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Herald Reports: Chaos Crusaders of Chaos - September 2008 Justa
November 16, 2008
Crusaders of Chaos September splash screen

The Theocracy of Istaria

As old as I am, I am not nearly as old as those who walked before us to establish the world in which we now live in.  Their wisdom, guidance and faith in the many deities they worship are what have formed the world into what it has become.  Although some revere Drulkar as such, there are others that believe he was just a dragon that visited Istaria long ago and brought the race of dragons to Istaria.  Our leaders do what they can in their names to rule us, but for some, their faith is waning.



Herald Reports: Chaos Crusaders of Chaos - August 2008 Justa
September 30, 2008
August 2008 Crusaders of Chaos title pic

Location, Location, Location

The land resizing has been completed for the most part in Istaria.  Some found that the plots they owned were a slight bit larger, and some noticed an increase or decrease in the value of their property.

 “Three Gold!” one Istarian said, pointing at property that once used to cost a mere 367sp only months ago.  Justa looked at his plot… it was 1 gold 200 silver LESS in price. Concerns raised the fact that new residents of Istaria would have no choice but to place bids on property in less desirable areas due to the location.  Even plots in cities that were ghost towns before, had high price tags only because they were near a portal.


Herald Reports: Chaos Crusaders of Chaos - July 2008 Justa
August 24, 2008
Crusaders of Chaos Title


There was a dragon at my lair entrance yelling down inside.

          “Flatspin, are you home?” The voice echoed through the caverns.

          “Yes…” came my reply, still groggy from too much ale.

          “It’s your daughter, Agua. I need to speak with you, it is urgent.”

          “Justa moment . . .”

The sounds of empty kegs being gathered could be heard.  She only wished her good news might bring me out of my depression.  His thoughts reflected on his mate of many years having vanished, with no clues where she might have gone.  Though he searched everywhere, even into the dangerous parts of Istaria, she could not be found.  The noise abated.

          “Ok you may enter.” I grumbled, wondering why my sleep was interrupted.

Agua entered my hall chamber and sat beside me.

          “What brings you here my daughter? Come to watch your father drink himself into oblivion?”

          “Mandu would like an audience with you.”

          “Why can’t he just…” as the reality set in I sighed. “Ok, let’s hear it.”



Herald Reports: Chaos Crusaders of Chaos - June 2008 Justa
June 29, 2008


Crusaders of Chaos June 2008




The ABC’s of Chaos in Istaria

(Ascensions, Battles, Condemnation)

I gazed on the world and viewed as it shifted.  Structures on plots vanished when the Empire put out the word that there was a restructuring of land coming. Those hoping for larger parcels of land, uprooted from their plots in wait for the coming changes.

Weather in South March went from raining to foggy with leaves falling, back to normal blue skies.  The lights within the lairs at South March were restored, and the leaves swept out.  Cries came of dragons and bipeds alike.  Cries of joy, cries of frustration as sweeping changes came across the land.



Herald Reports: Chaos Crusaders of Chaos - May 2008 Justa
May 25, 2008


Crusaders of Chaos - May 2008


 And so it begins . . .

Welcome to the first issue of the Crusaders of Chaos. My name is Flatspin, the new herald for the Chaos Shard. I welcome anyone who has news about their guild, themselves, and any other tidbits of information that would sound good for the herald reports. If you have anything to contribute, you can contact me at these addresses:

[email protected]

[email protected]

A bit about myself; I was rescued by a kind Saris named Justa Mirage.  He killed the Withered Aegis that was carrying the half hatched egg I had called home for a while, stolen from a nest.  He couldn’t just leave me at the hands of another abductor as there were more on the way and he could not stay and fight.



Herald Reports: Chaos Chaos Reigns! Issue #4 Alladania
July 13, 2006

 Chaos Reigns!

Alladania SilverMist, Chaos Shard Herald
Klaus Wulfenbach, Assistant Editor

Eastern Deadlands Expands, Swamp Partially Blighted

The Withered Aegis have strengthened their grip on the lands south of Harro with the construction of extensive fortifications along the edge of the Spirituous Swamp.  Portions of the swamp itself have also been blighted.  Travelers report that the creatures native to the swamp have become remarkably aggressive, often attacking in droves.  Experts with the New Rachival Research Institute have theorized that the unusually aggressive behavior is due to the encroaching Blight destroying the delicate wetlands ecology and inflicting psychological trauma on the bloodsnout gruok and purple spiders native to the region.


Herald Reports: Chaos Chaos Reigns! Issue #3 Alladania
June 13, 2006
New Happenings at the Old Oaks Front

With construction on the Imperial Outpost and adjacent Cavern completed, the Gifted anxiously await further orders from Tazoon.  To date, however, Lord-Commander Jatell has issued no new orders nor moved any troops into the Outpost.  When asked to comment on persistent rumors that he is spending more time picking out curtains for his new office than coordinating the war effort, the Lord-Commander clutched the velvet brocade he had been stroking to his chest, shouted, “You cannot have the Precious!!!” and hid under his desk until we were escorted out.

Alladania SilverMist, Chaos Shard Herald
Klaus Wulfenbach, Assistant Editor


Herald Reports: Chaos Chaos Reigns! Issue #2 Alladania
May 11, 2006

Alladania SilverMist, Chaos Shard Herald
Klaus Wulfenbach, Assistant Editor

New Fortifications at Old Oaks

Faced with a new Withered Aegis onslaught, dragons and bipeds alike have been working feverishly to construct two new Imperial fortifications near Old Oaks.  The Outpost and the first section of the Imperial Cavern were both completed swiftly, but work continues on the second chamber of the Cavern and lairshaping supplies of all types and skill levels are still needed.


Herald Reports: Chaos Chaos Reigns! Issue #1 Alladania
April 24, 2006

Chaos Reigns!

Welcome to Chaos Reigns!, the latest incarnation of the Chaos Herald report.  We hope you enjoy our offerings.  If there’s something you’d like to see in our report, or information you’d like to share, please give us a shout, in game or on the forums.

Alladania SilverMist, Chaos Shard Herald
Klaus Wulfenbach, Assistant Editor


Herald Reports: Chaos Chaos Herald Issue #15 AamerKhan
April 22, 2005


   A mighty cheer rose as the final slate keys were placed on the first span of the bridge to Balit's portal. All crafter's worked tirelessly to make this happen, and All citizens of Chaos applaud their fine efforts!

  Now the second span was completed Sunday. The last span is making great progress and expected to be completed sometime on monday.

   Excellent effort by all involved! Some citizens are devoting themselves as much as 14 hours a day to this project that serves the community. Once it is complete, lets remember to thank all the hard working construction crafters, that made getting to Balit's Isle and easy run from Selen!


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