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Blight Updates Blight Delta 315.2 Istaria Community Manager
May 23, 2022
  • Corrected water issues in Draak, parts of Saritova, Skalkaar, oasis near Kaiyar, Sanctuary (Shelter Pass), Dalimond
  • Corrected spawn of Halibut in north Draak where area was too steep to gather safely
  • Corrected various underwater grass areas to be beach sand near Saritova
  • Moved community Helian Grand Hall in Chiconis so that it doesn’t invade the bounds of a nearby lair.
  • Shaloth now has a greater damage multiplier for all attacks.
  • Made sure all travels scrolls teleport player on the top of the teleport pad model. Loading screen needs to be activated.


Blight Updates Blight Client 404.251.0 Istaria Community Manager
May 21, 2022


  • When selling a plot, it’s now possible to drag the player name from the player list and not just your contact list.


  • Fixed not being able to place some types of murals on lair walls that are too close to the edge of the lair boundary.
  • Fixed a recent issue that’s appeared where a character could drown on login under certain rare circumstances.
Note: This client is not properly compatible with the Live shards of Chaos and Order and trying to use it there via the Patch to Blight option may result in unexpected issues.


Blight Updates Blight Delta 315.1 Istaria Community Manager
May 18, 2022
  • All “<School> Edge X” abilities are now properly instantly mastered when received and affect base skill instead of current skill.
  • To go along with the changes to her allies, Shaloth the Queen’s encounter has received a few changes.
    • Shaloth the Queen now has her own Hierophants, named Queen’s Hierophants. They are slightly larger than normal Hierophants.
    • Spiritual Transfer, the spell by which Queen’s Hierophants heal Shaloth, now takes 10 seconds to fully cast. It also now emits a bright purple beam linking the casting Hierophant to Shaloth, the former of which will also play a unique animation while casting. This is to allow for players to properly react to and kill or stun Hierophants before they can heal their matriarch.
    • Queen’s Hierophants will now perish after healing their mistress by using Spiritual Transfer.
    • Hierophants will no longer treasonously heal each other instead of their queen.
    • Regular Hierophants no longer receive Spiritual Transfer and instead have a more normal healing spell to use on their allies.
  • Quest “Attunement: Sandstone Bluffs” now properly attunes to Sandstone Bluffs instead of Garnet Bay.
  • Fixed Triston’s dialogues and quest feedback in quest “Warrior's Quest: Conquer the Spider” with the correct number of times to use Power Strike.
  • Fixed Triston’s dialogues and quest feedbacks in quest “Warrior's Quest: Destroy the Beetles” with the correct amount of beetles to kill and the number of times to use Rend Armor.


Live Updates Live Client 404.198.2 Istaria Community Manager
May 5, 2022


  • Rain effects changes:
    • Reduced volume on rain effects
    • Reduced particle usage
    • Light snow will now play instead of rain during winter event
This was also patched to Blight.

Blight Updates Blight Delta 315 Istaria Community Manager
April 22, 2022


  • The threat posed to the Tower of Nature within the Western Deadlands has grown considerably. New story quests are available for adventurers of level 60 and higher, beginning in the town of Aubador.
  • The Imperial Outpost has come under direct attack and Sargeant Temerac now offers a questline for adventurers of level 95 and higher.
  • Dralnok’s Doom quest chain has been given a facelift with side quests and expanded dialogue.
  • Dragon Ability Quests have been reworked through to Tier 4. Gold Rage quests at all tiers have been reworked or rewritten.
  • Scorpion Isle has undergone a renovation including plots, lairs, and decorations. This includes many more buildable community projects.
  • Contribute your crafting knowledge and adventure prowess to help restore the recently-uncovered town of Silvane in a one-time event. Can you free the village from the grasp of the Withered Aegis?


Live Updates Damage Multipliers Stacking Fix Istaria Community Manager
March 28, 2022

This will take effect on 3/29 after maintenance.

A bug was introduced with a fix released in February. The issue introduced was that stacking damage multipliers were no longer stacking. Rolling back the fixes from February will re-introduce other bugs, so in the short term we've implemented the following workaround:

Damage multipliers will stack again, but with a maximum limit of 500% damage.

A more permanent solution will come later as development time permits. We're sorry this issue made it onto the live shards and hope this workaround is received well.

Thank you,

Istaria Development Team

Live Updates Live Client 404.198.0 Istaria Community Manager
March 1, 2022


  • Fix for augmentations repeat applying (for example, Armor and Scale Tech Kit: Bloodied) when in combat.
  • Fix for mis-matched combat result feedback messages.

Live Updates Live Client 404.196.1 Istaria Community Manager
February 22, 2022


  • The item description displayed when viewing details now includes the number of used/available tech slots.
  • When an item is split, it will appear (if possible) next to the source item instead of in the last slot.
  • Use localization settings for digit grouping in the hoard display - the hoard display will now show digit groups based on your computer’s language and region settings.
  • When changing map region (like from Istaria map to Kion map) it’ll automatically center on your current location now.
  • A checkbox to lock the map to world-map mode (instead of automatically going to the high detail local region map) has been added.
  • The new “Lock World” and the “Search Visible Layers” tickbox’s tick status will now be saved once the game is closed.
  • When new keybindings are added, the game will now prompt players to bind the keys so they know they exist.
  • The bulk display for an item will now not appear if the item takes up no bulk.
  • A new keybinding has been added that will allow a dragon to drop extremely quickly to the ground when flying.
  • The world map for the map window has been regenerated with high resolution water (the water was showing as low resolution originally).
  • Modify Item description to display number of used/available tech slots
  • Bulk capacity on tech items
  • When an item is split, it will appear (if possible) next to the source item
  • Use localization settings for digit grouping in hoard window


Live Updates Fix Coming on Tuesday for Teched Items Istaria Community Manager
January 7, 2022
There's a bug on the live shards right now. If an item with techs in a storage structure (house, etc.) is moved between two containers in that structure, the techs will be lost on the item. We have a fix ready for release on Tuesday. In the meantime, please do not move items in storage structures until the fix is applied.

Live Updates Live Delta 314.2 Istaria Community Manager
December 28, 2021
  • Talbain’s dialogues have been adjusted in quest “The Mysterious Balit’s Island”.
  • Balit’s Island is now surrounded by storms.
  • Unstable Lycanthropy Ward Salve and Lycanthropy Ward Salve can’t cure lycanthropy diseases anymore: they have never been supposed to do so and only prevent diseases to be applied.
  • Lair T6 Trophy Chamber - Daknor the Berserk Pet doesn’t require Demon Essence to build anymore.
  • Grammatical fix in quest “Scholar: Talk to Geleon the Wise”.
  • All keys should now properly work and no longer cause a conflict message with other damage modifiers.
  • Doubled the amount of resources in resource nodes on the starter islands.
  • Resource spawns on Skalkaar, Spirit Isle and New Trismus are no longer linked.
  • Niesa’s Strength will now boost Dragon Breath by +100.
  • Fixed typo in technique Defense: Slash Ward V description.

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