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Event Library Dralnok's Doom Istaria Community Manager
August 21, 2009

 Valtorance stood before the newly constructed portal with vastly mixed feelings.  The churning of his stomach was due to both excited anticipation and dread. As each moment passed, his body again reminded him that neither feeling was winning the internal war.  He wasn't afraid, or so he told himself as he stood before the portal.

Link to Story and link to Release Notes

Event Library Fall Festival Istaria Community Manager
November 11, 2008
 The days of merriment and masquerade have returned to Istaria with the arrival of Jacques Allantyrn and the return of the Fall Festival.  Jacques has new wares to trade for sweets collected by the Gifted, and Holm has a new tale of terror to share, all courtesy of Sephiranoth, Blacknite, Xanthia, and Dzhari, the winners of this year's storytelling and maskmaking contests.  Congratualtions to the winners!

Event Library Land, Lots of Land Istaria Community Manager
September 30, 2008

Land, Lots of LandThe Great Istarian Land Rush is on!

After weeks of waiting while the Bureau of Land Management assessed the boundaries of each and every property in Istaria, the time has finally arrived for Gifted across Istaria to find a home for those who've waited long to own one.

Dragon lairs once left vacant will soon be available for auction, and biped plots long left empty because of their small size have been enlarged and will be made available as well.

So run, or fly, to your favorite Istarian community and begin shopping for a new home.  Soon, you'll have an opportunity to bid on the Istarian home of your dreams.

Event Library Pax Istaria Istaria Community Manager
July 30, 2008

 Pax Istaria: The Bureau of Observations has decided that no yearly celebration calendar would be complete without properly observing The Great Peace Accords which brought all the Living Races of Istaria together. They have set up tents and special vendors outside Tazoon, just south east of the town walls, for citizens of all the Living Races to celebrate "Pax Istaria".

    * Food Vendor with new seasonal foods.
    * Petting Zoo Vendor and animals.
    * Ticket Merchant to exchange IBM's for Festival Tickets
    * Raffle Vendor for players interested in a bit of gambling
    * Fireworks Vendor to sell fireworks

The Master Lorekeeper of the Great Library of Tazoon has gathered yet another writing about the the world of Istaria - this time providing the historical events behind The Great Peace Accords.


We, the Living 

With an angry cry and a wet, meaty ‘THUD’, Ryson Stormbringer slammed into the ancient rock wall. The impact sent bits of blood, bone, and organ tissue spraying from the gaping holes in his adamantite breastplate. Desperately, Ryson tried to blink the blood out of his eyes long enough to focus on his attacker. He glimpsed a massive form looming over him and gasped, “Wai..” His words were lost as the blow tore him off the wall, crushed the side of his skull, and sent his broken body bouncing and skidding into the scorching embrace of a lava pit. His last thought before death claimed him – again – was, “Yeah, that went well…


Event Library Ellien's Escape Istaria Community Manager
March 26, 2008
 Ellien is captured by the Withered Aegis and meets someone long thought lost since the Battle of Tazoon. Hear the tale told in her own voice, as she composes a letter to the Master Confectioner at Tazoon Academy:

To hear the remainder of her story, and the lasting effect that it has on Gifted across Istaria, read her complete story as recorded by a Historian in Tazoon.


Event Library Gnomekindle Istaria Community Manager
January 1, 2008 wrote a note to the Innkeeper and along with payment for another week's rent, tucked it into the desk slot.

“Traveling to New Rachival to see what this Gnomekindle excitement is all about. Don't let that that thieving little brother of mine into my room while I'm gone this time. Here's payment to ensure you don't.”

She'd left most of her gear locked safely in the footlocker, but the last time she'd done that, her brother had convinced the innkeeper that she meant to let him have her room while she was gone. She had returned to find nothing more than a note “thanking” her for the comfortable bed and the presents. Her brother had stolen nearly everything she owned and she hadn't heard from him since. Somehow he always seem to know when she was away. After listening to the tavern patrons for the last few days talk about what the gnomes had set up for their “Winter Festival”, she decided she could no more miss this one than she could miss the dwarven Hammers Rest Festival.


Event Library Hammer's Rest Istaria Community Manager
December 1, 2007 made her way out of the mines of Aughundell. Her fine elven features are caked with dirt, but under the grime is a small, determined smile. Her cargo disk is filled to the brim with precious metals, making each step a battle to keep moving. The gems stuffed into her pack and overflowing from the bags at her sides weigh her down further, but the profit she hopes to make from a certain Saris jeweler keeps her motivated. "This time," she whispers to herself, "This time she'll buy it all. I just know it." As she crests the final hill, she looks down at the road below. Hope rises inside her because she knows if she can just get her load to the road, traveling will be faster and easier.


Event Library The Offensive Continues! Amadan
May 3, 2006
Amadan Offensive Continues

Despite the best efforts of the Gifted, the invasion near Harro continues. To combat the seemingly unstoppable horde, Lord-Commander Jatell has called for the construction of fortifications near the Harro Road and Old Oaks. From this outpost, the armies of the Living Races can make a stand and try to stave off imminent disaster!

Event Library A Renewed Offensive Amadan
March 28, 2006

A Renewed OffensiveA Renewed Offensive 

The invasion has begun! Wave after wave of corrupted beasts and putrid undead have begun blighting the lands south of Harro. Harro has come under attack, its militia desperately out-numbered. A new enemy has appeared and is leading these attacks, a foul and cruel hound, with a hunger for battle and for blood.

"The Defense of Harro", read it here.



Event Library Show of Strength Ophelea
February 14, 2006
Show of Strength

Rumors speak of a new evil among the Withered Aegis, an enemy who has risen to power from the ashes of General Reklar's failure. Rumors speak of the Blight itself creeping forward, of lands and resources swallowed. Jatell, the newly appointed Lord-Commander of the Imperial Army, has put forth a rallying call to the Gifted. He asks that the most powerful among the Gifted speak with him at once at his temporary post near the Travel Gate in Tazoon.

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