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Thread: Naked Dryad races SUNDAY! ( prize update )

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    Default Naked Dryad races SUNDAY! ( prize update )

    Just to see if it can be done, and to allow 3 skilled ( or lucky ) contestants bragging rights, next sunday we will be holding the first ever Chaos Naked Dryad Races from Aughundel to the east deads graveyard.

    The rules are as follows...

    1. All contestants must me NEWLY created dryads, with NO armor and NO clothing.
    * to verify this, all contestants will have to port from the training area to qualify *

    2. Each contestant will need to port to aughundel for the start of the race.

    3. ANY contestant that dies along the way will be out of the race. Only those that make it to the back end of the graveyard will be considered winners. Any that make it to the referee posted at the graveyard alive ( even with 1 hp left ) will be counted.

    4. Any contestant that uses a portal after the race has begun, will be disqualified.

    5. Racers are allowed to use any route they choose, off road, on road, through communites, along ridges, however they choose to get to the destination.

    6. There will be a limit of 9 contestants this race. All will be grouped with the referee at the graveyard. Progress will be announced in the CNDR channel, all are encouraged to join the channel and follow all the excitement.

    Prizes will be as follows.

    1st prize - 300 silver, one regal weapon or amulet, one weapon dye kit, 40 of any 1 potion or dye.
    2nd prize - 200 silver, one weapon dye kit, 1 fully teched tool of your choosing.
    3rd prize - 100 silver, one weapon dye kit.

    All those desiring to race, MUST send me a PM here or in game, with the contestants name, by saturday the 17th of Sept.

    So, be there SUNDAY!
    As a new dawn rises over Istaria, may we all band together to meet the challenges!

    Continuing Development of Horizons... SWEET!

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    Default Re: Naked Dryad races SUNDAY! SUNDAY!! SUNDAY!!!

    Rough time?

    It sounds like a lot of fun :D

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    Default Re: Naked Dryad races SUNDAY! SUNDAY!! SUNDAY!!!

    ill Fly over head and watch, hehe this is what i call "fast food" [:P]

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    Default Re: Naked Dryad races SUNDAY! SUNDAY!! SUNDAY!!!

    Ok! Here's the chat logs! Enjoy! [H]

