Some time after the merger the guild member who had the ownership of the Clearport Masterplot left not only the guild but also hz -- and sold the plot back to Istaria.

From one day to the next we found ourselves minus our main town, minus vault and minus guild house access. It was a regular catastrophe and almost led to the extinction of the Twilight Crusaders.

Well, we pulled ourselves together and raised to money to regain the plot today. And we are very happy. This has already given other guildies the motivation to continue with the building on their respective plots in clearport so it won't be a ghost-town for long.

We know that some players from other guilds would have liked to buy that plot themselves for their guilds (and had the money for it) and refrained from that in order to give our guild a chance to get it back.

We are very, very grateful to these players and see this as an outstanding example of fairness and goodwill.

[:D][:D] Thank you so much! [:D][:D][Y][Y][Y]

*a very happy gnome busily rebuilding the vault right now*
Update: vault is done. Building a gambling den now [:D]