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    Default Rite of Passage - Lunus

    This is almost the entire text of the Lunus RoP - as such it's a spolier! Don't say I didn't warn ya. :)

    There are a couple pieces of text and conversations I'm missing, nothing major though:
    - The message when you summon the crystallized golem.
    - The message when you loot the ghostly dragon's eye.
    - Conversations with consigners/pawnbrokers that lead to talking with Sheila in Bristugo.
    - The conversation with Hethsa the Patient on the Peak of Storms at the end (I was too excited to stop and talk *chuckles*).

    The Historian's Tale

    Karane the Historian
    "Greetings hatchling. Now that you've gained some knowledge of the ways of the world, I suppose you have some interest in our illustrious past, yes? It was not so long ago we were mighty, both in our eyes and in the eyes of men."

    "At one time dragons were a dominant force in this world. Stronger, wiser, and in all measurable ways superior to men. We ruled the skies and the mountains, leaving lesser races only that which proved uninspiring to us. While they warred, we stayed untouched, ignoring the occasional plea for aid and knowing they wouldn't dare risk challenging us in our own lands. Ours were the ways of learning, discussion, storytelling, and of hunting for food from the skies."

    "Occasionally, yes. And as their populations grew, sometimes more than occasionally. As the years went on, more and more of their petty squabbling spilled onto our territory, young dragons who sought to be helpful started becoming entangled in their conflicts, and sometimes hurt or killed. Attempts at diplomacy on our part proved useless in most cases."

    "While we asked to be left out of their ridiculous warfare, we were rarely heeded. In particular the Fiends, a young and brash race convinced of their own superiority, simply ignored us and cut supply lines and troop movements through our lands however it pleased them. Their passing damaged relics which had stood for a thousand years, but still we remained neutral, until the loss of the Sleeping Dragon."

    "An immense statue of silver, protected from all damage and from the elements, by spells older than some gods. It lay atop the peak of a great mountain, wrapping itself around the cliffs and summit, hundreds of meters from snout to tail. No one could say who had crafted it -- some theorized it had once been alive, the greatest of our kind, an avatar (or, perhaps, archetype), and that while resting one night its soul was plucked to the heavens, the form left in silver to remind us of our highest ideals. The statue was pristine in every way, not a scratch or a mar was visible, and it was impossible to scuff or tarnish. But, I digress."

    "Sleeper's Peak was a place of reverence to us, a place of contemplation. Dragons traveled there to admire its perfection, and in some cases to worship. Even the most skeptical of us felt a connection to the Sleeper on some level, and an almost spiritual peace in its presence. Think clearly of what I describe and you can almost feel it still."

    "It was a vital and holy place, despite its location on the edge of our proper domain. Fighting there was unthinkable to us, in fact had never occurred in recorded history. All this changed one day, as an army of men passed into the sleeper's domain. They were chased, this time, by their own kind."

    "As the story goes, the army was composed of soldiers from their current empire, or not-empire I suppose. Those giving chase were under the banner of Kon, a wizard of considerable learning who had built up his following over more lifetime than men were meant to have. Their sides met at the base of the mountain and battle ensued, men with strong armor and steel, fighting men whose equipment was enchanted with all manner of lost techniques. Kon's forces had the upper hand, and melee quickly became one-sided."

    "Noting their losses, the imperials fled up the path to the peak. Even from the base of the mountain, it's clear the route narrows considerably near the summit, and they sought to cut off their enemy's advantage in numbers by finding a choke point. We presume, that is, given the aftermath I suspect there was little hope either way."

    "There was a great deal of protesting from the dragons, there to think and admire the avatar, but again it went unheeded. Most of our kind took wing and left Sleeper's Peak, or watched from afar as the imperials fled towards the summit. Kon's men took delight in smashing everything in their path as they gave chase, sure of themselves and fearing nothing -- for you see, little one, they had a secret, much to our chagrin."

    "The leader of Kon's militia was a man named Elial, an evil man whose eyes burned with the fire of madness. He was immense, for their kind, and wielded a sword made by his master especially for him."

    "Eventually the imperial soldiers reached the plateau just beneath the peak, after passing through a narrow gap made by the Sleeper's hand, its talons piercing the cliffside pathway on each side. There, with the Sleeper's arm and wing overhead, they chose to stand. Three abreast they placed themselves on the uphill side of the talons and waited for the head of the pursuing militia. It didn't take long for their targets to arrive."

    "The first of the pursuers were cut down without even a fight. The three men in front stood their ground and the two remaining imperial archers hid behind, felling their targets before they ever reached the claw or the entry between its talons. They'd chosen their stand wisely, and after heavy losses the militia kept back. Then Elial stepped forward, his claymore with its oddly shaped blade slung nonchalantly over his shoulder. He walked within view of the immense silver claw, stood fast as two arrows narrowly missed his head, and laughed before turning quickly to the sheer granite face that rose on his left. He hefted his sword, judged the wall for a moment, then swung and cut a tear in reality."

    "The cliff face split open like paper, and behind it... we do not know. What does the other side of reality look like, hatchling? I suspect it's nothing so simple as a painting stretched over a frame -- no, what lies in there must be madness, and this man was well and truly mad. Elial stepped forward through the tear, which sealed behind him almost as fast as it had been cut. The defending men watched this in silent horror, and questioning shouts began among the twenty or so imperials on the plateau. Where had he gone?"

