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Thread: Joey's old Plot with the T5 PB

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    Default Joey's old Plot with the T5 PB

    I've heard roundabouts there's a new owner, that some folks griefed the new owner over plot changes they were making.I also noted the other night that the plot has been red-walled. Is this a permanent thing, new owner? That T5 shop and the metal mech nearby were two of my fav Istarian hot spots. Will there be a "friends" list, at least?
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    There already is a friends list and by the sounds of it it is unrulely with the amount of people on it now. LOL I believe you can request to be placed on the list though but I don't know who you need to send the tell to.

    Sorry I didn't have more info.

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    You can request to be on the friends list to Imperious or Valtur in game. Not sure what name, if any, he's got on the forums.
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