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Thread: Kaze's Spell & Scale Facilities

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    Default Kaze's Spell & Scale Facilities

    Thought I would put up in here what I can do if anyone wants any spells/scales crafted. I have the following:

    All Beginner, Journeyman & Expert Spells
    All Beginner, Journeyman & Expert Scales
    All Dragon techs I-V, stats I-III and all spells techs I-V
    Eminence tech; Shining Blades & Dark Cyclone Form :D

    Tier 4 & 5 techs scribed

    Dragon Breath IV Primal IV Tooth & Claw IV Dexterity IV Focus IV Speed IV
    Strength IV Velocity IV
    Essence Shaping IV Gemworking IV Mining IV Quarrying IV Salvaging IV
    Scalecraft IV Smelting IV Spellcraft IV Stoneworking IV

    All tier 4 spell techs ingame

    Dragon Breath V Primal V Tooth & Claw V Armour V & All t5 Stats
    Gemworking V Essence Harvesting V Essence Shaping V Quarrying V Salvaging V
    Scalecraft V Spellcraft V Stoneworking V Transmutation V

    All tier 5 spell techs ingame

    Should prolly put prices up therefore
    T3 spells 1s T4 spells 5s T5 spells 9s
    T4 scales 5s/10s T5 scales 10s/20s (1st price is if u bring everything, 2nd is if I have to bring materials bar the trophies)
    Kaze Ancient Lunus Dragon 100/100 ~7 million hoard (Lv75)

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    Default Re: Kaze's Spell & Scale Facilities

    now have dex IV and arm V
    Kaze Ancient Lunus Dragon 100/100 ~7 million hoard (Lv75)

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