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Blight Updates Blight Delta 313.2 Istaria Community Manager
August 17, 2021
  • Fixed experience reward in quest “Scholar's Quest: A Tale of Two Magics”. Player is now guaranteed to be level 2 Scholar on quest completion.
  • Abandoned Island changes:
    • Added a few more Ulmus Beetles
    • Quest: “(Daily) Jon Parkh: Threatened Crops”:
      • Added better directions.
      • Fixed typos.
    • Quest “(Daily) Jon Parkh: Sleep Deprivation”:
      • Objectives have been changed to kill 8 Winter Wolves (up from 4) and 2 Alpha Winter Wolves (down from 4). Dialogues have been updated accordingly.
      • Added better directions.
      • Fixed typos
    • Quest “(Daily) Jon Parkh: Summit Beating”:
      • Added better directions.
      • Fixed typos


Blight Updates Blight Delta 313.1 Istaria Community Manager
August 12, 2021
  • Title: Eye of The Tiger is no longer restricted to Monk school.
  • Fixed a typo in quest “Lieutenant Elderincus' Investigation”.
  • Instead of adding bonus attacks while in Attuned Stance, Quick Shot 1 and 2 will now function as an AoE attack with a 5m/8m range.
  • Oasis 1, Oasis 2, Planter Edgings are now collidable and easier to select.
  • Greater Epic Presence aura has been reverted to use the original effect (not the “test” effect)
  • Corrected dialogue in Imperial Outpost quests to gather 50 construction/lair resources
  • Cedar Trees outside of Spirit Isle and New Trismus will once again have standard resource amounts
  • The pond with the shrine west of New Trismus is now known as the Pond of The Rested Spirit. Quest “The Lone Wolf of New Trismus” has been updated with this new point of interest.
  • Vicious Thrust now recycles every 90 seconds (up from 30 seconds) and has a 10 meter range.  Its debuff, Psychic Wound, lasts for 30 seconds (up from 7 seconds).


Blight Updates Blight Client 404.73.0 Istaria Community Manager
August 11, 2021


  • Added a message when currency is added to the wallet to make it clear it’s not in the inventory.


  • Fixed the teleport destination window incorrectly appearing when flying / moving over the tops of portals.
  • Fixed tutorials that are meant to appear around specific locations / info centers (like the info structures in Skalkaar and Spirit Isle) not working.
  • Fixed quest markers appearing above non-existent NPCs.
  • Fixed broken textures on certain styles of the Regular / Fine Quarterstaff weapons.
  • Updated some incorrect information about the number of scribed knowledge when the window hasn’t loaded properly yet.

Fixes to Prior Blight Client:

  • Fixed floating names being offset to the side for some characters / NPCs.
  • Fixed issue with dragging pets in grid view in the Pets window.
  • Fixed issue when dragging pets to/from other containers like the Vault.
  • Fixed issue where the Pets window wasn’t available for the Ice and Lava themes.


Blight Updates Blight Delta 313 Istaria Community Manager
July 31, 2021



Many adventure abilities are now mastered to encourage picking up side classes and give more variety to multiclassed bipeds. In addition, a few abilities have been given some polishing to make them more attractive or balanced.


  • Blazing Strike (1 to 4) is now masterable
  • Fiery Judge (1 and 2) is now masterable
  • Fiery Judge now recycles every 90s (down from 120s)


  • Shield Breaker now recycles every 30s (down from 150s)
  • Hamstring is now masterable
  • Shield Breaker is now masterable
  • Wild Swing (1 to 3) is now masterable

Chaos Warrior

  • Chaos Strike (1 to 4) is now masterable


Blight Updates Live Server Update Istaria Community Manager
July 3, 2021
  • Fixed an issue where floating quest icons would remain above NPCs who no longer have any quests to give.
  • Fixed an issue where left hand item requirements weren’t correct the first time they were being displayed.
  • Fixed an issue where on rare occasions item rewards were not being correctly generated for quests.
  • Fixed an issue where when gaining a new level in a school or switching schools, the lower tier abilities were still displaying.
  • Fixed an issue where the information on a new ability (school / level) won’t show up until relogging.