    "They had precious little time to discuss it, because suddenly a blade drove outward from the air in the middle of the group, swinging an enormous arc that tore through five men within a second. Then again, it vanished. The remaining men spread out, watching for the slightest movement... when again the blade appeared through thin air, slicing one man across the chest as though his armor wasn't even there. Another brought his blade up with remarkable speed, only to have it cut off cleanly in the middle before losing his life. Six more fell just as quickly, torn to pieces by the claymore's techniqued blade, until only the men at the Sleeper's talons remained."

    "The sword appeared again and swung, this time hitting no one but leaving a rip in midair, like the one Elial had made on the cliff face. He stepped through, grinning widely and seeming relaxed. Those few remaining between the claw's talons waited for the onslaught, raising their weapons and shields -- though by now they must've seen this was useless. Elial sauntered towards them, stepping over the fallen with his impossibly sharp claymore again slung lazily over his shoulder. As he approached to within striking range, one of the defenders lunged, a panicked blow which was neatly sidestepped, and which cost the man his life as Elial brought his claymore down upon him with unreal speed. Wheeling back around the other way, Elial swung his blade towards the remainders, slicing through one but missing the other, who barely ducked the swing. This solitary defender saw his chance and took it, neatly driving his sword into the madman's side. At this, Elial lost control of his sword."

    "His swing went wide. The blade, irresistibly sharp, able to cut through the cloth of reality, overshot and cut into the talon of the Sleeper. Those who watched from afar say it was like time stopped, as though you could feel the world buckling under too much weight. The clouds pulled suddenly into sharp peaks and swirls. Sound vanished. Light grew dim, then red, then black. Suddenly there was a flash of blinding light, a shuddering roar, hurricane winds pulled towards the mountain, and when the distant watchers -- those who survived -- recovered and looked again it was gone."

    "Don't you see? Here the irresistible force, the blade, met the immovable object, the Sleeper. Reality dealt with it in the only way it knows -- to remove the problem. It's not often one hears of a paradox, outside of foolish discussions of time travel, but they DO exist in other places, and the Sleeper and blade is one."

    "Everything. The sleeper, the summit, the soldiers of both sides, gone. It was like a perfect sphere had been cut out of the world, disturbed only by the sudden flash and rush of air that filled the vacuum. Since that day the mountain has been ruined, its devastated peak always covered in lightning and thunder, and time has seemed distorted to us. There is a power there now, but of a different sort."

    "Like a still surface of water that's been disturbed by a single drop. The ripple moves outward as we progress forward, and we are caught in its wake. The results of this ripple may be obvious with some thought, hatchling, but I'll leave you to investigate that, yourself."

    "Good good. I would ask of your fellow dragons, and specifically attend to Valkoth in Dralk, and Semeneth of Chiconis. You may find them intriguing."

    Guard Hetherandess
    "A historian told you of Sleeper's Peak? There are few things than can mean, and now that both Valkoth and Semeneth have returned I would suggest speaking to them."

    Semeneth the Ancient
    "The tale the historian tells is true, and marks a turning point in our relationship with the other races of Istaria. It became obvious that we could not simply rest on our isolationist laurels, and that to prevent such a tragedy happening again, we would need to educate the others. Or, some would say, prove ourselves a formidable ally."

    "We are older than the other races, and have wisdom because of that age. There is much we can teach them about magic, the world, and ourselves. In exchange, there is much we can learn from them, as the other races have ways with technology and elemental magics that are alien to us. The relationship benefits both sides, and places us in a position of respect we could never attain through simple bullying."

    "While it is true we have great physical strength and abilities the other races lack, we are not invulnerable, hatchling. Taking the position of warlords above and beyond the other races is no safe position to be in, as they can hurt us greatly if they became determined to, particularly as our population is now."

    Valkoth the Ancient
    "You have spoken to the historian about Sleeper's Peak? The story of its destruction never fails to anger me, for at that point we should have seen the error of our passive ways. Unfortunately, we chose instead to cower like kittens, and hope the lesser races wouldn't choose to slap our muzzles."

    "These are lesser beings, weaker than us physically and incapable of even cooperating among themselves. It is best that we demonstrate to them our considerable strength, and ensure they know we cannot be dismissed as simply another foolish community of rebels. To think, some believe we should become more like them."

    "Some dragons believe we should learn more of these lesser ones, and change our ways to match them -- This despite our traditions carrying us for hundreds of generations. Our bodies and traditions are strong, hatchling, but we will not instill this in the minds of the lesser races through passive biped diplomacy."

    Karane the Historian
    "I trust that in your travels, you spoke at length with both Valkoth and Semeneth? They are opposite sides, one respecting battle and strength, the other respecting diplomacy and intuition. As you're likely aware, dragon politics lean primarily in two directions: the Lunus, who believe we are superior to the other races, and should position ourselves as their masters; and the Helian, who feel we are best served by cooperating with the other races, improving ourselves and them through the sharing of knowledge. Your immediate path, should you choose to pursue it, will be shaped by which of these sides you prefer."

    "Now then, that explained, I charge you to choose one or the other. Return to Valkoth if you wish to tread the path of the Lunus, or to Semeneth if you prefer the path of the Helian. They will direct you from that point."
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    Become a True Lunus

    Valkoth the Ancient
    "Very well, hatchling, I am prepared to guide you through the trials ahead. I suggest you step outside for a moment and enjoy the heat. Speak to me again when you're ready to begin."

