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Herald Reports: Chaos Chaos Herald Issue #14 AamerKhan
April 12, 2005

   If you are a confectioner, your familiar with Essence Of Blight, a key component of Ambrosia,  and one of the rarest resources in Istaria. Since we are in a quiet period in the war with the WA, now is the time to concern ourselves with this most valuable resource, as we will soon be in need of much larger quantities of Ambrosia.

   You may have found it when mining areas where the anchors were, but lately its become very hard to get. The only know spot to find it is in the Tazoon crater. Even though thats an easy spot to reach and there are no mobs to worry about, the job of collecting it is unusually tedious.

    I'm an accomplished miner, and even with my skills, I only run across EOB's once in 2000 - 4000 slabs of blighted sandstone. I have checked with the Istarian Miners Federation, and they verify those numbers. It seems according to their records, that level or skill plays no part in finding EOB. For the most part, it's just the fickle hand of luck that determines if you will get any.

   I would like any that have discovered new locations to get EOB's to let me know, so I can pass this information on to the IMF, and to all confectioners.


Herald Reports: Chaos Chaos Herald Issue #13 AamerKhan
April 1, 2005

   The mighty crafter of Istaria showed once more, why the WA fear and loath us! In a magnificent show of unity, guilds and individuals from all over came together to complete this new community project!. There are conflicting reports on the amount of time it took, and even though the portal was not active yet, one thing is certain, a grand time was had by all.

   A few highlights to Illustrate:

   All through the day, many were busy mining away on the metal resources needed for this tunnel. At first the going was a bit slow, as word of the project had not reached all the crafters. But as more and more heard the call, the work crews quickly filled up.

   Metal and stone work seems to have been the focus at the start, and progress was very steady. Enchanters too got involved and worked tirelessly to harvest essence and apply orbs.
   Much later in the day the wood workers began in ernest, and much like the metal workers, progress was slow but steady. Many of the choice fields were in danger of being depleated, so crafter spread out all over to collect what was needed. At one point it looked like they would actually empty Elmnic, the gathering was so hectic!

   Regardless of guild politics or differences, everyone banded together as one highly skilled body to finish this project in record time! It proves beyond doubt, that when called upon, the gifted are willing to forget any petty squabbles and shoulder to shoulder, work together to ensure our future!

Since there were so many different ones to thank, let me say ... WELL DONE! to us all!


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