Live Updates Content Update 21.1: Tales of Tazoon Istaria Community Manager
April 28, 2021

Content Summary

  • Wyvern allies now have a new appearance, as actual wyverns!
  • Additional quest content is available in the Tazoon region, including Shau’s Grief and Shau’s Vengeance as well as Fall of Tazoon: The Explosion.
  • Title bonuses have been revisited and reorganised into a system of actives and passives. All statistical bonuses are now individual passives - from craft skills to statistics - with no exception.
  • New high quality quest icons indicate the types of quests that NPCs offer.


Blight Updates Blight Delta 312.1 Sarsilas
March 26, 2021

Blight Delta 312.1 has been captured and will be applied to Blight soon.

  • Fixed directions in quest “Dragon Crafter 2: Learning the Ropes”.
  • In quest “Avariatus' Quest: Learn About the Helian Faction!”, player is now properly asked to visit the destroyed New Trismus shrine.
  • Removed time limit instructions in step descriptions and feedback of quest “Imperial Army: The Counterattack”.
  • Fixed Death Punch and Ground Pound to use special animations for Exalted Gudal.
  • Fixed dialogue link in biped version of quest “Fall of Tazoon: Imperial Army”.
  • Fixed dialogue spacing in the Gerix questline.
  • Renamed the quest “Gerix’s Quest: Visit the Grand City of Chiconis” to “ Gerix’s Quest: Visit the Grand Dragon Cities” as it now directs you to both cities.


Blight Updates Blight Client 404.3.0 Istaria Community Manager
March 21, 2021
Gather round everyone, for I have a story to tell you about the old days, yes... Mmm. "Magic", yes, a term you all know and all use, but did you know that's not the original term for the energy you wield for healing and harm? No, there's a much older term, a much more ancient one, in the language of the gods, known as the "Particle". Whenever you see the power of Primal surrounding a mighty Dragon, or the pure glow of the Paladin, what you see before you are Particles, taken from the very fabric of reality around you. According to the lore of old, everywhere in the world has these Particles, in a pool so to speak, and casters draw on this mighty Pool to gain the Particles to feed their magic.


Blight Updates Blight Delta 312 Sarsilas
February 19, 2021
  • Fixed typos in ‘Where Is My Sister?’, ‘Fall of Tazoon: Refugees’, and the crystal ‘Ada Fruthak’s Memento’.
  • Trainers: Heldrur, Aminah, Hameth, and Jahaim now have correct inventory and no longer ask for Lore Tokens for currency.
  • Many crafting trainers formulas have been cleaned up and sync’d to what they should be selling.
  • Formulatron has been cleaned up and will no longer give formulas that can be purchased in game.
  • A scholar’s desk can now be found in Onyndriss’ building in Delgarath
  • Soul Shock is a mez and was incorrectly classified as a stun.
  • Updated some dialogue in quest “Grant Smyth's Fate” (when you choose to turn Grant in)
  • Granite Construction Blocks on L/S Dryad Memorial Trees, L/M/S Dwarven Memorial Headstones, L/M/S Elven Memorial Headstones, L/M Human Memorial Headstones, and L/M/S Saris Memorial Headstones now use Masonry instead of Essence Structuring
  • A small number of Crimson Ravagers have been spotted amongst the Crimson Shredders
  • Removed the duplicate Dryart attunement quest from Boltai.
  • Blight Crabs will spawn a bit more widely (but less densely) on the beaches near the Pirate’s Inlet
  • Avatar of Pain has a larger patrol region.
  • Fixed the Statue Mold’s resource and skill requirements.
  • Bond-Keeper’s Shielded is now more forgiving for incoming damage types
  • Emotion “Peaceful” will now only reduce damage by 10%
  • Emotion “Enraged” will now only increase damage by 10%
  • Cleric, Mage, Warrior and Scout schools now gain 50 additional health at level 1.


Blight Updates Blight Delta 312 Istaria Community Manager
January 26, 2021
Wow - lots in this update and we're not finished yet. There was so much that we decided to do an intermediate delta to get some things onto Blight for testing. Check out the forums for more info!

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