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Thread: Dragon classes??

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    Default Dragon classes??

    this is something i've noticed under the player adventure link when you log into your account on the site,there is somekind of planning system for adventuring,and in there,i've seen all kinds of dragon classes in the dropdown menu(dragon healer,dragon blood mage,dragon spiritualist,etc.) can anyone please tell me what this is about? as far as i know,dragons have no classes other than the dragon class itself,as well as race,and a choosing of path when they become adults

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    This, unfortunately, is a leftover from the old Horizons' beta stage. At the end of it, a decision was made to make dragons an effectively classless race. The entries on the site are leftovers from that time; dunno why no-one ever got around to cleaning it up.

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    Well doesn't sound so hard to do, just remove it off I think....Let the devs know incase!

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    Default Re: Dragon classes??

    Dev's recently said other classes for dragons are coming

    I'd give it 6 months then we might see something

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    Default Re: Dragon classes??

    We will be getting other classes...
    Since they wanna make Lairshaping a seperate class next to the normal crafting class that we have... [:)]
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    Default Re: Dragon classes??

    Just wanted to let ya'll know the promising words I heard from Manga today. First Someone on Blight found a bug that allowed them to become a spiritist. Then they went further becoming Cleric. So they were a dragon with multiclasses. Upon learning to ressurect, they wer asking if anyone needs a res, ask him. Manga (who knows of the bug now) told him "...soon you won't need to hack to res..." Which means once we are Ancient we will have, going to have, ressurect and maybe some other goodies! :-)

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    Default Re: Dragon classes??

    *Tries to imagine a dragon cleric*
    ....My goodness.

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    Default Re: Dragon classes??

    Quote Originally Posted by Hasai
    *Tries to imagine a dragon cleric*
    ....My goodness.

    well,... i was in beta a dragon cleric [A]

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    I'd be in favor a dragon ressurect for ancients, as well as a form of specialization aside from the actual act of taking a class.

    I'm of course mostly a biped, but I've been playing my dragon (72 now) quite a bit lately, and I'm awfully impressed. They seem to lack versatility, which should be added to "a little" prior to anceinthood, and "a little more" at anceint rank.

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    Default Re: Dragon classes??

    i think thats just a glitch mate dragons dont have classes they have dragon crafter or dragon adventurer nothing else except of course when the lair shaping abiliaties become available then you will have the dragon lairshaper class too thats all hope that answeres your question mate

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