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Blight Updates Blight Delta 316 Istaria Community Manager
April 3, 2023

Combat Overhaul

This update contains the combat overhaul in its entirety. There are a significant amount of changes and you can read about them in more detail in this document:

NOTE: This is part 1 of the overhaul and further patches will be coming soon as testing is conducted.

Please do consider taking the time to hop on Blight and try out the changes. We have a new way to send in feedback. A cutting edge technology called "email" has been setup. Rather than writing things down old school, you can type into your computer and the letters will fly across the internets and arrive for all of us to see: [email protected]

This guarantees that your feedback is seen by every developer (unlike Discord posts that may be missed by some). As always, the support system is also available at

Summary of changes:

  • To-Hit and Avoidance (Dodge, Parry and Block) have been entirely reworked and are now more predictable.
  • Separate evasion checks have been removed and are part of the dodge check.  All players (and monsters) now check for dodge.
  • Direct reduction of damage by armor has been replaced by a % reduction (called mitigation).
  • Glancing Hits and Critical Hits/Heals have been added to the combat experience.
  • Armor has varying levels of effectiveness against physical, mystical, arcane and special damage types now.
  • Ethereal Damage/Armor has undergone an overhaul.

Ethereal Armor and Damage

Ethereal Damage is no longer a Damage-Path, but instead is now a damage type (similar to Spirit or Flame or Slash). This means that it will be checked against standard armor (though armor is less effective by 50% against it).

As a result of this change, ethereal armor has been replaced with ethereal resistance and a new stat called ethereal ward has been added. This stat can be buffed/debuffed and applied to equipment like any other ward stat.

Tactical Mastery and Critical Rating

A base value has been added to each player race template to get started, but techniques and other items that can boost these two new attributes further will be coming in a follow-up patch (but before anything is pushed live).
  • Dragon Adventurer, Scout, Cleric, Mage and Warrior gain points in Critical Rating and Tactical Mastery per level (this is preliminary for testing and will likely be adjusted and potentially pushed to prestige schools).

Spells and balance

You may notice that spell damage feels sub-par as a result of changes to the way skills and attributes impact the damage calculations.  This is a known issue and balance changes related to spells will be coming in a follow-up patch (but before anything is pushed live).

Related Changes

  • Brobbet’s Mandate now increases armor by +100 and Shield by +25 instead of armor-use.
  • Armor-Use has been removed as a requirement from all armor pieces and also as a skill gained by all crafting and adventure schools.
  • Defense: Ethereal Armor techniques are now known as Defense: Ethereal Resistance techniques. They now award, +8, +16, +24, +32, +40 Ethereal Resistance bonus according to their tier.
  • Defense: Ethereal Ward techniques have added:
    • T1 to T4 techniques are available at Armorer trainers.
    • T5 technique is dropped by Semi-intelligent monsters.
    • T1 to T5 techniques can be given by Mystery Box - Defense items from Techatrons.
  • The following techniques can no longer be applied to repeatable spells: Blight Damage, Burning Damage, Chill, Combust, Critical Damage, Energy Damage, Flame Damage, Gale, Ice Damage, Mind Damage, Nature Damage, Pierce, Primal Damage, Romp, Spirit Damage, Stun, Fragment of the Chalice, Lesser Flame Spell, Mental Bane, Mental Bane Reward, Relic of Future Sight, Relic of Mellohndar, Relic of Reyem Naes, Relic of the Nature's Keeper, The Keeper's Relic, The Scorched Relic, The Spiritist's Relic, Withered Bane.
    • NOTE: Spells that used these techniques have been removed and the technique components used to make any techs on the spells have been reimbursed.  In the case of quested tech kits, the kits have been reimbursed.  All reimbursed items have been placed into the player’s vault.
  • Adjusted Quartermaster prices to be consistent across all Tiers (for example, Socket Techs will cost the same whether you buy them at a Tier 1 or Tier 5 quartermaster). Prices have seen a little inflation, however, as a result.


  • A new set of quests has been added to Silvane. It will only be available if the village has been completely cleansed. Speak to Tramaniel the Purifier at the Tower of Nature.
  • Unique purchasable Tech Kits and weapons (?) are available in Silvane for Ancient Istarian Coins. This currency can be earned with daily quests.
  • Note: some icons for the new items aren’t ready yet.

Testing Resources

  • Time Master (Blight shard only)
    • Offers quests that award each tier of dragon abilities
    • Offers a 10,000 XP Award quest
    • No longer offers the old "erase" school quests
    • Offers removal quests for adventure schools (they don’t require you to leave the Time Master)
    • Sells processed resources (bars, bricks, cut gems, orbs, boards, focused azulyte, and spools)
    • Offers a quest that gives you a hoardable item worth 1 million hoard
    • Tester’s Gold Boon can now be properly repeated for more gold.

School Changes

  • Changed Dragon Scale Slot unlock passives to be sort under ‘General’ rather than both trade and adventure.
  • Miner’s now gain Miner’s Bounty at levels 1, 21, 41, and 61. I through III give a bonus to trade XP while an active miner.
  • Gatherer’s now gain Gatherer’s Bounty at levels 1, 21, 41, and 61. I through III give a bonus to trade XP while an active gatherer.
  • Dragon Lairshaper school is now known as Lairshaper.
  • Dragon Crystalshaper school is now known as Crystalshaper.
  • Skill and Attribute gains by all prestige schools have been adjusted to start at level 1 instead of level 20.
  • Scout and Ranger no longer receive Sense Enemies and Sense Friends (these are now obsolete)
  • Knight of Creation school: summoned weapons Dusky Scimitar, Dusky Claymore and Dusky Blade Shield can now be obtained with their special abilities at level 1.
  • Added Shattering Kick abilities to Monk school at lvl 4 and 14 to help until lvl 20.
  • Elemental Archer school now obtains Pinion at lvl 8.

