Spitfyre is the hatchling emissary on the Skalkaar dragon tutorial island. This is basically the same information that Ryson gives, just with a dragon's slant on it. :)

Spitfyre tells you, 'I know it can be confusing, returning as a (1) Gifted One for the first time. If you would like for me to explain some of what is (2) commonly forgotten during the experience, please just ask. If you feel ready to begin your journey toward (5) Adulthood, and, if you are patient and worthy, the status of (6) Ancient, then please follow the path behind me to greet Instructor Karkath. Instructor Karkath will begin your training as an Adventurer. If you have specific questions about Istaria, perhaps you can find what you seek in the tome near the Shrine. If you ever wish to hear of these things in the future, just return and greet me again.'

(1) Spitfyre tells you, 'We are special among all of the Races of Istaria for we are Dragons. In addition, we have been granted the ability to recall after death to the last Shrine to which we have bound ourselves. While there can be a temporary negative impact on our powers, it wears off over time or can be quickly offset through eating. You are now among the select of Istaria who can cheat death, Gifted One. I am willing to speak briefly about the (2) events that lead to the Gift.'

(2) Spitfyre tells you, 'The Ritual of Life Everlasting was the arcane ritual developed and performed by two of the Eight Mages of Istaria -- the meddlesome group of (3) naka-duskael magical practitioners. The Ritual was originally designed as a means to bring arcane forces to bear in the struggle against the forces of Blight, as represented by the (4) Withered Aegis. The Ritual was a failure since it did nothing to effect the power of Blight on the Prime. The positive permanent changes to the Living Races propagated by the Ritual were not anticipated and show once again how the naka-duskael need us to guide them. Once the final rites of the Ritual were enacted, everything changed for Istaria's inhabitants, though we were none the wiser to this change. Today, our scholars believe that the Ritual brought forth a subtle, yet all-encompassing element of the Realm of Energy on to the Prime itself. This element reacted to the strong infestation of the Realm of Blight upon the world by permeating the world's essence with a mix of energy and life magic. This in turn triggered a potential for change; not everyone has been affected by the Ritual. The single biggest change was the gift of virtual immortality to those affected. Some believe that the Gift is the first step on our path to divinity, but this cannot be true, since the naka-duskael also share the Gift.'

(3) Spitfyre tells you, 'What are the naka-duskael? Your transition must have been a traumatic one indeed for you to forget what we call the Humans, Fiends, Gnomes, Dwarves, Half-Giants, Saris, Sslik, Elves, Dryads, and Satyr. Don't worry, that sometimes happens.'

(4) Spitfyre tells you, 'The Withered Aegis had rampaged throughout the lands west of the Great Barrier for years, decimating everything in their path. We, however, had begun to learn about the Gift, and the Gifted had begun to develop and understand their powers. Even with the Gift, we faced an overwhelming foe in the Withered Aegis. Their leader, Torrin Macalir, was once a brilliant Sorcerer and leader of Human society. He eschewed his soul for the powers of Blight, and it corrupted him to the core. Still, he understood the Living Races, something the beings from the Realm of Blight could not comprehend. Much like Blight is an alien existence to the Prime, so is the Prime to the Blight. He used that against us, quickly emerging as the outright leader of the Aegis itself in their war against the Living Races.'

(5) Spitfyre tells you, 'You and I are both young. We have not yet completed the Adult Rite of Passage. Once we have completed it, then we will soar in the skies of Istaria as is the birthright of all Dragons. When you feel that you are ready, seek out Karane, our finest historian.'

(6) Spitfyre tells you, 'The Ancient Dragons of Istaria are truly amazing. They can fly higher and faster than any other in the world. They are matchless in their power, wisdom and abilities. I look forward to the time after I complete my (5) Adult Rite of Passage when I can speak with Karane the historian about starting on the Ancient Rite of Passage.'