    [09/18/05 13:48:37] [Naked Dryad Race: Winning] i want some fireworks to shoot off at the end
    [09/18/05 13:48:52] [Naked Dryad Race: Winning] we can port to aug for free right
    [09/18/05 13:48:53] [Naked Dryad Race: Fleeting] I have some in my house
    [09/18/05 13:49:10] [Naked Dryad Race: HratLi] I think DInkle has the portal change :)
    [09/18/05 13:49:23] [Naked Dryad Race: Winning] good cause im broke
    [09/18/05 13:49:31] [Naked Dryad Race: Fleeting] we all broke
    [09/18/05 13:50:55] [Naked Dryad Race: Dinkle] no need for money we can port all the way to aug for free
    [09/18/05 13:55:41] [Naked Dryad Race: HratLi] Everyone have your Dryad Dazzle dust ready ? :) You'll need it.
    [09/18/05 13:55:50] [Naked Dryad Race: PJ] heh won't do much
    [09/18/05 13:55:50] [Naked Dryad Race: Fleeting] hehehehe
    [09/18/05 13:56:06] [Naked Dryad Race: PJ] 200% of 0 is stil 0 =P
    [09/18/05 13:56:09] [Naked Dryad Race: HratLi] 200% of 4 is still under 1500 attack skill?
    [09/18/05 13:56:15] [Naked Dryad Race: HratLi] Hahaha...
    [09/18/05 13:57:17] [Naked Dryad Race: Fleeting] took evasion to 5 and magic evasion to 6
    [09/18/05 13:57:39] [Naked Dryad Race: HratLi] Yes!
    [09/18/05 13:57:44] [Naked Dryad Race: PJ] how do you have any evasion?
    [09/18/05 13:57:56] [Naked Dryad Race: HratLi] Dex
    [09/18/05 13:57:57] [Naked Dryad Race: PJ] oh heh nm
    [09/18/05 13:57:59] [Naked Dryad Race: HratLi] Focus :)
    [09/18/05 13:58:00] [Naked Dryad Race: Fleeting] I hit drard dazzle and looked at my defenses tab
    [09/18/05 13:58:06] [Naked Dryad Race: PJ] <<noob
    [09/18/05 13:58:17] [Naked Dryad Race: Dinkle] believe me folks... if there are mobs in the way, it wont help a bit
    [09/18/05 13:58:23] [Naked Dryad Race: Fleeting] aye
    [09/18/05 13:58:31] [Naked Dryad Race: HratLi] Too much geostone on the brain PJ?
    [09/18/05 13:58:43] [Naked Dryad Race: PJ] i haven't touched the stuff in over a week
    [09/18/05 14:00:33] [Naked Dryad Race: Fleeting] why do I get the feeling I am going to be the first to die?
    [09/18/05 14:00:48] [Naked Dryad Race: Dinkle] :P
    [09/18/05 14:01:05] [Naked Dryad Race: Winning] lol
    [09/18/05 14:01:06] [Naked Dryad Race: Annai] have more optimism, that means you will be in the lead..
    [09/18/05 14:01:14] [Naked Dryad Race: Dinkle] Ill just say this ... ROADS are NOT your friend
    [09/18/05 14:01:25] [Naked Dryad Race: Fleeting] yeah, that was my thinking as well
    [09/18/05 14:01:28] [Naked Dryad Race: HratLi] :)
    [09/18/05 14:02:01] [Naked Dryad Race: HratLi] <-- followed the road out of spite... until he came across the 115 blighted portal
    [09/18/05 14:02:31] [Naked Dryad Race: Fleeting] what the heck is a blighted portal?
    [09/18/05 14:02:39] [Naked Dryad Race: Syntael] is one of aamer's alts here?
    [09/18/05 14:02:57] [Naked Dryad Race: Fleeting] *points at Dinkle
    [09/18/05 14:03:27] [Naked Dryad Race: HratLi] Apparently Blighted portal is what spawns the undead for the outpost
    [09/18/05 14:04:03] [Naked Dryad Race: Fleeting] ahhh
    [09/18/05 14:04:33] [Naked Dryad Race: HratLi] DON'T smack it :) It did about 230 damage to me just looking funny at it.
    [09/18/05 14:04:47] [Naked Dryad Race: HratLi] That's MY tip :)
    [09/18/05 14:05:04] [Naked Dryad Race: HratLi] Roads are not your friend, and off road gets hazardous too :)
    [09/18/05 14:05:13] [Naked Dryad Race: HratLi] <-- likes smacking odd things with his bucket
    [09/18/05 14:07:21] [Naked Dryad Race: Illusionist] .
    [09/18/05 14:07:31] [Naked Dryad Race: Illusionist] winning streak on way back in hard locked
    [09/18/05 14:08:15] [Naked Dryad Race: HratLi] Good to get it out of the way early :)
    [09/18/05 14:10:48] [Naked Dryad Race: Winning] I haven't rebooted in 3 or 4 weeks guess it was time
    [09/18/05 14:12:13] [Naked Dryad Race: Winning] how many newb toons is that now
    [09/18/05 14:12:22] [Naked Dryad Race: Winning] in like 1 hour 4 or 5