Other Notes

  • Fixed Malimer's dialogue in quest "Skalkaar Tutorial: Return to Karkath".
  • The Old Heart-Shaped Locket (quest item) is now properly removed from player's inventory upon quest "Revion's Quest: An Ancient Curse (Part 3)" completion.
  • Fixed a direction stone in New Brommel.
  • Ghost of Brilthor now properly takes the Fragments of Emblem during quest “(Daily) Gelrick's Insatiable Hunger”.
  • Tamed Apple Oastic pet is now known as Apple Oastic.
  • Oastic Apple recycle has been lowered to 6mn, down from 20mn.
  • Beginner Tech Kit: Withered Bane requirement has been lowered to 50 Ingenuity, down from 100.
  • Quest “Learn to Craft The Withered Bane” now requires a minimal skill of 50 Ingenuity to be obtainable.
  • Quest “Clearing The Roadway” no longer requires to loot trophies, but Undamaged Greymane Wolf Skulls, specific to this quest, instead.
  • Improved directions to find Kiva in quest “Replace the Lost Mushrooms”.
  • Typos/grammar fixes:
    • Bronze Molar (T1) name
    • Quest “Vandus Confederation: The Besieged Outpost II”.
    • Quest “Slate Crest: Pestilence II”.
    • Quest “Town Marshall: Big Problems”.
    • Quest “Feladan: Learn about the Feladan Protectors”.
    • Quest “Prove Your Worth at Wolf Hunting”.
    • Quest “Gerix's Quest: Visit the Grand Dragon Cities”.
    • Quest “Farmer Idamon's Chicken Troubles”.
    • Gloomwolf Claw description .
    • Quest  “An Explosive Discovery”
    • Quest “Attunement to Drakul”
    • Quest “Research: Verdean Core Chunk” (for dragons)
    • Quest “Becoming an Adult Dragon: Choose Your Path”
    • Quest “Spiked Scales V: An Easy Challenge”.
    • Quest ““Niesa's Draught (Part 5)”.
    • Undead Slayer and Thurid’s Undead Slayer technique kits.
    • Growling Red Present description.
    • Updated the description of “Falinthris' Cipher” to remove some grammatical ambiguity.
    • Bronze Molar (T1) description.
    • Various mentions of Elsa Baltos being incorrectly referred to as Batos.
    • "Gauranteed Hit" in blighted technique effects.
    • Quest “Vandus Confederation: To The Rescue II”.
    • Added missing “of” in a feedback message of the quest “Tooth and Claw X: Your Final Golem Challenge”.
    • Various trophy displays player structures.
    • Head of Task-Master of Terror name.
    • Elin Borash’s persistent dialogue.
    • Quest “Biggletorque: The Frozen Tower”.
    • Quest “Dralnok's Doom (Chapter 2): King Dralnok's Fate”.
    • Nielenoss’ name in the quest “Breath of Acid: Handle With Care”.
    • “Grouk” in the quest “Breath of Acid: Handle With Care”.
    • “Emanation of Pestilence”.
    • Quest “Gerix's Quest: Visit the Grand Dragon Cities”.
    • Fixed grammatical issues in the description of all Essence Channelers.
    • Quest “The Guardian and the Crystalshaper”.
    • Feedback messages in quest “Prove Your Worth at Wolf Hunting”.
    • Quest “Gaileach: The Myloc Colony (Part 1)”.
    • Cave Crawlers’ Nest name.
    • Quest “Gaileach: The Myloc Queen (Part 1)”.
    • Quest “Nielenoss' Quest: Knowledge of Tinkering”.
    • Quest “Dralnok's Doom (Chapter 3): Ganesh's Footsteps”.
    • Quest “Sshranu: The Venom of Alchemy”.
    • Quest “Blacksmith: Cedar Staves for the Mages”.
    •  Burris' List of Trophies description.
    • Quest “Delgarath Militia Unsung Heroes: Secure Delgarath”.
    • Sergeant Elin Borash’s dialogue.
    • Quest “Imperial Army: The Prisoner”.
    • Quest “The Plague: Cure (Part 2)”.
    • Quest “The Plague: Source (Part 4)”.
    • Flesh of a Cult Incubator description.
    • Quest “Earn Title: Exterminator”.
    • Quest “The Forest Skulk Pledge”.
    • Quest “Primal Instant Heal III: Warriors with a Side of Ice”.
  • Added Armor Tech Kit: Memento of Gallith to Krianos in Kion.
  • Quest “Blasta's Lost Ring” no longer requires to loot trophies, but Precious Garnet Gemstones, specific to this quest, instead.
  • Undead of the Ruined Palace are no longer social.
  • Updated quest “Carry Warnings to Other Militias” so Scale-Guard Kerrak has its proper rank and “sslikified” its dialogue.
  • Spirit's Rebuff and Spirit’s Fury don’t use a gift slot anymore.
  • Entombed Soul won’t lose his spectral appearance anymore upon death.
  • Fixed Admetus Perros dialogue link to join Mage school in quest “Introduction to Fortshire”.
  • Keys:
    • Removed quest completion requirement to Expert Key and Complex Key Mold formulas.
    • Expert Key and Complex Key Mold formulas are now sold by Finagle Biggletorque in Delgarath.
    • Expert Key and Complex Key Mold formulas aren’t attuned anymore.
    • Finagle Biggletorque sells all key patterns again.
  • Aegis Skeleton Sorcerers can no longer use Fiendish Channeling
  • Quest “Primal Instant Heal V: The Bloody Tears” now properly refers to Watchers instead of Warriors
  • Rough Oak Logs can’t be gathered from Bloodridge Foragers anymore in quest “Fall of Tazoon: Refugees”.