    "Becoming an adult dragon is no small task these years, hatchling. As we no longer grow naturally, we must construct a new body for ourselves, and move our spirit and physicality into it, like leaving an old home for a new. This requires two major components -- the first is a phylactery, an object which will represent your flesh and will in the final rite. The second is the cornerstone of your new form, a statue of yourself as an adult. Which path do you prefer to pursue at this time? As you acquire these items, I suggest bringing them along when you speak with me. I give help to a great number of hatchlings at times, and seeing their progress allows me to keep them straight."

    "There are two necessary pieces in the creation of the phylactery. The first is an orb of pure crystal, which you will imbue with your own will and energize through... complex means later on -- this will represent your mind in the finished product. The second is a silver claw, imbued with your own blood -- this will represent your body. Both are necessary in the creation of the item."

    Acquire an Orb of Pure Crystal:
    Valkoth the Ancient
    "Your first step in the creation of your phylactery will be to talk to Lantenal, a hermit of sorts out in the wastes. While his behavior is a bit... liberal for those with beliefs such as ours, hatchling, he is undeniably useful."

    Lantenal the Hermit
    "Oh! You're on your way now, are you? I can help with that, certainly, as many know by now. You see, the tricky part to begin with is the crystal itself... it's not in and of itself a complicated product, I mean to say... the material is very specific though. I will be asking you to travel to a meteor crater, and destroy a crystallized golem there. BUT! But, first you'll have to prove you know the place, and for that I ask you to bring me five shards from that location."

    "Oh! Yes, I believe it is in the south, on an island. A few of the two-legged types have towns of a sort there. Lerea? Yes, that's one of them, look to there and you'll be finding it!"

    (Collect the shards and return)
    Now that you have the shards, return and show them to Lantenal.

    "Already! Very good. You work fast, hatchling. Now now then, it's good you know the location, because you won't have much time. You see, to summon a Crystallized Golem you'll need a special spell cast upon you, and it only lasts a half hour or so... Er, pardon, let me take those from you."

    Lantenal tosses the small handful of shards into the nearest corner, without even bothering a glance in its direction. You notice a sizeable pile of the things is beginning to form.

    "Those are IMPORTANT! You just don't know it. Now then! You will have about a half hour to reach that location again and break some shards from the Crystallized Golem that will appear. Speak to me again when you are ready. And bring friends, I suspect you'll want them."

    "You are prepared? Already? That was faster than the others. I am giving you the enchantment now, if you fail this time, speak to me again and I can reinstate the enchantment. Reinstate? Reiterate? Hm. Regardless, you have a time limit. Go!"

    (Kill the golem)
    You quickly chip a handful of shards from the golem's destroyed form. These should satisfy the Hermit's request.

    Lantenal the Hermit
    "You proved yourself, I take it? Defeating a Crystallized Golem is no small effort. Ah, you have kept its shards I see, good good. Give them here, this will only take a moment."

    Lantenal quickly steps to the corner you noticed earlier, and rummages around in the pile of shards before producing one it seems pleased with. Holding it in the same hand as the Crystallized shards, the hermit takes a deep breath and stills for a moment.

    Suddenly, the hermit turns and plunges that hand into the lava pool, holds it there for a moment in obvious discomfort, before pulling back and turning to you. You see that somehow, the shards have been transformed into a small crystal orb, which you are presented with.

    The crystalline vessel now complete, you should speak to Valkoth on how to proceed.

    "There, you have a first step complete, hatchling. Now then, you've plenty more where that came from yet, you must infuse that orb with your own will and mind in particular. And I may be helping you with other tasks as you go long. BUT! For that I'm not really the one to speak to. May fate treat you kindly."

    Acquire an Imbued Silver Claw:
    Valkoth the Ancient
    "The silver claw is a vital component, for it will represent your body, which will hold the orb containing your will much as your body holds your mind now. Creation of a suitable item is not so straightforward as you might think, as simply forging your blood into metal is a fool's errand -- the liquid metal burns the blood and turns it to mere ash. Acquiring this component must follow a more difficult route, though the first step is still to acquire a large supply of silver golem shards."

    "Excellent, I see you acquired the golem shards. I know this is a significant task, golem silver is harder than the usual stuff, and does not chip easily. That's what makes it so suitable, for your next goal is to create talons from this unusually tough material."

    Valkoth produces a formula in his hand, seemingly from thin air. He hands the formula to you, along with the shards you presented him with.

    "Take this formula. With it, you can use a smelter to create talons from the golem shards. You will need these when you travel to Draak and speak to the Entombed Soul, may he be forgiven. Remember, these must be created by your own claws."

    (Create the talons)
    The talons form seemingly by magic, remarkably keen despite the lack of filing or folding.

    You show Valkoth your result, which he briefly studies before nodding.

    "Very good, hatchling. You can be quick at times, it bodes well for your survival -- but of course I forget you are Gifted. Given time you can throw yourself at any task enough times to succeed, yes? Some of us are not so lucky."

    "But I digress. You may recall earlier I mentioned one called the Entombed Soul (may he be forgiven). He is the one you must speak to next, and that means travel to the fallen dragon community of Draak. It is far to the southeast of this continent, and given current situations will take you through a peninsula filled with undead, at the very least. I do not even know if it is reachable, though I believe you should find a way."

    (Travel to Draak)
    You sense the presence of the Entombed Soul nearby...

    Entombed Dragon
    "...speech is difficult hatchling... must free me..."

    (Defeat the Enslavers of Mind, Spirit, & Will)
    Entombed Dragon
    " too have come i see... ...another to make use of my imprisonment..."

