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Thread: Let's Deconstruct Refurbished Items

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    Default Let's Deconstruct Refurbished Items

    Why can't we deconstruct refurbished items?

    We can deconstrust most broken items. Let's decon the refurbished ones too.

    It would be make sense to me if they gave less componentsthan the crafted version of the same item.
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    Default Re: Let's Deconstruct Refurbished Items

    Based on the item descriptions, I've been wondering why we can't deconstruct hoardables, too.

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    Hoardables, if I remember correctly, stack, which is why they wouldn't deconstruct.
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    I haven't tried deconning refurb items, but they are at least hoardable.

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    Items that can be deconstructed requires a formula exist to deconstruct them by. That is why

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