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Thread: Idle Animations - Advance .def stuffs

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    Swythe Quirksettle

    Default Idle Animations - Advance .def stuffs

    I tried this and failed miserably.
    Idle animations for my Dragon.

    I want to see my dragon look a bit restless as he stands still (i.eturns his head, twiches his earfins, licks his lips, flexes his talons and sways his tail differently). But I can't seem to get him to do much of anything other then breath or freeze, or do the other animation in loop.

    If only there was a way to program in the .defs a queque or list of animations to play in a certain order with a certain amount of delay. Or even random orders.

    Also would like to use this list option to make him actually go through the effort of sitting, instead of just plopping down, same with getting up.

    Some other things that could be improved with the listing system:
    *Dancing emote (Its possible with exsisting animations, they just need to be placed in order)
    *More complicated spell casting animation sequences

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    Swythe Quirksettle

    Default Re: Idle Animations - Advance .def stuffs

    *too lazy to edit*

    Complex Crafting animations too.


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