    [09/18/05 14:22:55] [Naked Dryad Race: HratLi] Alright the glowing glittering critters are making their way to the starting line!
    [09/18/05 14:23:43] [Naked Dryad Race: HratLi] We will offer them a last chance to relog, and refresh using caffeinated flower power necter.
    [09/18/05 14:24:15] [Naked Dryad Race: Winning] ::puts on deoderant::
    [09/18/05 14:24:21] [Naked Dryad Race: Dinkle] if need be ;)
    [09/18/05 14:24:39] [Naked Dryad Race: Dinkle] :: drank a pot already ::
    [09/18/05 14:30:28] [Naked Dryad Race: HratLi] Countdown happening shortly
    [09/18/05 14:30:59] [Naked Dryad Race: Fleeting] *sings "Its the drayad countdown!"
    [09/18/05 14:31:01] [Naked Dryad Race: HratLi] And ttteeeeerrrr offf!!
    [09/18/05 14:31:37] [Naked Dryad Race: HratLi] Off they launch from the pad!
    [09/18/05 14:32:00] [Naked Dryad Race: HratLi] Heading down Augh battlefield now!
    [09/18/05 14:32:22] [Naked Dryad Race: HratLi] Looks like Winning and PJ in the leads :)
    [09/18/05 14:32:54] [Naked Dryad Race: HratLi] THey are approaching the wedge past the battlefield
    [09/18/05 14:33:18] [Naked Dryad Race: HratLi] And northward they go!
    [09/18/05 14:34:05] [Naked Dryad Race: HratLi] Dink is taking the road less travelled...southwards
    [09/18/05 14:34:17] [Naked Dryad Race: HratLi] As is fleeting I believe
    [09/18/05 14:35:00] [Naked Dryad Race: HratLi] Dink is in last stand and cutting through town
    [09/18/05 14:35:08] [Naked Dryad Race: HratLi] Winning and PJ are at the marbles
    [09/18/05 14:35:50] [Naked Dryad Race: HratLi] Winning is taking the way north route
    [09/18/05 14:36:06] [Naked Dryad Race: HratLi] Up and 'round and 'round the marbles
    [09/18/05 14:36:29] [Naked Dryad Race: HratLi] Dink has left the roads and is cutting cross country through the northern Mithril's Anvil area
    [09/18/05 14:36:54] [Naked Dryad Race: HratLi] Fleeting is counting on the road bonus and staying OFF the grass as posted by the residents of Wolf's paw :)
    [09/18/05 14:37:29] [Naked Dryad Race: HratLi] Winning is on track and running past the northern edge of the marble territory now, and PJ is trailing along
    [09/18/05 14:38:40] [Naked Dryad Race: HratLi] Alright, dinkle and Fleet are both cutting through the middle of Mith's anvil now
    [09/18/05 14:39:00] [Naked Dryad Race: HratLi] Winning and PJ passing the marble stonecutters about to hit the fork
    [09/18/05 14:39:57] [Naked Dryad Race: HratLi] Dink is running straight up the mountain pass to the aboandoned outpost east of the Anvil, DInk changes directions and follows
    [09/18/05 14:40:18] [Naked Dryad Race: HratLi] Winning and PJ have both SPLIT directions at the marbles
    [09/18/05 14:41:04] [Naked Dryad Race: HratLi] Winning is now cutting cross mountain attempting to scale the ridge into the EDL
    [09/18/05 14:41:46] [Naked Dryad Race: HratLi] Fleeting and dink are both caught up cross countrying and just now getting through the north ridge of Harro!
    [09/18/05 14:42:08] [Naked Dryad Race: HratLi] Looks like Dink will hit the road by the yew first of those two
    [09/18/05 14:42:36] [Naked Dryad Race: HratLi] Winning is just crestingthe EDL ridge now and will SOON be heading into the blight... with the Blights!
    [09/18/05 14:42:49] [Naked Dryad Race: Winning] :)
    [09/18/05 14:42:50] [Naked Dryad Race: HratLi] It's not going to be pretty folks...
    [09/18/05 14:43:24] [Naked Dryad Race: HratLi] PJ is taking a major detour to talk smack to a travertine golem and is now entering the northern section of the EDL
    [09/18/05 14:44:17] [Naked Dryad Race: HratLi] Dinkle is visiting the gnome house north of harro for a quick nip of necter and is now scampering past a bunch of yew and forest oastics with Fleeting hot on his trail
    [09/18/05 14:44:25] [Naked Dryad Race: HratLi] Ooh... those are going to leave a mark