    "...i have been here for years or eons... ... first with my own kind then with nothing now with the undead... tomb and body have been splintered more times than i can remember but still i am whole... ...always i come back... is the punishment for my behavior... ...i sought to right the wrongs done to us... ...some believe i did not..."

    "...i watched the sleepers destruction the splintering of the mountain the rushing of winds... ...i saw sleepers peak become a peak of storms... ...i traveled far to the northeast to find kon the wizard who caused this... ...cut him in two with my own claws... ...i gave us vengeance..."

    " follow the path of the lunus and are my kin... must understand the right of my cause but others do not others believe the lessers should tread on us as though we are mere snakes... ...they imprisoned me for my interference with the others... ...lest it harm their plans... ...i am glad those of our path still resist their feeble teachings under which we grow weak..."

    "...enough reminiscing hatchling my form does not bear it easily... ...though the silver i am composed of has always been soft always been brittle and i will require talons of your own devising... ...i can give you the claw you seek the claw containing your own blood the claw that will let you progress... ...but you must overcome my will overcome myself in combat... ...are you prepared..."

    "...very well... ...steel yourself hatchling as my will is strong... and through battle i must bloody these claws..."

    (Defeat the Entombed Will)
    Entombed Dragon
    Looking, you see the statue's right claw is stained with your own blood... strange, as you could've sworn the statue itself remained idle throughout the melee.

    " battle fiercely and were supported by those who believe in your cause... ...i grant you my claw... was earned..."

    You tear the Entombed Soul's hand from his body, the claw still wet with your own blood -- and see its replacement grow back almost instantly. As you peer at the separated claw, you see the blood seemingly evaporating from the surface. It takes you a moment to realize it's being absorbed by the unusual, brittle silver.

    Valkoth the Ancient
    "I see you have succeeded, hatchling. Well done. All that remains is to harden the claw, as the statue of the Entombed Soul, may he be forgiven, is not solid. For this, return to the Hermit and he will instruct you."

    Lantenal the Hermit
    "What what! Oh! The hatchling returns from his grand quest I see. Very good very good, you have spoken to the Entombed one and gotten the claw, as your path requires. Oh, and may he be forgiven -- Valkoth will have my wings if I forgot that."

    "All that remains is to harden the silver, and for that you simply must do to it as I did with the crystal, meaning plunge it into that lava pool. It burns plenty, it does, yes, and you may have to hold it there a minute before the process is complete. Just grit your jaws and concentrate on the goal."

    You plunge the bloodied silver claw into the lava...

    The claw cools down at a surprising rate, within seconds once again cool to the touch. Its silver no longer feels brittle or soft, and you suspect now that it would resist even the most desperate attempts to damage or tarnish its surface.

    Lantenal the Hermit
    "Well done hatchling, another step down your road is complete."

    Create a statue of your adult self:
    Valkoth the Ancient
    "The statue is an important item in a hatchling's quest. In the final rite, it will be transformed into your new body, and using the phylactery's powers you will transfer yourself into it. Because of this, the statue is possibly the most personal and important of all these items, as its form will dictate your appearance after the rite. This does not mean, however, that you can do whatever you wish with the statue. No, the more closely its form is appropriate to you, the more likely you are to succeed, otherwise your mind may reject its new home and... problems, I suppose arise. Exactly what, I could not say, no dragon has interested to risk this."

    "You will need to see an image of yourself as you should be, as you would be if the ripple in time had never occurred. Over the ages we have found a way to create a mirror of obsidian, with a reflection affected by the same distortion we are. This means that when looking through it, your reflection will be as though time had never been disturbed -- you will see an image of yourself as an adult. When the lesser races look into the same surface, they see themselves as they were in the past. You will need to create this mirror first, then I shall show you how to carve an appropriate statue of your image, which shall be used as the base for a mold to create the true product later on. Are you prepared to undertake this quest, hatchling?"

    "It is tradition for each dragon to create the mirror for themselves, then when it is no longer needed, to add it to one's hoard for safekeeping. Surely you are not suggesting I give you an item from my hoard, hatchling? I had thought you civilized."

    "Your first step will be to acquire 10 obsidian bricks, from which you will make the mirror, and the eye of a ghostly dragon, which will make the mirror sensitive to our plight. Return to me when you have these."

    (Kill a ghostly dragon)
    You carefully remove the spectre's eye. Hopefully this is suitable for the creation of the obsidian mirror.

    "I see you have the necessary items in your possession, very good. Just a moment, hatchling."

    The ancient dragon takes the bricks, and quickly crafts them into a pristine sheet of stone, with an impressively mirrored surface. You are then given both this item, and a small diagram, illustrating the necessary steps to create an appropriate mirror of obsidian.

    "This formula will show you how to produce a mirror of appropriate design and quality. Remember, while the item is not large it IS important, and its face should be pristine and unblemished. Once you have created the item, return to me, and I shall tell you how to reach the Peak of Storms."

    (Create the mirror)
    The mirror is flawless, looking into it you see an undistorted reflection of yourself.

    "Now that you are prepared, you must take your mirror to the place we now call the Peak of Storms. In the past this was Sleeper's Peak, but since then it has wasted and become inhabited by spirits and little else. The small continent it is upon has sunken beneath the ocean, leaving a chain of islands with the Peak a notable feature."

