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Thread: My first ever Dragon!

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    Default My first ever Dragon!

    Hi all!

    I just got this game.I have been playing mmorpg games for about 11 years now.I have allways had a thing for dragons and this is the first game I have seen that lets you play as one!

    Was wondering if there was a guild out there that I could join to get some ingame advice from some experinced dragons?

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    There are a few very good guilds out there with experienced dragon players. I belong to one of those and am an elder. We don't activly recruit, but we have picked up a few new members over the past week or so. If you play the order shard, you can send me a tell and I will try to answerany questions you may have. Dobro is my primary character, and Thundar is my alt.
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    Welcome to the world of fun!
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    This is the first MMORPG I have ever played. I have always loved dragons and when I found out that you could play was all fun after that! You will love it!
    Ask anyone for help, people are very friendly around here.

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    hi welcome to istaria this is my first mmorgp game and i love it im always online once you start to play ull find its hard to stop lol ive also always loved dragons and as far as im aware this is the only game you can actually play as one so enjoy the game and have fun

    if ur on the unity shard send me a tell my charecter is dravula but most call me drav anyways hope you enjoy the game have fun

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    Welcome to Istaria ..

    Whilst guilds are very helpful, youshould be able to find help easily without one..
    Chaos (and I believe Order) has a Dragon chat channel that you can join. A lot of the adults and ancients hang out in there and will happily answer questions. Also plenty of hatchies who have done the same sorts of things recently and may have even more up to date knowledge than some of the ancients like myself who have not done the lower level quests for over a year.

    Also there have been New Player Assistance chat channels created. There are always at least a few dragons (myself included) in there whenever I am playing. I think that you will find that the Hz community is very helpful and willing to answer your questions and not treat you as a noob.

    I'm not sure about Unity - but I suspect they have similar sorts of channels as Chaos and Order.

    Click on the chat bubble button at the bottom of the chat window and join a channel or two. You should be able to get all the help you need :)

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    Hey There!!

    yeah i knwo how you feel i was asking so many questions and i still do. i play under game name Consecrated.ECSS.

    part of a guild named.

    "Wandering Freighters"

    i'm lookign for more people aroudn my time Zone to join up with it i'm an Aussie in case yoru wandering but apart form that where an active guild and i hope to see you around Istaria.. hehehe!!!

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