  • Defensive Dragon Claws and their crystals won’t display biped schools anymore as a requirement in their descriptions.
  • Left-Hands and their crystals, and Tome Crystals won’t display Dragon Adventurer school anymore as a requirement in their descriptions.
  • Added a working Jeweler’s Table near Jeweler trainers in Aughundell, Feladan and Mahagra.
  • Taurellios won’t auto-join players that meet requirements to Wizard school anymore.
  • Beginner Armor, Focus, Health and Power Scale formulas added to Resiata in Chiconis.
  • Beginner Gem-Tipped Claw formula added to Resiata in Chiconis.
  • Journeyman Armor, Focus, Health and Power Scale formulas added to Resiata in Chiconis.
  • Frozen Horror are now immune to ice damage instead of flame damage. Their auto-attacks now deal ice damage as well.
  • Fixed failure step in quest “The Blood-Magic of the Welger (Part 3)”.
  • Blighted Formulas added back to the Silver, Golden and Mithril Mystery Boxes on Formulatrons.
  • Misted Forest:
    • Gloomwolves number has significantly increased.
    • Shadow now patrols in the whole forest with a follower. He’s also more elusive and much more aggressive; he won’t hesitate to call for help from the other Gloomwolves nearby.
  • Imperial Army Camp teleporter has added new destinations: Genevia and Bristugo
  • Journeyman and Expert Hide armor and weapon formulas now properly require Cedar Hide Tannin for Tier I products.
  • Quest “Town Marshall: Thinning the Crowd” now refers to Dezwar instead of Fohadon
  • Quest “Feladan-in-Exile is No More” changes:
    • The quest is now given by Lieutenant Frathoom Bakhtor.
    • Improved the discussion between Quintin the Wise and Seneshal Allambe Sulean.
  • Fight Money bags now display which Tier they belong to.
  • Fixed duplicate dialogue in quest “Fall of Tazoon: The Explosion (Part 5)”
  • Timber Wolf Skull is now properly dyed gold
  • Expert Dragon Claw Tech Kit: Battle Forged properly requires 900 Scalecraft to be scribed.
  • Left-Hands and their crystals, and Tome Crystals won’t display Dragon Adventurer school anymore as a requirement in their descriptions.
  • Nadia in Bristugo now has Timber Wolf Fangs for trade.
  • Quest “Learn to Change your Form”, “Bones of a Master (Part 1)” and “Bones of a Master (Part 2)” will no longer conflict with one another
  • Quest “Learn To Change Your Form” is now classified as a school quest instead of adventure
  • Quest “Drain Bolt IV: A Test of Spirit”:
    • Greater Ghost Vapors asked during the quest have been replaced by Spiritual Essences. They can only be obtained by looting.
    • Fixed some step visibility issues.
  • Fixed the two Harro lairs bordering blight to use blighted texture once again (hotfixed 25th August - applies next tuesday)
  • Shoulder Pets:
    • Fixed issue where some shoulder pet models wouldn’t display on a specific race or a shoulder (pre-order pets models have been fixed as well)
    • Fixed issue where some shoulder pet models would display incorrect texture (pre-order pets models have been fixed as well)
    • Renamed shoulder pets to be -Name- Shoulder Pet so they are all consistent across names (pre-order pets are unaffected by this change)
    • Dragons now also share in the fun and have their maggot, spider, parrot, ogre, cow shoulder pet variants!
    • New pets: Spider Shoulder Pet, Maggot Shoulder Pet, Robot Maggot Shoulder Pet, Black Widow Shoulder Pet, White Sheep Shoulder Pet, Black Sheep Shoulder Pet
    • Shoulder Pets from Zookeeper’s quest have been divided into “critters” and “monsters”. Critters - parrot, cows, bluejay, sheep have remained in the Zookeeper’s treasure table. Monsters - maggots, spiders, aegrors, robots, robot maggots can now be bought from Alistair in New Brommel instead.
    • Shoulder Pets are now Attune-On-Equip
  • A drunken Dwarf in Aughundell has a task for you if your current adventure school is lvl 86 minimum and if you have completed quest “Farmer Idamon's Chicken Troubles II”.
  • Improved Undead Banner model and texture (four new different models) - WA now has more dangerous and appropriate banners on display. Be careful when entering the WA territory!
  • Fortresses in the back of Reklar’s Fortress now use more appropriate undead banner textures, instead of pristine white
  • Banners hanging inside Reklar’s Fortress have been replaced with the new improved undead banner models
  • Fixed lava spires near Kion lava river
  • Fixed inconsistencies in tool and machine naming Gemworking Bench -> Gem Cutting Bench, etc.
  • More Glacial Alphas now spawn in the Tower of Magery region.
  • Tool Tech Kit: The Soldier's Chef changes:
    • Raises Cooking skill to 18 (up from 16).
    • Can properly be applied to a Baking Spatula, a Cooking Knife or a Mixing Spoon.
    • Updated description accordingly.
  • Gate Guardian kills now count in quest “(Hourly) City Under Siege”.
  • Quest “Dimensional Pocket X: Return with News from the Towers of Magic” got a slight facelift to be more accurate with nowadays Istaria.