    "You must make this trek alone, following the path to the Pool of Teeth. You should recognize it easily, a small pool of water ringed by stone fangs. This water will never dilute or evaporate, as it is affected by the distortion in time just as we are. Once you have reached it, wait there a few moments, then wash the mirror in the pool to grant it these same properties. I would suggest you speak to Lantenal the Hermit about how to get there."

    Lantenal the Hermit
    "Get out of my cave you kids! And stay away from my lava po -- Oh! Hello! It's true, I do in fact have access to a gateway that connects to the Peak of Storms. I've been maintaining it all my life, or nearly that, I say. I suppose there are others out there as well, but couldn't say where... this one we've located is precious, and I am charged with its upkeep!"

    The Hermit is clearly quite proud of his appointed task.

    "Now then! When you're ready to go, simply speak to me again and I can attune you. Took some doing to learn that ability as well I say... have you ever tried to get one of those fiendish fellows to tell you how it all really works? No small task! Perhaps I'll explain it to you someday."

    "Very good very good, if you're ready I'll get you prepared. Hang on then."

    The Hermit makes a show of gesturing and solemn mumbling, but based on other times you've been attuned, you suspect this is only beneficial to the hermit's own entertainment.

    "Ahah, it is done! I bid you luck, hatchling, and suggest you not dawdle. The Peak is not normally very dangerous, but you can never know what may spring up... you can't, rather... Wait, no no, right the first time on that one. Anyway, off with you."

    (At the pool of teeth)
    After a few moments' wait, you dip the mirror in the pool, and for a brief moment your forelimb goes numb. This passes within seconds however, and looking into the wet mirror you see a reflection of a larger, stronger dragon peering back at you.

    Lantenal the Hermit
    "You changed the mirror? Very good, very good! That first look is something fascinating, isn't it? Next, you will need to learn something of stone carving, which I can in fact help you with, though so can Valkoth and Semeneth. Acquire 30 granite bricks and return to any one of us, and we will demonstrate. After you have created a statue of your own, return one last time and I'll produce a mold of it."

    "Ready to learn something of carving, hatchling? Now watch carefully as I demonstrate the technique... I will give you an appropriate formula afterwards."

    The dragon takes several of the granite bricks and carefully carves them into recognizable pieces, applying pressure at just the right angles to allow claws to cut and split the stone. Before long the collection of pieces is assembled into a small, surprisingly accurate representation of yourself as you are now.

    "Do you see the tricks of it, hatchling? You may notice I only used 10 bricks in the process, when you attempt to carve yourself as an adult you'll use the remaining 20 or so. Here is a formula explaining the remaining markings necessary for the statue to serve its task, and good luck."

    (Make the statue)
    Double checking the mirror, you feel the statue is a quite accurate likeness.

    Lantenal the Hermit
    "Ahah, a fair likeness! Very good hatchling, very! You are nearly there, for while the likeness is excellent the material is not. Granite is best for the initial creation of the statue, but the final product must be made of something nearer to a dragon's heart! Er, so to speak."

    "Now then! I will form for you a mold, created of magic and based on the statue you hold. Once you have this mold, you must travel to the Dralk shrine and fill it with the lava within. That done, travel to Chiconis and cool the liquid stone with the shrine's waters there. Thus, you will have a likeness of yourself, made of both the lava of Dralk and the water of Chiconis. An appropriate material, if I do say! At that point, you shall be at journey's end. Good luck!"

    Lantenal mumbles something and makes a few more arcane gestures -- this time seeming more useful than the others -- and a shimmering outline of magic recognizeable as the shape of your statue, appears before you. It is solid to the touch, and you pick it up.

    (Dralk Shrine)
    You submerge the magical vessel in the magma, and when you withdraw it, see that it is perfectly filled with the bubbling stone.

    (Chiconis Shrine)
    You dip the magical vessel into the waters of the shrine, immense amounts of steam billowing forth. When you withdraw the object you see the magical field is gone, leaving you with nothing but a perfectly-shaped statue of solid stone. It shows no sign of being carved or worked, but is a perfect replica of the image you spy in the mirror.
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    Imbue the Crystal Orb with your own will:
    Valkoth the Ancient
    "I see you have acquired an appropriate vessel, hatchling. The pure crystal orb you hold is capable of being imbued with a fragment of your will, a dangerous task you will yet need to accomplish. It is an important step in your creation of a phylactery suitable for the rite of passage. I hope your progress on the silver claw and statue is similarly swift."

    "There are few ways, we have found, to properly accomplish such a goal. One is most suitable in character to ourselves and our beliefs, and is a worthy task of a hatchling's acuity as well, so we prefer it. This is the location and confrontation of a mind lasher."

    "These are bodiless spirits from some alternate realm, perhaps that of blight, perhaps another - they are uncommon, though sometimes I wonder as to the degree. Mind lashers have no form of their own, naturally they are a weak spirit, easily dispersed. This is rarely the form you'll find one in however, more commonly they will walk among us as men or dragons, with us barely the wiser."

    "They steal one's mind and form, then seek to take over your body. If you are overcome, you will be replaced by a creature looking and moving exactly like yourself, with the same memories, but of a different mind. However, an individual controlled by a mind lasher is not truly of the same... quality, I suppose, that they were before. While the lasher has the individual's memories, it can access them only with some difficulty. This is one of the few things that can truly give them away, a sort of halting pause in conversation as they stop and struggle to access their stolen memories and thought processes. Because of this they usually prefer some degree of solitude, to take their host and create a new life and new memories of their own -- this is another that can give them away. Search for a man or dragon who has uprooted his life with great suddenness."

