of the lower races. We always knew the need to occasionally profit from or with them, but see no reason to encourage turnabout."

"They know much that we do not, for all our longevity. Others always look poorly on us for our dealings with other races, but someday they'll realize this is true. Or... they have, haven't they? And there is a war... I have... no, that is the future. Now we have peace. Peace, and you seek to sabotage my clan, to take our secrets and drive us away!"

"The art and the symbol, fool! I know your kind, seeking 'traitors,' calling us below you! Out, before I am forced to do something drastic!"

Nyasela - Dralk
"You have spoken to a ghost of one of my ancestors? This isn't something one hears every day, I must say... but I do, indeed, know the art necessary for changing forms. It's an etching, intricate but not large, which I must make into one of your horns. I must use the appropriate reagent while performing this, however. Bring me the necessary items, and I can provide you with my services."

"It's very small, and not particularly visible, if that's what you're wondering. After I have created this art, I simply rub a small amount of powder, created from the two reagents, into the etching and use the appropriate magic to create its effect. The surface is left nearly unblemished after this is complete."

"Nothing especially hard to come by. Three bright essence orbs to begin with, these provide the magic, which makes the etching take effect. A sample of Sslik ghost vapor, this provides a sort of template for this particular alternate form. Finally, a steel rune stylus. That's right, a tool, you'll likely have to acquire this from one of the low men. While it may be possible to perform this with claws alone, a dragon's horns are quite durable, and I see no sense in ruining one's claws when ruining men's tools will do instead."

"Ah, that looks like everything. Now hold still for one minute, this won't be much trouble."

"The actual act of changing form is simple, though it takes a bit of getting used to... imagine a sort of door in one's mind, which you can walk through at will. On one side is your normal form, as you stand before me now. On the other is a humanoid form, much smaller and lacking in some strength, but you just the same -- imagine stepping into that other room, it's as simple as that."

"Very good, it is done. And well etched, if I do say so myself -- not that you've much of an easy way to check."

"You might wish now to try stepping into that room I spoke of earlier. It may take a bit of rummaging around in your mind to find it, but it's there."