  • Formulas for these spells: Arcane Refusal, Blast, Countercheck Primal, Grazing Winds, Improved Prime Bolt, Primal Alacrity, Primal Attack, Primal Burst, Primal Chains, Primal Spark, Primal Strike, Promote Intellect, Promote Vitality, Rejuvenating Breeze, Tempest:
    • Beginner and Journeyman versions have been added to Resiata in Chiconis.
    • Journeyman versions have been added to Queriatia in Dralk.
  • Tech Kits changes:
    • The following quest rewards have been added to Town Marshalls:
      • Jewelry Tech Kit: Merrasat's Bountiful Embrace and Dragon Scale Tech Kit: Merrasat's Bountiful Embrace have been added to Krianos in Kion.
      • Armor and Scale Tech Kit: Circlet of Borannis has been added to Drugan Nandosh in Dalimond.
      • Weapon Tech Kit: Fanged Arrow-Tip and Tool Tech Kit: The Soldier's Chef has been added to Saenethra in Kirasanct.
      • Weapon and Claw Tech Kit: Ezzar's Folly has been added to Grulnar in Dralk (Saenethra already has it).
    • Name changes:
      • Tech Kit: Hunter's Retribution is now known as Weapon and Claw Tech Kit: Hunter's Retribution
      • Weapon Tech Kit: Fyakki Slayer is now known as Weapon and Claw Tech Kit: Fyakki Slayer
      • Weapon Tech Kit:  Blood Drainer is now known as Weapon and Claw Tech Kit:  Blood Drainer
      • Weapon Tech Kit: Thurid's Undead Slayer is now known as Weapon and Claw Tech Kit: Thurid's Undead Slayer
      • Weapon Tech Kit: Undead Slayer is nown known as Weapon and Claw Tech Kit: Undead Slayer
      • Weapon Tech Kit: Andorr's Ironwood Shaft is now known as Weapon and Claw Tech Kit: Andorr's Ironwood Shaft
      • Weapon Tech Kit: Ironwood Shaft is now known as Weapon and Claw Tech Kit: Ironwood Shaft
      • Weapon Tech Kit: Withered Bane is now known as Weapon & Claw & Spell Tech Kit: Withered Bane
      • Formula Beginner Hunter's Retribution is now known as Beginner Weapon and Claw Tech Kit: Hunter's Retribution
      • Formula Weapon Tech Kit: Blood Drainer is now known as Beginner Weapon and Claw Weapon Tech Kit: Blood Drainer
      • Formula Weapon Tech Kit: Fyakki Slayer is now known as Beginner Weapon and Claw Weapon Tech Kit: Fyakki Slayer
      • Formula Expert Tech Kit: Ironwood Shaft is now known as Expert Weapon and Claw Tech Kit: Ironwood Shaft
      • Formula Expert Tech Kit: Undead Slayer is now known as Expert Weapon and Claw Tech Kit: Undead Slayer
      • Formula Master Tech Kit: Myloc Rune is now known as Master Jewelry and Scale Tech Kit: Myloc Rune
    • Quest rewards Spell Tech Kit: Mental Bane Reward, Weapon and Claw Tech Kit: Fyakki Slayer and Weapon and Claw Tech Kit:  Blood Drainer now have proper constraints.
  • Monster spawn regions at the Tower Siege Zone and the Tower Ritual Site have been slightly revamped.
  • Fixed a feedback in quest “Dralnok's Doom (Chapter 1): The Dwarven Barrows”.
  • Urn Hammers changes:
    • Charges have been removed and Urn Hammers can now stack.
    • Formula Special: Urn Hammer now produces 5 Urn Hammers per batch.
  • Master Food formulas changes:
    • Chef Shisheroth has returned and now lives in Delgarath. He now sells Master Basic Food formulas, Krisstelle's Food formulas and Master Cooking Knife formula. He also has many stories to tell about his journey.
    • Estelwen in Feladan no longer sells Master formulas.
    • Miss Kattina in Delgarath no longer sells formulas but can now buy food as any Tavernkeeper.
    • Formulas Exotic Dessert: Krisstelle's Coconut Lava Flow and Exotic Main Dish: Krisstelle's Shoreline Coconut Crab are now stackable.
  • Fixed tinting issue in Elm Staff
  • Fixed positioning issue of Loom and Fabric Distaff in Clothworking Centre near Slate Hills (hotfixed 09/20/2022)
  • Armor Use as a requirement for all types of armor has been removed.
  • Fixed enemy name and numbers in Rykhar’s dialogue in “Spiked Scales VII: A Second Pack of Werewolves”
  • Fixed a floating desert rock in Varan camp near Ruins of Tazoon
  • Fixed algae lost on lava land
  • Fixed the direction hint in the quest “Primal Instant Heal IV: Into the Frozen Tundra” to refer to Brandon’s Shelf, as well as Lesser Nix Beetles.
  • Fixed multiple water issues: Mushroom Island, An’Kor Islands, Lake by Spire’s Trail, near Oasis of Brethil, Lady Kendra’s private pool
  • Consigners of Istaria now properly mention that items are returned to your vault after 28 days
  • Chipahua (Sslanis Tinkerer trainer) looks normal again (please clear cache if still issues)
  • Fixed trainer icons in New Rachival
  • The description of Large Cedar Tree once again mentions tree can be scraped for bark
  • Added descriptions to istarian Cooking Knives. The devs really hope for some stir-fry now.
  • Fixed Sirennis Bulb region near Oasis of Brethil so that resource doesn’t spawn under the water
  • Fixed a rock protruding into lair bounds in Grayling
  • Updated missing terrain chunk east of Sar’zeil