    "Where do you find one such as this? Ask of shopkeepers and pawnbrokers, in particular, they often hear news before others. Also, look for those who the lasher has abandoned, usually in favor of a stronger host. These empty souls may still be physically alive, but mentally they are barren, barely even capable of speech or gesture. You may need to ask your fellow gifted to aid you in this, hatchling, as mind lashers typically hide themselves well. Are you prepared to give this path your attention?"

    Derasian the Consigner in Dralk
    "I had heard a recently-opened shop near Dalimond recently went under in the last few weeks. Hardly seems suspicious, however."

    Elissana the Consigner in Dalimond
    "A shop had opened in Bristugo, to the southwest of here. The owner stopped coming in for shipments a short while ago, however. I don't know if he went missing, but it was fairly sudden. He had an assistant, I think, you might try asking her."

    Sheila the Assistant
    "Why... yes, Seril was just that way before he disappeared. It was right around the time he insisted we move out here and start this shop, in fact. I don't know where he's gone, perhaps he mentioned something to Elissana on one of his runs to supply our shop. Will he be okay? Can you help him?"

    "He's so much quieter than usual those last two weeks. Always talking in short hops. If what you say's true it almost makes sense, like someone looking something up in a book before proceeding. It happened most when I asked him questions about things, it must've been true all along. Can you find him, dragon? I'd like at least to know what's become of him."

    Elissana the Consigner
    "Seril? Yes, I recall him. Odd sort, very glib, preferred to hand me notes rather than talking. I couldn't say where he's gone offhand, though he asked me questions about the cleric's tower to the south of here once, and who inhabited it. It was nearly the only time I ever heard him speak without being spoken to. Perhaps you should try there, and ask that babbling fool Saint Thomas about it."

    Saint Thomas Aqua
    "Welcome to the Tower of the High Cleric! My name is Saint Thomas Aqua, I am here to assist the worthy and bar the... hm?"

    "I've seen a man of that description not so long ago, actually. Blond, looked like a warrior in training, though he claimed he was a consigner or something. Nervous type he was, didn't take kindly to my spilling the holy water all over him, I'm rather clumsy about that I'll admit. He got rather hostile, in fact, I thought he was going to attack me, though he was quite a few ranks below me and I wasn't worried. I tried to calm him, but he went off along the eastern side of the mountain range fuming, said he's be back."

    "When I say nervous, I really should say 'weird' I suppose. He staggered his speech something mighty, full of starts and stops, and wouldn't look at me even before I spilled water on him. He stormed off saying something about finding someone stronger, I suppose he expected to hire some flunky to get revenge on me. Seems a bit much for just some water spillage, to me."

    Seril the Empty
    "anger... anger... strongervessel... easttoselen... foundonefoundone..."

    The man's speech is nothing but incoherent babbling. As Valkoth said, his mind is barren. Even a dragon inquiring loudly at him gets no reaction. His presence here suggests the mind lasher has found another host... looking around, you pick up a broken staff with an inscription upon it.

    Item - Segment of Broken Staff
    An inscription reads, "Property of Barmos the organized"

    Selen Gatekeeper
    "I recognize that staff, dragon! It belongs to Barmos, the mage who occupied this position until recently. He went missing, and I was drafted to replace him as Selen's gatekeeper. They say he traveled north along the great wall, perhaps Aughundell would be the next logical place, if you seek him."

    "Come now, you can't truly believe that just because our title is 'Gatekeeper' we have no names? I am Jenras myself, pleased to meet you. Barmos was a neat and tidy sort, anal to the point of labeling his individual belongings and having his hat cleaned every morning. That staff segment you have there says 'property of Barmos' on it, I'll wager."

    Barmos the Empty
    "towertower... north... where... intheice... strongervesselfindstronger..."

    You notice several scratches on his hands and face, as though he'd been attacked by an animal. Would the mind lasher consider a mere animal an improved vessel? Nonetheless, Barmos clearly mentions a tower in ice, and you know the nearest of those is the Tower of Magery.

    "Finally, someone to talk to other than that whiner! I... oh, oh my. Yes, actually, I have seen a strange animal in this area, a werewolf with unusual coloration for a snowy type. It shows up here occasionally as though keeping tabs on us. Afterwards it heads off east down the peninsula, though I couldn't say exactly where."

    Talon the Possessed
    "Grrrrr... another one! You tempt me, hatchling, you do you do! You all do!"

    "Thiss vessel iss strong, yes, much life in it. But not smart, no possibilitiesss... jussst rrun and hunt. But you sssilly dragons sometimess find me... ssteal a piece of me... you are alwayss protected by your little frienddsss, NEED their protectionss. I knoww what you want, I do. You wissh my sservices, yess? Wissh to defeat mme and get a sliverr of your mmmind into that pretty bauble. Thiss is a sservisse I will sell to you. I havve a businnness propossition, I do. Thiss will cost you cossst you it will."

    "Grrrr... good good. I have alliesss I do, myself... as all beingss do, even thosse of blight. I wissh to communicate with them. One you will ffind is called Kaa, the other Lem. They inhabbit vessels not sso different... from thiss one at times... at othersss they are mmen like any otherss. Both are much sstronger that I... have no thoughts of thisss ssame bargain with themm hatchlinnng. Now, given you hhave accepted thiss bargain, yess, take thesse messagesss to them. One dwellsss in the wesstern desert, the otherrr on an issland of dry grass in the northeasst."

