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    Swythe Quirksettle

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    Getting the word out that I have an Emotes Pack now :P

    Attention Dragons!
    -Are you sick of shake?
    -Has crackneck begun tohurt?
    -Too awake to fallasleepstartle?
    Well lookaround no more! For download Swythe's Emotes Mod for Horizons and you will learn 12 new tricks! Including afree greetemote!I say again 12 new tricks!
    Go get the the file at and learn new tricks today!

    Attention Bipeds!
    Want to teach some old dragons some new tricks? Go download Swythe's EmotesMod too!

    Ok, here's te deal, made about 12 new draggie emotes over the last month, complete with animations. Put them in a pack andcoded a keen installer program for it, go get it and extract it to anywhere, then run the installer and it'll find your HZs directory all by its lonesome and copy the .def files where they belong.
    -Swythe(-Draggie) Quirksettle

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    werg. Link no longer good.
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