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Thread: Need help on using the house planner

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    Default Need help on using the house planner

    I've purchased an empty plot of land and want to start building on it. I'm starting off with a simple Cloth Tent, but when I've finished arranging it to where I want it to be on the planner and click on the 'Build' button I get a message stating something like 'The structure is not attached to anything'. Can someone enlighten me on the whole planning and building procedure?

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    The message you are getting about the structure not being attached to anything is a bugthat appeared when the hotfix for the "deleting one item and everything being deleted" was patched.

    From what you stated about getting it arranged, sounds like you have a good handle on how the planning and buidling is supposed to work [:)] Once you plan it and are satisfied, you just highlight one of the structures then click the build button and it "should" erect some type of scaffold for the structure. But as I stated, there's a bug at the moment so you're getting that message. Hopefully this will be fixed very soon.

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