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Thread: Can we still create more than 10 hotkeybars?

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    Default Can we still create more than 10 hotkeybars?

    At one time, if you hand edited the right files, you could create more than 10 hotkey bars. Since I didn't see the discussed expansion to the hotkey bars in the Developer Preview, I wanted to try to do this myself. The problem is, I've either forgotten the right way to do it, it's now done differently, or it no longer works.

    Anyone out there know if it can be done, and if so, how?

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    Default Re: Can we still create more than 10 hotkeybars?

    The last time I know of that someone tried to eitehr add more bars or add more buttons per bar, they got them to display, but they extra buttons/bar would not work.
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    I tried for a couple of hours today to get the - and = keys added to my hotkey bars. I got the buttons extended to 12 on the UI, but they do not work, nor can I edit them, place any commands on them, etc. I really would like for this to work as it would add 20 more hotbuttons. The files, however, I've looked clear through and can't locate where it is telling the game to use only 10 hotkeys. I also got the Options Window Key Bindings tab so that it will display hotkey 11 and hotkey 12, where I've entered - (MINUS) and = (EQUALS), respectively. I guess I'll keep digging through. It sure would be nice if a dev could elaborate, though

    or better even, add this in with a patch.

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    Yeah, adding new hotkey to the UI is possible. I've done hotkeys with 11-12 buttons but they won't work..even if you modify the hotkeys files and try to force the game to load them..nothing working.I think that 10 bars and 10 hotkey buttons per bar is hardcoded in game and can't be modified simply from UI.Personally i would like to have a slash command like /reloadhotkey that reads from file again hotkeys so i could use a simple .bat file to switch hotkeys. The best solution would be a small window in preferences to choose which hotkey file use as current..that would be the top and solve all my hotkeys problems.

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