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Community Downloads  

A collection of third party downloads, developed and supported by the player community, that enhance the Istaria gaming experience.

Please note: Virtrium does not endorse or support any of these downloads. Use at your own risk.

You can submit new links for consideration in this category. To do so, visit this page.

Runecasting Textures  
RuneDragoon doesn't mind tweaking her game textures a lot. This is the site she showcases what she has done so far, so you too may change your world. Link.

Music files with ambients  
4-5 layers of ambient sound effects added to the various music files, relevant to the areas where they play. Link.

Cegaiel's Map Pack  
This is the high resolution version of the Map Pack. Info/install instructions: What is the map pack? The map pack is a large collection of map markers all over Istaria and new marker icons. Link.

Horizons Crafting Calculator 2 (HCC)  

HCC is a Windows Application for the Fantasy MMORPG game Horizons which allows players to browse through the huge ingame item/formula, technique and components database, create orders as well as manage a crafter profile. Version 2 of this utility is much improved upon, with lots of new features.  As Horizons receives regular patches many aspects of the game can change: You can request the latest version of HCC's database on-demand from the internet (Live Update).

 Please also see the following site for database updates:


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