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Thread: Hello All ...I have Returned =)

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    Default Hello All ...I have Returned =)

    Just poped in here to say hello to all and that i have returned to HZ.

    For Those who Dont know me.. I hope the chance to get to know all who have joined HZ in my absence =)

    55 Dragon Adv / 53 Dragon Craft - Drakul Dragoon

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    Default Re: Hello All ...I have Returned =)

    Welcome back Drakul!
    Foxfire Godspell, Ice Queen of Istaria, Dark Defenders
    Manta Guild Community @ Collinswood
    Knoc/Conj, Mastercraftswoman -and-
    Ravagice, Horde Fueled WunderWyrm

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    Default Re: Hello All ...I have Returned =)

    I don't think I ever knew you but Hi anyway :)

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