  • Patched Elven Tree Split model
  • Fixed UV misalignment on the stairs in the Cleric's Tower
  • Fixed gaps in walls of Human Large Bridge model
  • Silver Whistle no longer grants a buff of any sort.
  • Drannor in Aughundell no longer has a chat link about trophies (since he displays them automatically).
  • Ruxus names have been updated. Small Ruxus are now Young Coastal Ruxus, Ruxus are Coastal Ruxus, Large Ruxus are now Watchful Coastal Ruxus, and Tremendous Ruxus are now Wary Inland Ruxus. Trophies, Technique Components, Techniques and Trophy Quests have been updated to reflect these changes.
  • Spiders and Tarantulas have undergone an ability overhaul to make their abilities more consistent across each type of creature, but also to give each some additional flavor in the form of specific abilities and passive buffs or auras. One larger change is that all of them have had their dodge boosts (beyond the most basic) removed.
  • Aughundell Weaver Trainer sells Expert formulas instead of Beginner/Journeyman.
  • All Gatherer Trainers now sell Blighted Cleansing formulas.
  • Three chest plate options have had their textures cleaned up.
  • Fix a trap at Crankenspank’s Tomb.
  • Syrani, the Imperial Spell Vendor of Kion, now sells Gust I, Prime Bolt I and Tempest I.
  • Fixed and improved Give Ability Inspire items descriptions.
  • The dragon flight death animations have been given a quality touch up.
  • Associated the proper icon to Hillside Brute augmentations.
  • Added a patch of onions near Aubador.
  • “Source of Power” questline in Dalimond has been partially revamped.
  • Fixed Demonskin Staff and Bloodthorn Staff requirements display.
  • Crystal Flasks now properly tint in hand and in tooltip.
  • Private Elmirra has returned from her mountain hike to once again guard the Fall Festival Crypt.
  • Ice Elementals will no longer use ogre abilities
  • Skill requirement for Water in Journeyman and Expert Cognitive Suspension is now 50 - 475 for consistency with Beginner version.
  • Underwater reflections are being painted into Istaria. Places affected so far include: Skalkaar, New Trismus, Lesser Aradoth, Mushroom Island, An’Kor Islands, New Vassarak, New Koraelia, Genevia, Skyridge, Abandoned Island.
  • Quest “Foe to Friend” from Killian in New Korelia has been slightly revamped:
    • Killian’s Wolf Muffin formula now requires Intuition skill and using a hunting Knife or Dragon Intuition ability.
    • Killian’s Wolf Muffins and Killian’s Ingredients for Wolf Muffins (list) are now properly removed from player’s inventory during the quest.
  • Stygian Scorpions and Brachina Beetles within Dralnok’s Doom now respawn faster.
  • Teleporter shortcuts have been added to the various Changing Rooms at the end of hallways
  • Teleporter shortcuts have been added to the various dungeons. These teleporters will take you outside of the dungeon area, or back to its beginning in some cases
  • Fixed title “Antidote Expert” to properly mention Greater Antidotes
  • New Icons:
    • Quick Shot
    • Quick Heal
    • Blinding Shot
    • Icy Shards
    • Charge
  • Rainbow Jewel Loricatus Pet has been added to Anarie in Bristugo. Thank you Azramael for texture submission!
  • Reklar’s Sash of Fury has been updated with a new unique texture and icon.
  • Elven Store plot structure changes:
    • Elven Store model has been split into two versions: without ramp and with ramp
    • Elven Store has been renamed to Small Elven Store; it has only one floor and has kept its footprint and is considered T1-T2. Contains T1 Pawnbroker and T1 Consigner.
    • New structure: Medium Elven Store has two floors, with a proper ramp leading to 2nd floor, as well as a balcony and decoration inside. It requires T3-T4 resources in higher quantities than the Small version. Contains T3 Pawnbroker and T3 Consigner.
  • Tsaari is now a Hatchling Dragon for lore consistency.
  • Hetsha’s Blessing is now properly consumed when using the Rune of Summoning in quest “ARoP19 - Ritual of Journey: Spirits In Solitude”.
  • Quest “South March: The Essence of Research II” now gives “Armor and Scale Tech Kit: Ethereal Essence Salve" regardless if you already have one in your inventory
  • Quest “Become a Primal Expert” now refers to Mighty Flame Blights
  • Fixed quest “Clearing The Roadway” description.
  • Fixed overlapping and “underwater” water issues in Jessie’s Glen
  • The monster buff Forcefield now resists Spirit damage instead of the unused Storm damage and Mind damage instead of Energy damage.
  • Passive ability “Collect Wing-Membranes” will now work on any beetle rather than just a subset of Tier 1 beetles.
  • Corrected the icon for Vital Resistance to be properly colored as a debuff.
  • Anarie now offers additional age titles to those who are of advanced age and wish everyone to know it.
  • NPCs at the Dalimond Ridge archaeologist camp now have substantially more health
