After hearing some say they was having a bit of problem with zomming in and out with the new defualt map and having markers on top of marker . I figured i would give a go at looking into this problem =)

This fix has been tested and does work =)

In your horizons folder ..resources/interface/maps there is a folder for each city and world map.. Aughundell ...Chiconis..Dalimond etc... in each of these folder is a file called map.def.. if you only wanna change the zoom in for the world map then you just go into istaria its map.def map.def .. first few lines you should see are:

string Name = "Istaria"
float WorldGlobalLeft = 13000.000000
float WorldGlobalTop = 33000.000000
float WorldGlobalRight = 33000.000000
float WorldGlobalBottom = 13000.000000

float MaxZoom = 3.0
float MinZoom = 0.10
float MetersToPixels = 4.0000
bye change the decimal number above for MaxZoom and MinZoom you can customize the zoom you want =)

Hopes this helps all wishing to fix thier default zoom in =)

*Note* The above is a snipet from Pekka Map Pack and is not the default code.