    [09/18/05 14:44:58] [Naked Dryad Race: HratLi] Winning is safariing with the crimson scourge and purple Dryad people eaters, the local wildlife
    [09/18/05 14:45:13] [Naked Dryad Race: HratLi] PJ is bringing up the rear
    [09/18/05 14:45:37] [Naked Dryad Race: HratLi] Fleeting appears to have went back for seconds at the Gnomian house...
    [09/18/05 14:45:53] [Naked Dryad Race: HratLi] Dink is bush wacking his way past the outpost
    [09/18/05 14:46:26] [Naked Dryad Race: HratLi] Winning is now nw of the purple flies... let's see the crazy dodging and flitting winning has planned :)
    [09/18/05 14:46:46] [Naked Dryad Race: HratLi] Hehe...
    [09/18/05 14:46:49] [Naked Dryad Race: HratLi] I see!!!
    [09/18/05 14:46:59] [Naked Dryad Race: HratLi] Winning Streak takes it by a MILE!!
    [09/18/05 14:47:26] [Naked Dryad Race: HratLi] PJ just hits the road north of purple flies and is Exploring the wallled ruins
    [09/18/05 14:47:46] [Naked Dryad Race: HratLi] Dink is now in the thick of the blight saying hello to the invaders
    [09/18/05 14:48:03] [Naked Dryad Race: HratLi] Fleeting is fleeing for his life with 3 oastics on his tail.
    [09/18/05 14:49:04] [Naked Dryad Race: HratLi] Dink is now approaching on the south road with the Bad Neighbour ally
    [09/18/05 14:49:33] [Naked Dryad Race: HratLi] FLeeting is now picking his way carefully around the outpost
    [09/18/05 14:49:37] [Naked Dryad Race: HratLi] And heree's PJ!!
    [09/18/05 14:49:51] [Naked Dryad Race: Fleeting] (her)
    [09/18/05 14:50:14] [Naked Dryad Race: HratLi] ::blushes::
    [09/18/05 14:50:17] [Naked Dryad Race: HratLi] HER!
    [09/18/05 14:50:19] [Naked Dryad Race: Fleeting] :P
    [09/18/05 14:50:33] [Naked Dryad Race: HratLi] Dinkle's arm just rained in over the Graveyard wall
    [09/18/05 14:50:41] [Naked Dryad Race: HratLi] He's OUTA the RACE!
    [09/18/05 14:50:52] [Naked Dryad Race: Dinkle] Wraith lord decided my puny life was worth taking
    [09/18/05 14:50:56] [Naked Dryad Race: HratLi] ALMOST made it too!
    [09/18/05 14:51:09] [Naked Dryad Race: HratLi] Hehe
    [09/18/05 14:51:10] [Naked Dryad Race: Dinkle] at the graveyard gates
    [09/18/05 14:51:14] [Naked Dryad Race: HratLi] Litterally yards from the gate
    [09/18/05 14:51:24] [Naked Dryad Race: HratLi] His intestines though touching the gate, do NOT qualify
    [09/18/05 14:52:06] [Naked Dryad Race: HratLi] Fleeting is now past the outpost invaders and is now picking her way up bad neighbour alley
    [09/18/05 14:53:12] [Naked Dryad Race: HratLi] Fleeting is still running for her life
    [09/18/05 14:53:22] [Naked Dryad Race: Fleeting] dead
    [09/18/05 14:53:36] [Naked Dryad Race: HratLi] Ack... and splattered down the road from us
    [09/18/05 14:53:49] [Naked Dryad Race: Deoir] ::retches::
    [09/18/05 14:54:08] [Naked Dryad Race: HratLi] Wings and glitter EVERYWHERE...
    [09/18/05 14:54:31] [Naked Dryad Race: Fleeting] heehee, well, I dont feel so bad knowing I wasnt the FIRST to die *nudges Dink
    [09/18/05 14:55:01] [Naked Dryad Race: HratLi] Hehe... Are you OK recalling or do you want a rez?
    [09/18/05 14:55:19] [Naked Dryad Race: HratLi] :)
    [09/18/05 14:55:44] [Naked Dryad Race: HratLi] Oh no!!! The undead is using Fleetings Body as a Glitter dispenser and foundation...
    [09/18/05 14:56:18] [Naked Dryad Race: Winning] =)
    [09/18/05 14:56:27] [Naked Dryad Race: Fleeting] eep
    [09/18/05 14:56:28] [Naked Dryad Race: Fleeting] :P
    [09/18/05 14:56:47] [Naked Dryad Race: Deoir] ::throws up glitter all over the ground::
    [09/18/05 14:57:04] [Naked Dryad Race: Deoir] i can't watch anymore!! it's all too awful!
    [09/18/05 14:57:47] [Naked Dryad Race: HratLi] Ok, go ahead and recall my friends :)
    [09/18/05 14:58:15] [Naked Dryad Race: HratLi] And that's the end from your friendly bucket wielding Saris.
    [09/18/05 14:58:27] [Naked Dryad Race: HratLi] And that's the way the dryad crumbles.
    [09/18/05 14:58:51] [Naked Dryad Race: HratLi] ::waves::