    "Botth have been here for mmany yearrs, grrrrr. I am wweak compared to them... their mindsss... They can commannd more than a sssingle vessel they can. Botth are in two, thhree, perhaps more, places at oncce. Ssome of their formms are knownn to your kind, hatchlinnng, otherss not. Butbut... I am clever, I knnow thinnngs, they resspect me and mmy methhods."

    "Verrry good, little lissard. I will give you nno paper, you must pass this mmessage by memmory. Sspeak to Kaa, inforrm him of my whereabouts and tell himm neitherrr three nor four is what he sseeks. Sspeak to Lem, tell him he may seek thrrree, but nevver fivve. Tell them both mmy invesstigation is yet incomplete, but matters require my stay here for some time. I hope thiss is clearrrr, lissard."

    Kaa the Idealist
    "Another one? I am amazed by... steady influx of messengers that Esh manages... recruit. He must have found something we have not seen... a clever one, Esh is."

    "Indeed, Esh may not be of great age or strength... but quick of wit, I cannot deny. I suppose he made... business deal of a sort with you, dragon? Perhaps I do not care... the details anyhow. Apologies, I am occupied... another vessel of mine fights one of the Gifted, whose type is becoming... common these days."

    "I am in four places at this time... dragon. Normally it is a kind of effortless, but occasionally... direct and concentrated attention is required."

    "One who does not die... I know the other is one of them, for Shade has killed it before. Someday... must take one as a vessel, it would provide much less trouble in the lengthy term, I think."

    Lem the Peaceful
    "Good, I am always glad... another of Esh's messengers. I do not know what he pays these but... he does seem to find them. Thank Esh for his words."

    "You wonder what... all could mean, yes? Just a bit of information, nothing more. We all have... hobbies, you know. Deciding where to go, what to be..."

    "I sometimes aid those... who spread the blight. I do not enjoy... as vessels, but they are useful, and can provide... power. I once played an artisan... who built a machine to summon them, in fact. This was... different world, however."

    "Don't worry so, Lissard. I know... kind, you are strong, but have limitations. Perhaps... you are older."

    Talon the Possessed
    "Grrrer... verrry good, little thinng. Your sservicesss are of bennefit, as mmine shalll be to you. Noww, do not sspeak a word of thiss to your friendsss... to sspeak of me perhappss... but sspeak of my alliess and I shall finnd you in yourr little lissard cave at nnight, yess."

    "Ssince you havve carried out yourrr end of the bargainn, I shall uphollld minne. I shall give you timmme to prrepare, but next you sspeak to me, be prrreparred to do battle. To conffrrront me, asss i am ssure yourr alliess would say. Iff you fail, I shalll keep your young drrragon's body, I sshall."

    "I amm preparrred as well, little thinnng. Travell east a bit, to the ennd of thisss peninssulaa. Wait there in the ccenter of the ffirrst three frozzen poolllss... I shalll follow sshortly... I musst prepare my new fform, you man finnnd it ffamiliarr."

    You feel a sudden pain in your head, as a nearly invisible spirit suddenly coalesces into a form much like your own.

    (Defeat Esh)
    With a final blow, the doppleganger falls. Clearly not the end of it however, as you see the same nearly invisible spirit rise from the unconscious form.

    As the lasher's newfound form falls still, you catch a glimpse of a wispy spirit returning west towards its older vessel, Talon. Just as Valkoth said, the orb suddenly flashes and absorbs a portion of the defenseless spirit. You feel suddenly hollow as you realize it has taken a sliver of your mind, still held in the flayer's sway, as well.

    Valkoth the Ancient
    "It worked WITH you? This is rather unusual in my experience... a mind lasher is typically more than hostile when tracked down. Let us hope this doesn't signify larger problems in the future."

    "I'm sure you have looked at the flickering crystal and seen that the spirit inside is angry, evil. Your next step, hatchling, is to purify this, eliminating the dark spirit and leaving only your own. In my time there were many dragons capable of this purification, but the world has changed since then, and now I would suggest traveling to the Tower of Healing, in the desert to the west of Tazoon. There you should find someone capable of this magic. It demeans us to rely on the lesser races for such things, but problems like this can be repaired in time."

    Harle Aela the Pure
    "You ask for a rare spell, dragon. I suspect I can do the task, however. Allow me five minutes of preparation, then speak to me again, if you could."

    It has been five minutes, perhaps the healer is ready now.

    The healer's glowing hands touch the crystal, and you see the mad flickering within being replaced by a calm, steady glow.

    "There, it is done. I have been asked of this task several times recently, I am becoming quite adept at it. Good travels, dragon."

    Create a Phylactery of Shadows:
    Valkoth the Ancient
    "Now that you have imbued the orb and the claw, it is time for you to assemble the phylactery itself. This formula will show you how to assemble the two pieces into a single whole, using a dragonscale forge -- take care, as these items you combine are long in acquisition, and must be assembled carefully. Do this, hatchling, then speak to me again when you are ready."

    "The phylactery will have a power as well, the ability to absorb energy from certain spirits... this is necessary for the further task of energizing it, to make it hold the power necessary to animate your new form. I will explain further once you have the item."

    (Create the phylactery)
    The silver claw clasps around the orb as though it had always meant to be. Studying it now, you wonder how the two were ever brought together, as removing the crystal orb from within its grasp is clearly impossible without breakage. Did the silver hand close its fingers without you realizing it?