  • Fixed Mackerel spawn near Morning Light so it doesn’t load on the land anymore
  • Expert Dragon Claw Tech Kits Rending and Battle Forged now properly require 900 Scalecraft to scribe.
  • Fixed formatting issues in the quest “Rangers in Danger: The Temple of Merrasat”
  • Fixed missing completed description in Lair Mural Ancient player structure
  • Wisps and their associated residues now glow more visibly during the night time.
  • Wisp residues now have a shiny ground effect.
  • Clarified what items Jewelry and Scale Tech Kit: Myloc Veteran Rune and Jewelry and Scale Tech Kit: Myloc Hierophant Rune can be applied to in their descriptions.
  • Quest “Ranger: Hunting the Direst Wolves” will now let you acquire Dire Wolf Hides by looting them, harvesting them, or even trading for them.
  • Increased the regeneration rate of eggs in Plump Hens
  • Added a description to Memory of a Lost Elder
  • Tier 4 libraries now have 100 slots while Tier 6 have 150
  • Vandel Fungus nodes now contain a normal amount of resources instead of a maximum of five per.
  • Fixed feedback consistency in quest "Biggletorque: The Archmage Darkstaff".
  • Removed useless copy of Grendulf Justicebringer in Dralnok’s Doom. This has been hotfixed.
  • Fixed damage reduction of the Dark Radioactive Skala and Dark Highly Radioactive Skala.
  • Mind Bolt formulas now require skill 1, 400 and 800 respectively (down from 100, 500 and 900)
  • Added Improved Mind Bolt spells and formulas to the game. Beginner and Journeyman are available from applicable vendors, while the Expert formula can be looted or obtained from the formulatron.
  • Added Expert Egg and Milk Fabricator formulas to the game. They can be looted from applicable monsters or obtained from the formulatron.
  • Grand Egg and Milk Fabricators (Tier 4) are now part of the Journeyman formulas.
  • Essence Orbs can no longer be obtained when deconstructing fabricators of any tier.
  • Quest “Trials of the Gifted: Test of Wit” now checks if the player doesn’t solve the riddles and makes the quest fail.
  • Ssoren’s Town Marshall quests: sslikified dialogues and removed hiss.
  • Corrected Lisandia’s dialogue in the quest “Primal Mastery IV: A Profitable Deal All Around” to properly mention twelve palesnout youngling carcasses.
  • The Urn in Dralnok’s Doom now cannot be selected when it is not visible.
  • The Urn, Dralnok, and the Spirit of Dralnok now all have higher health to avoid accidental deaths.
  • The Breath of Flame Burst animation has been updated.
  • The dragon stretch emote animation has been updated.
  • The wyvern run animation has been updated.
  • All the dragon breath sounds have been updated with new unique sounds.
  • Fixed water issues in Falathien
  • Quest “Primal Instant Heal VII: Sand In the Claws!” no longer refers to a previous quest or Gerix.
  • Essence of an Undead Wisp can now be deleted
  • Updated dialogue in quest “Dralnok's Doom (Chapter 3): The Relics of Kings” regarding Latronicus and Ryson’s Artifact.
  • Lantenal the Hermit no longer gives the Token of Esteem dialogue indefinitely while you own a Token of Esteem. Instead, he will offer a one-off attunement to those that have not completed the statue step of the RoP and own a token. This means he may offer the quest to biped or hatchling characters who are already attuned, but attunement has not been removed.
  • Lantenal now offers unique dialogue to adult and ancient dragons rather than his generic dragon dialogue, which implied hatchlinghood and ignorance of the RoP.
  • Fixed Lantenal not offering his more unique biped dialogue.
  • Barton Taylor in Dalimond now sells Beginner Platemail and Chainmail formulas.
  • Way of Storm is now an active ability like Way of Fire and Way of Ice.
  • Updated the description of  “Tool Tech Kit: Atta-nuk’s Scissors” and “Took Tech Kit: Atta-nuk’s Stylus” to not refer to “users”.
  • Updated quest “Scout's Quest: Spider Attack” to refer to Quick Shot instead of Sense Enemies.
  • Quest “Scout: Scout for Enemies” is now obsolete
  • Grounded floating undead bramble near Eastern Outpost
  • Fixed missing commas in the descriptions of Ringmail, Scalemail, Chainmail armors.
  • Corrected “Allathos' Completed Journal: "Travels with Nelthorr" item title.
  • Grosok will no longer offer the obsolete quest “Druid: Avenge the Fallen”
  • Quest “Primal Instant Heal IV: Into the Frozen Tundra” has been renamed to “Primal Instant Heal IV: Into the Frozen Taiga”. Description and dialogues have been updated to match the Lesser Nix Beetles spawns location.
  • Lethal Venom looted for the quest “Myloc Vulnerabilities” is now stackable.
  • Fixed a trap in Dralnok’s Doom.
  • Myloc Sacrificial Dagger is now Attuned.
  • Corrected quest step message in “Dralnok's Doom (Chapter 3): Ganesh's Footsteps” to mention Ganesh’s Journal and the missing 10 Journal Pages.
  • Corrected Gaileach’ quest dialogue in “Gaileach: The Myloc Colony (Part 2)”.