    [09/18/05 14:58:53] [Naked Dryad Race: Syntael] race is done?
    [09/18/05 14:58:57] [Naked Dryad Race: HratLi] Yes!
    [09/18/05 14:59:07] [Naked Dryad Race: HratLi] Winning Streak and PJ finished
    [09/18/05 14:59:13] [Naked Dryad Race: HratLi] Winning by a mile :)
    [09/18/05 14:59:33] [Naked Dryad Race: Syntael] figures... my acct woudnl't let me add any new chars before... but seems cooperative now
    [09/18/05 15:00:46] [Naked Dryad Race: Braun_bounty] LOL... very well done HratLi
    [09/18/05 15:02:09] [Naked Dryad Race: HratLi] :D
    [09/18/05 15:02:10] [Naked Dryad Race: Fleeting] indeed
    [09/18/05 15:02:17] [Naked Dryad Race: HratLi] Thanks! I hope everyone enjoyed it!
    [09/18/05 15:02:25] [Naked Dryad Race: Winning] was fun
    [09/18/05 15:02:28] [Naked Dryad Race: HratLi] My first narration of a race.
    [09/18/05 15:02:36] [Naked Dryad Race: Winning] I was re-readng the commentary too funny
    [09/18/05 15:02:41] [Naked Dryad Race: HratLi] Hahaha
    [09/18/05 15:02:42] [Naked Dryad Race: Fleeting] I am very appreciative of having an event such as this
    [09/18/05 15:03:53] [Naked Dryad Race: Fleeting] should post the logs form the commentary on forums
    [09/18/05 15:08:48] [Naked Dryad Race: Winning] ill save out the logs too
    [09/18/05 15:09:13] [Naked Dryad Race: HratLi] :) That would be wonderful
    [09/18/05 15:09:46] [Naked Dryad Race: HratLi] I suppose I can run it quickly through grep, hope I don't forget and relog hehe
    [09/18/05 15:11:50] [Naked Dryad Race: Aamer] For winning the race and proving a lvl 1 dryad can make it to the ED graveyard, I award Winning Streak 300 silver, [Priceless Thurin Hatchet], Weapon Dye Kit: Obsidian] and 40 potions or dyes from Hannah to be awarded later
    [09/18/05 15:12:11] [Naked Dryad Race: Fleeting] *applauds
    [09/18/05 15:12:17] [Naked Dryad Race: PersonalJustic] level 0 dryad ;)
    [09/18/05 15:12:30] [Naked Dryad Race: Deoir] that's awesome
    [09/18/05 15:12:37] [Naked Dryad Race: Winning] Thanks Aamer
    [09/18/05 15:12:46] [Naked Dryad Race: Winning] and Hratli for the play by play
    [09/18/05 15:12:48] [Naked Dryad Race: Aamer] Most welcome CUNNING Dryad!
    [09/18/05 15:13:17] [Naked Dryad Race: Winning] =)
    [09/18/05 15:13:43] [Naked Dryad Race: Aamer] And for Arriving ALIVE at the Graveyard, I award PJ 200 silver and a weapon dye kit of her choice :)
    [09/18/05 15:13:45] [Naked Dryad Race: Fleeting] now tis time to do the reallife housework :(
    [09/18/05 15:13:51] [Naked Dryad Race: HratLi] Hehe... good dodge around the flies, and that was an exceelent back peddle at the purple pixie eater
    [09/18/05 15:14:10] [Naked Dryad Race: Aamer] Thanks to all the Racers today and we will be having another next sunday!
    [09/18/05 15:14:35] [Naked Dryad Race: PersonalJustic] have them race to kelekhan's cave ;)
    [09/18/05 15:14:56] [Naked Dryad Race: Fleeting] YAY!!!!!!!!!!
    [09/18/05 15:14:58] [Naked Dryad Race: Winning] from where parsinia :)
    [09/18/05 15:15:17] [Naked Dryad Race: Fleeting] will all races be naked dryad races?
    [09/18/05 15:15:24] [Naked Dryad Race: Aamer] aye they will
    [09/18/05 15:15:36] [Naked Dryad Race: Deoir] i think that it's sexxier than nekked half giant races :P
    [09/18/05 15:15:52] [Naked Dryad Race: Deoir] but maybe i'm a little biased :D
    [09/18/05 15:16:01] [Naked Dryad Race: Aamer] kelekhans cave?
    [09/18/05 15:16:06] [Naked Dryad Race: Fleeting] okies, then I shall recall fleeting back to her shrine in the tutorial :P
    [09/18/05 15:16:12] [Naked Dryad Race: Winning] me too
    [09/18/05 15:16:22] [Naked Dryad Race: Aamer] was great fun!
    [09/18/05 15:16:32] [Naked Dryad Race: PersonalJustic] its a dragon npc, near spiritist swamp, its "biped inaccessible" ;)
    [09/18/05 15:16:45] [Naked Dryad Race: Aamer] hehe ahh
    [09/18/05 15:21:49] [Naked Dryad Race: Aamer] Thank you all for coming out ... see ya here next sunday!

