Greetings Folks!

For those who care, I have popped my JMan Scholar's shop cat-cornered from the other shops next to the vault. Yes, I bit the bullet and just cranked out the cobalt and maple, my Dear wife finished off all the iron.

There is also now a STONE SHOP on Verina's plot down the street :D (the Big plot, due south from vault I believe. The only one in town since the last one was torn down and the plot then redwalled.

The other Jman stone shop just needs maple, in the workshop corner, but I'm hesitant to do it without seeing more of my neighbour. It'd frustrate me to no end if I finished the 160 maple braces and 160 timbers only to have it SIT there. Deoir finished the alchie shop next door to her (behind the beginner's scholar shop) and it's been sitting there waiting for activation for months...

Now if we can only get the owners to take down the 765,928,122 Stone PILLARS surrounding everyone's plots.. :O Sitting there watching them all draw in every time I port into town drives me CRAZY.. that's hundreds of more objects to cache and draw in, that will never be built.


PS. Justa, Every load of maple I pull out of your plot, I intend to try and haul one load of other resources in when in the proper class. I've hauled in a bunch of glowies and pales for your VaultKeeper. :) One more trip might polish them off.

Paying it forward. Thanks for use of your Silos and shops! :D