  • Improved Crest of the Blackhammer Clan Teck Kit description.
  • Scale-Guard Kerrak now has its proper rank in quest “Sshranu's Pet Project”.
  • Removed an useless feedback in quest “Defense of Sslanis: The Defender's Blade (Part 3)”.
  • Formula “Rub of Weak Poison” now properly requires Venom Glands to craft the potions.
  • All DoTs, damage kickers and life drains now have their names displayed in the combat log.
  • DoT name changes:
    • Stinger DoTs are now known as Stung.
    • Seeping Blight DoTs are now known as Blight Seepage.
    • Poison Breath is now known as Poisonous Breath.
    • Taint of the Crimson Scourge is now known as Tainted by the Crimson Scourge.
  • Small construction-like plot items have been added to plots:
    • Small Pile of Timber
    • Medium Pile of Timber
    • Large Pile of Timber
    • Small Log Stack
    • Medium Log Stack
    • Large Log Stack
    • Empty Wash Basin
    • Unused Wash Basin
    • Unused Laundry Basket
    • Small Construction Site
    • Pot, Small Unused
    • Pot, Large Unused
    • Fall Harvest Decoration: Small Hay Stack
    • Fall Harvest Decoration: Tiny Hay Stack
    • Fall Harvest Decoration: Small Leaf Piles
    • Tiny Ball of Snow
    • Small Ball of Snow
    • Medium Ball of Snow
    • Large Ball of Snow
    • Tiny Pumpkin
    • Small Pumpkin
    • Medium Pumpkin
    • Large Pumpkin
    • Crate of Yellow Gems
    • Crate of Blue Gems
    • Crate of Green Gems
    • Crate of Purple Gems
    • Crate of Red Gems
    • Cobble Pile with Wheelbarrow
    • Snow Pile with Wheelbarrow
    • Dirt Pile with Wheelbarrow
    • Sand Pile with Wheelbarrow
    • Large Cobble Pile with Wheelbarrow
    • Large Snow Pile with Wheelbarrow
    • Large Dirt Pile with Wheelbarrow
    • Large Sand Pile with Wheelbarrow
  • Active: Carrion Crawler Damage I no longer gives a title (this one is given by Creepy Crawler Crusher).
  • Craftable hoard items:
    • New items can be crafted for a Dragon hoard from processed resources (metal bars, stone bricks, etc...):
    • Beginner, Journeyman and Expert formule are available at trainers of major racial cities:
      • Metal Large Ingot, Stone Decorative Statue formulae have been added to Blacksmith and Dragon Crafter trainers.
      • Flawless Gem formulae have been added to Outfitter and Dragon Crafter trainers.
      • Decorative Magical Orb formulae have been added to Scholar and Dragon Crafter trainers.
      • Carved Animal formulae have been added to Blacksmith trainers.
      • Braided Rope formulae have been added to Outfitter trainers.
      • Azulyte Crystal Decorative Statue formulae have been added to Relstaroth in Char.
    • Master formulae have been added to Frig Tallowgar at the Imperial Outpost.
    • Current icons aren’t final.
  • All Simple Bandages are now properly removed from inventory when delivered in quest “Imperial Outpost: The Wounded”.
  • Quest “Niesa's Draught (Part 1)” doesn’t force players to gather Blood Fungus Caps by themselves anymore. They can now also be purchased from another player or a Consigner.
  • Epic Component Crystal and Epic Component Scale formulas no longer gives XP (none of the other epic component formulas did)
  • Epic Component formulas now all require 1150/1150 skill instead of 1150/1375 since the number of ingredients does not change with skill.
  • Statistic: Velocity now refers to Fly Speed instead of Flight Speed
  • The Imperial Assessor of Knowledge now accepts to tell you about the history of Istaria again once you have completed the Trials of The Gifted.
  • Completing “The First Hunt” quests now awards coins.
  • Bloodletter Egg Layers now have a Fyakki school.
  • Added a Stone Cutter in Kion and Parsinia.
  • Added a Table Saw Station in Kion, Sslanis and Parsinia.
  • Geleon now gives Beginner Shielding Scrolls during quest “Scholar: Scrolls and Beyond”.
  • Improved directions in quests “Outfitter: Replenish The Village's Stock of Flax Spools” and “Outfitter: Distilling, An Introduction”.
  • Added a new tier filter to the Formula window under Master for Epic items.
  • Updated a feedback in quest “The Revenge of Nazderon”.
  • Fixed a terrain trap in the Eastern Deadlands.
  • Schools of Bluegills are now closer from Dalimond pier.
  • Quest “Zanlei: The Junkyard War” can now only be obtained if quest “Zuyazu: The Perfect Alloy” is active.
  • Plague Victim doesn’t stand anymore while sick.
  • Fixed a collision issue around catapults at the Imperial Outpost.
  • Added Imperial Banking Assistants in racial cities: they sell and buy Imperial Writs to transfer funds between players.
  • Blight Miasma debuff now properly targets players instead of monsters.
  • Scout Gossith at the Lost Patrol Camp now accepts to tell about Ezzar’s Folly again once quest “Gossith: Strange Signs (Part 2)” has been completed.
  • Bodies of water where Kaasha’s Scales grow are now less deep.

