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    Default RebuildingChaos: The Bridges

    Here is a list of the remaining unbuilt Bridges. With what they still need to be finished, directions and what they will do once finished. Theres no Bridges left that go to new areas or anything just ones that will be shortcuts to areas that are already accessable.

    Genevia Island: Long Bridge Destroyed (16854,14819) 39.5% Completed.

    Cedar Timbers 700/1000
    Cedar Braces 101/500
    Bronze Joints 18/500
    Iron Sheets 292/500
    Sandstone Blocks 182/1000
    Sandstone Keystones 74/750
    Slate Blocks 0/1000
    Slate Keystones 0/500

    Directions: From Istaria's Loom follow road NorthEast to Bridge.

    One of 2 Bridges connecting Genevia to Scorpion Island, via the 3 small islands inbetween.

    Scorpion Island: Bridgehold Bridge (17406,15182) 12.7% Completed.

    Cedar Timbers 267/1000
    Cedar Braces0/500
    Dim Spheres 0/500
    Bronze Joints 5/500
    Iron Sheets 0/500
    Sandstone Blocks 1/1000
    Sandstone Keystones 150/750
    Slate Blocks 0/1000
    Slate Keystones 0/500
    Flax Bolts 0/500

    Directions: From Bridgehold Head SouthWest around the water to road heading West. Bridge is at end of road.

    One of the 2 Bridges connecting Genevia to Scorpion island, via the 3 small islands inbetween.

    Scorpion Island: South point Bridge (18572,14323) 34.2% Completed.

    Cedar Braces 11/500
    Bronze Joints 0/500
    Iron Sheets 30/500
    Sandstone Blocks 112/1000
    Sandstone Keystones 261/750
    Slate Blocks 4/1000
    Slate Keystones 34/500
    Flax Bolts 25/500

    Directions: From South point head SouthEast to Bridge or on Wisp isle its at NorthWest end.

    Once completed would connect Scorpion Island with Wisp Island and the Guild Island with Sakon on it.

    Fabric Isle: North Bridge (20397,19644) 44.4% Completed.

    Cedar Timbers 812/1000
    Cedar Braces22/500
    Dim Spheres 425/500
    Bronze Joints 4/500
    Iron Sheets180/500
    Sandstone Blocks 120/1000
    Sandstone Keystones 60/750
    Slate Blocks 730/1000
    Slate Keystones 0/500
    Flax Bolts 363/500

    Directions: Head NorthEast from Solitaire over the South Bridge to Fabric Isle, Continue North to Bridge or from Pleasant Canyon head West then South to Bridge. Sandstone, Cedar and Slate right near Pleasant Canyon.

    Once completed it will connect Fabric isle to aradoth around the observatory peninsula.

    Selen: Rope Bridge (26916,22268) 12.7% Completed.

    Cedar Timbers 0/250
    Cedar Braces0/150
    Elm Timbers 0/350
    Elm Braces 0/500
    Sandstone Keystones 37/250
    Flax Bolts 25/600
    Flax Tapestries 74/200
    Kenaf Bolts 0/500

    Directions: From Selen head SouthEast on road towards spiritous swamp.

    Once completed Bridge will go to a little Island with a logging station on it.

    Guild Islands: Low island Bridge (19749,13508) 42.2% Completed.

    Cedar Braces 0/500
    Dim Spheres 240/500
    Bronze Joints 14/500
    Iron Sheets 0/500
    Sandstone Blocks 331/1000
    Sandstone Keystones 275/750
    Slate Blocks 116/1000
    Slate Keystones 80/500

    Directions: From Pangai head SouthWest to Bridge or from Sakon head East then South to Bridge.

    Once completed will connect the 2 lower Guild Islands.

    Saritova Island: Rope Bridge (27625,14501) 36.7% Completed.

    Elm Timbers 60/350
    Elm Braces0/500
    Flax Bolts 0/600
    Flax Tapestries 135/200
    Kenaf Bolts 25/500

    Directions: From Amon head East to Sil then NorthEast to Rope Bridge or from Harmony head South over the cliff to Bridge.

    Once completed will only make it easier to travel between the Guild towns nearby.

    Ruxus: Rope Bridge (21878,20891) 0.1% Completed.

    Totally useless Bridge not worth rebuilding at all. There is a rock bridge right there that you can crossover instead.





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    Default Re: RebuildingChaos: The Bridges

    I'm working on bringing up my alt so that she can at least do flax bolts/taps...

    If anyone wants to do anywork on the bridges, give me a holler! I'll craft or fly and I'm more than willing to organize/pester people into helping out.
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    Default Re: RebuildingChaos: The Bridges

    Hey... I'm new to this forum, but been around for a while on and off... I can help with just about anything needed to be done, miner/gatherer lvl 60+, I am also a weaver lvl 55 or so. Let me know in game if there is a day when you want to do a big push, or if there is anyone wanting to help haul, gather, apply resources, and ill do my best to make myself available to the cause.

    See ya around the realms
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