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    Alrighty it be working. I have started another thread with people who would like to take part in a little story I have making up about Istarias History, I am doing this to practice for a creative writing class that is supposed to be EXTREMELY hard (apparently only because of the techer) anywhoo, this is its intro only one player is mentioned, I'm not even mentioned and wont be until another post if anyone likes it. Welp there it is, I hope you enjoy. It has some graphic times I guess so just be warned.

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    ... There was a silence, the forest was quite. All that could be heard was a few soft footsteps. Then a whizzing sound followed by a thump, and then by a loud roar. ?Come! It hasn?t taken flight I must have hit it!? were the words of the Istarian Human ruler Galintorn. He rushed through the woods with the swiftness of a deer. He was followed closely by his servant, A Half-Giant Berserker named Brea, whom due to his tremendous size was much slower. They reached the spot of which the Archer Kings arrow had fallen. ?Darn beast, never before have I had game with such challenge as it? Said Galintorn. ?Do you think it wise my lord? to hunt a Dragon?? Brea had asked. No sooner had the final vibration of the Giants throat stoppedhe had the kings bow across his neck.

    The humble Berserker held his rage, for he loved his King. Galintorn had raised him for many years even by their count. Galintorn had seen the young Giant take down one of his mightiest soldiers in a raid against Brea?s village. Impressed by his ability to channel his rage and unleash it in such a relentless way as to take down a grown man who has fought and slain many adult Half-Giants. As Brea grew older, stronger, and faster the king had given him the nickname ?Berserker.?

    The king soon released the bow and quickly apologized ?Brea I?m sorry, it?s the moment that we?re in that makes me very edgy.? Brea refused to grasp his neck knowing that would only hurt Galintorns ability to hunt if he felt dreadful for harming another being. ?It?s just that, through my many years I have yet to find that one creature that would give me a fight? and now that I had found it, I want to stay at the top of my game.? The King continued.

    The Trees ruffled, and a mighty beast took flight. Before Brea could have told the king what was happening, Galintorn already drawn his arrow. He let go of his grasp and the arrow took flight, half way though its arc lightning had struck the projectile. Brea was amazed; His master could even bend the very elements around him to do his bidding! The arrow pierced the side of the enormous blue Dragon, and it quickly fell to the ground. ?Huzzah!? Screamed the King ?He has been downed time to claim our mighty prize!?

    Through the bushes Brea and the King had peaked, and there lying on the ground was the arrow? bloody and ruined. ?Aye, this creature his trying my patience? remarked the King. As they walked to retrieve the arrow, for it was a triumph in itself to have hit a Dragon in flight, the king felt a chill on his back. He turned, and stared face to face with? Blue Hasia. Galintorn quickly reached for his bow but it had been slammed down before it came full circle. With one lift of Blue Hasia?s head and the opening of his mighty jaw it fell? and the king was no more. Brea had drawn his axe, but was stunned at the sight of his Kings only remnant? a puddle of blood. The Dragon had taken a look at Brea, then turned and walked away.

    Brea snapped, never before has the rage that has driven his fighting spirit for all these years been so out of control. He ran after the Dragon, with more speed and velocity than ever before, and swung wildly into the air. A whelp was heard, and dark blue blood had fallen on the ground. Brea opened his eyes, and saw the damage he had done. The dragon had a gapping hole in its side; the axe had caught the arrow wound and tore it wide open. Brea set up for another attack, and Blue Hasia quickly slammed his axe to the ground. The hilt of Brea?s weapon and snapped from his hands, shattering his left wrist. Blue Hasia now stood on his hind legs, and Brea fell to his knees for now he felt as though he would be burned in a glorious flame of failed revenge?. But the dragon was not so willing to grant him the death of which he had deserved; Brea would not die with his King.

    Quickly the Dragon flung his hips and smacked Brea with his gigantic tail.He flew back and landed next to the blood puddle of Galintorn. Now Blue Hasia had taken flight for he has had his fill of combat for the day it seemed, and had a bleeding wound to attend too.

    Brea got up and knelt over his fallen king?s crown and bow, which were all that was left of the once mighty ruler. Before a tear could fall from his eye, caused by a broken spirit, a scout from the king?s caravan had heard the conflict and rushed over and found Brea. As Brea leaned over his once mighty lord, one thought came to the Scouts mind. ?The Giant has slain our King!? the scout yelled, and a small army of human soldiers had come rushing from the camp? their footsteps, so many in quantity, had made a thunderous noise. Brea had no choice, he was wounded, and the broken Half-Giant would be thrashed and killed on sight. He had to run away.

    Only one thing would come of this misunderstood and uninvestigated event? War among the living races?

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    silly bipeds im not so easly defeated, you should think twice before thinking me as your game

    I am Blue hasia, and yes you look like steak!

    cant wait for part two tribunal

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    WOw Trib I'm really impressed that was a very good read.
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    very nice to read.:-) Cant wait for the next part! Hope Blue isnt hurt that bad...:)
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    Very nice story Tribunal, I enjoyed reading it, keep up the good work[Y]
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    Being a dragon my self I have been looking forward for the next part. I ameagerly looking forward to reading part two Tribunal.[Y]

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