    HratLi SnowPelt : From Bounty to Chaos : Eyes of Istaria
    MultiCrafter, Spirit Disciple, Walking Bleed Attack.
    HratLi's Bucket of Fury : A Saris in cargo gear appears and beats on your foe.
    Damage :
    50-150 Attack Type: Bucket Duration: Until Dispelled Frequency: 0:02

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    Default Re: Naked Dryad races SUNDAY! SUNDAY!! SUNDAY!!!

    excellent play-by-play announcing HratLi [B] that was a fun read
    torvos: shadow/chaos shard (on vacation)
    100 mage/100 wizard/100 sorcerer/100 conjuror
    96 chaos warrior
    100 enchanter & member of the dark council

    Explorer 86%, Socializer 46%,
    Killer 40%, Achiever 26%

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    Default Re: Naked Dryad races SUNDAY! SUNDAY!! SUNDAY!!!

    That was alot of fun!

    Sounded like Aamer had another race planned for next week too. More people should come out and race!

    You will need a free character slot. Or do a 7 day trial :)

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    Default Re: Naked Dryad races SUNDAY! SUNDAY!! SUNDAY!!!

    :( wish i could of been there But after i posted that i would be there I rembered it was that sunday for my turn to sit in at the art studio and watch the gallery, Wich happens to be out of town[:O] so when i was done i got home late.

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