    Valkoth the Ancient
    "I trust the assembly went well? You should now have a true artifact of power, with the ability to drain certain spirits of their essence -- a task you will now need to undertake. Gathering the necessary power within the orb to animate your new form, based on the statue you'll have created, is your next task."

    "Certain types of spirits are vessels of considerable power, but only a handful exist. On any other being, using the phylactery's power will do little or nothing. On these few, it will rend them and absorb their essence. There are three in particular, two of which I expect you will make short work of, but the third is a tremendous adversary requiring special preparation. Are you prepared to energize your phylactery, to eventually create a Phylactery of Shadows?"

    "You are nearing the end of this wing of your journey, hatchling. Now that you have created a phylactery, you must charge it with enough energy to animate your new body when the time comes. As we Lunus know that the true path for ourselves is to eradicate evil, that is what you must do."

    "There are three spirits in particular, with this appropriate type of power. You can find and steal their essence into your phylactery, destroying them temporarily, and at the same time charging it with enough power to make the final rite succeed. When this is complete, you will have a Phylactery of Shadows, and your remaining task will be to travel to the top of the Peak of Storms and perform the rite."

    "These creatures are the Shade, the Cold, and the Shadow Dragon. The last is by far the most treacherous, and should be left for last. Speak to me again when you have dealt with the first two -- using your phylactery to absorb their power -- appropriately. Their locations can be seen in this vision stone, take it and follow its clue."

    Item - Bluish Stone
    Looking into this small, smooth stone, you see shifting images of a walled spiral trailing downward into the earth, and of an endless straight walkway dug into the ruined ground.

    (Kill Kaa the Shade)
    As the spirit falls, you feel as though the phylactery has become somehow heavier.

    (Kill Lem the Cold)
    The ghost collapses, and you feel as though the phylactery has grown a bit darker, more shimmery.

    Valkoth the Ancient
    "I see you now possess a darkened phylactery. You are nearly there, then, only the test of defeating the Shadow Dragon remains."

    "The Shadow Dragon can be found on the same island as Draak, though not always in the same place. It is a sort of lich, the remains of a great hero of our past, twisted and fallen into an antithesis of his former self. Its every waking moment pains the souls of our ancestors, and we seek to relieve them at every opportunity. The Shadow Dragon is nearly impossible to kill, however, and thus you will need to create a Shimmering Scale to accomplish this."

    "It protects a dragon from Death, something the Shadow Dragon embodies. Make no mistake, hatchling, this is a formidable opponent, one that is nearly unkillable. Create this scale and wear it during the battle, it is nearly the only way to survive his attacks."

    Valkoth hands you yet another diagram, this time of an intricate pattern of runes and images to be carved into a scale.

    (Create the scale)
    The newly created scale seems to radiate a sense of well-being.

    (Defeat the Shadow Dragon)
    Your phylactery suddenly gains great weight, and darkens noticeably. It is now fully charged.

    Valkoth the Ancient
    "I gather you have accomplished the statue, and defeated the Shadow Dragon to create a Phylactery of Shadows. This is a marked day for you indeed, hatchling, for the only remaining task is to travel to the top of the Peak of Storms, and use your phylactery to move yourself into your new body. When you are prepared, speak to the hermit, and he will grant you passage."

    "You will know the location is right when you feel an odd sort of disorientation. When this happens, stand on the outcropping at the peak, and use your phylactery."

    Lantenal the Hermit
    "Ahah! So I see you're ready, then! Congratulations, hatchling, this is a difficult point to reach, it is, and the task which remains is slight in comparison. Simply travel the path, speaking to those whom you meet on the way. There may be some interference from the more unruly spirits in the area, but they should be little trouble. I will now grant you passage to the Peak of Storms, through the same gate you used earlier. If you wish to bring friends, I can grant them passage as well -- give them one of these tokens of esteem and have them speak to me. Oh, and make sure you have both your phylactery and statue with you."

    (On the Peak of Storms)
    You suddenly feel strange, as though in two places at once. This may be the effect Valkoth spoke of. Stand on the overlook and use your Phylactery.

    -The End -
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    Default Re: Rite of Passage - Lunus


    WOOT! thanks so much for doing this!!! i've been kicking myself for almost a year about not taking screen shots from my RoP!
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    Default Re: Rite of Passage - Lunus

    Amazing! I took screenshots of the whole process, but didn't feel like getting them all typed out and whatnot.

    I got 2 of the 4 messages you didn't, I don't have the message summoning the Crystallized Golem, and I don't have the conversation with Hethsa the Patient on the Peak of Storms... I was also way too excited, hehe

    Looting the ghostly dragon's eye
    You carefully remove the spectre's eye. Hopefully this is suitable for the creation of the obsidian mirror.

    Derasian the consigner in Dralk
    "I had heard a recently-opened shop near Dalimond recently went under in the last few weeks. Hardly seems suspicious, however."

    Elissana the consigner in Dalimond
    "A shop had opened in Bristugo, to the southwest of here. The owner stopped coming in for shipments a short while ago, however. I don't know if he went missing, but it was fairly sudden. He had an assistant, I think, you might try asking her."

    Hope that helps, and thanks for putting all the rest of it into print, I'm sure it took awhile!

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    Default Re: Rite of Passage - Lunus

    Thanks Donagor! Aye, it did take a while typing all that out from screenshots. I was kicking myself the whole time for not having my logs turned on, hehe.

    I've added your messages to their appropriate spots, and I should have the other pieces eventually, once my friend is ready to start his rite and I make him take screenshots/logs. :)
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