Technique components changes

  • Timber Wolf Fang, which had no use, is now a component for these techniques:
    • Adventure: One Hand Slash IV instead of Enraged Maple Treant Mettle.
    • Defense: Armor IV instead of Hephas Trudger Thorax.
    • Defense: Nature Ward IV instead of Fire Wolf Fang.
    • Craft: Cooking IV instead of Volcanic Pustule Sac.
    • Spell: Nature Range IV instead of Shadow Tarantula Breeder Abdomen.
    • Spell: Spirit Damage IV instead of Zal'kuk Scout Ear.
Monsters now only drop one technique component.
  • Some common techniques components have either been replaced by new ones or some existing components are used with more techniques
  • Some technique components on monsters were made rarer than others. These rare components have been replaced by new components on different creatures. The goal is to make technique components hunt less grindy
  • The following technique components have been replaced by existing components: :
    • Brownback Outlier Fang. Craft: Mining II, Defense: Nature Ward II and Spell: Life Range II now require two Brownback Outlier Paws instead.
    • Enraged Elm Treant Root. Elm Heavy Round Shield now requires an Enraged Elm Treant Mettle and Dragon: Razor Teeth II requires two Dark Crawler Soldier Venoms instead.
    • Forest Skulk Gatherer Ear. Defense: Life Resistance II and Spell: Numbing II now require two Forest Skulk Gatherer Fingers instead.
    • Forest Skulk Hunter Ear. Defense: Life Ward II and Spell: Nature Range II now require two Forest Skulk Hunter Fins instead.
    • Ish'kuk Gatherer's Ear: Craft: Gemworking II and Defense: Block II now require two Ish'kuk Gatherer's Shrunken Heads instead; Adventure: Life II now requires two Forest Skulk Gatherer Fingers instead.
    • Ish'kuk Warrior's Jawbone: Adventure: Flame II and Craft: Essence Harvesting II require two Ish'kuk Warrior's Club Splinters instead.
    • Sal'guk Gatherer's Shrunken Head: Banner: Tempest II and Dragon Claw Tech Kit: Battle Forged II require two - Sal'guk Gatherer's Ears instead; Statistic: Focus II now requires Forest Skulk Hunter Fins instead.
    • Sal'guk Warrior's Jawbone: Adventure: Dragon Breath II, Craft: Carpentry II and Defense: Crush Ward II require two Sal'guk Warrior's Big Toes instead.
  • The following technique components have been replaced by new techniques components:
    • Common components replaced:
      • Bhal'kuk Gatherer's Finger: has been replaced by Roaming Arbotus Gullet.
      • Bhal'kuk Warrior's Jawbone has been replaced by Araneae Hatchling Foreleg.
      • Blood Skulk Bloodmage's Hair has been replaced by Nah'guk Rock-Hauler Big Toe.
      • Blood Skulk Soothsayer's Mettle has been replaced by Araneae Matron Abdomen.
      • Blood Skulk Spearfisher's Fing has been replaced by Nah'guk Stone-Hurler Molars.
      • Nah'guk Gatherer's Finger has been replaced by Elemental Shards.
      • Nah'guk Warrior's Big Toe has been replaced by Sapphire Wolf Frozen Fang.
      • Than'kuk Warrior's Jawbone has been replaced by Araneae Soldier Web.
    • Rare components replaced:
      • Deh'guk Gatherer Finger has been replaced by Polarized Crystal Shard.
      • Deh'guk Warrior Big Toe has been replaced by Bloodridged Forager Tusk.
      • Enraged Oak Treant Root has been replaced by Un'zagil Fyakki Abdomen.
      • Palesnout Snout has been replaced by Duskenwylf Fang.
      • Enraged Maple Treant Root has been replaced byAz'gulzit Fyakki Abdomen.
      • Shadow Spider Breeder Abdomen has been replaced by Festering Maggot Mandible.
      • Shadow Spider Leg Hair has been replaced by Silverback Strider Tongue.
      • Shadow Tarantula Breeder Leg Hair has been replaced by Rabid Strider Infected Fang.
      • Shadow Tarantula Venom has been replaced by Mountain Skulk Finger.
      • Thel'kuk Battler Club Splinter has been replaced byGrove Guardian Sacred Essence.
      • Thel'kuk Spotter Finger has been replaced by Umbral Spider Venom Gland.
      • Zal'kuk Scout Shrunken Head has been replaced by Rhal'kuk Battler Electrified Eyeball.
      • Zal'kuk Warrior Big Toe has been replaced by Rhal'kuk Valet Shrunken Head.
      • Enraged Yew Treant Root has been replaced by Putrid Maggot Fluids.
      • Purple Weaver Leg Hair has been replaced by Vorpal Chicken Foot.
      • Ravenous Bloodsnout Bristle has been replaced by Az'genak Fyakki Abdomens.
      • Sand Crab Pincer has been replaced by Foraging Ruxus Tongue.
      • Turgid Purple Weaver Leg has been replaced by Fetid Maggot Oesophagus.
      • Veteran Scorpion Venom has been replaced by Swamp Ruxus Eyeball.
    • Veteran Tarantula Leg Hair has been replaced by Sacrificed Yew Treant Root.
  • Techniques and formulas using the replaced components have been updated accordingly.
  • Some of the new techniques components are dropped by existing monsters:
    • Araneae Hatchlings now drop Araneae Hatchling Forelegs instead of Veteran Tarantula components.
    • Araneae Graves and Araneae Scavenger now drop Araneae Soldier Webs instead of Veteran Tarantula components.
    • Araneae Matrons now drop Araneae Matron Abdomens instead of Veteran Tarantula components..
    • Ice Elementals now drop Ice Elemental Shards.
    • Nah'guk Rock-Haulers now drop Nah'guk Rock-Hauler Big Toes instead of Nah’guk Warrior components..
    • Nah'guk Stone-Hurlers now Nah'guk Stone-Hurler Molars  instead of Nah’guk Warrior components...
    • Roaming Arbotus now drop Roaming Arbotus Gullets instead of Tremendous  Arbotus Gullets.
    • Sapphire Wolves now drop Sapphire Wolf Frozen Fang instead of Glacial Dire Wolf Fang.
  • Some of the new technique components are dropped by new monsters:
    • Silverback Striders can be found on the small islands between Selen Shore and Dikaina Island.
    • Rabid Striders lurk near Wolf’s Paw.
    • The Rhal’kuk tribe has moved into a ruined fortress and its trenches southwest of Selen Forest.
    •  Vorpal Chickens have invaded the Ballanthor Farmstead at Abandoned Shore.
    • Swamp Ruxus appeared near the Tower of Spirit.
    • Sacrificed Yew Treants roam near Harro Deadlands.
  • Renamed technique components:
    • Veteran Tarantula Abdomen is now known as Veteran Tarantula Breeder Abdomen and is only dropped by Veteran Tarantula Breeders.
    • Veteran Tarantula Foreleg is now known as Veteran Tarantula Hatchling Foreleg and is only dropped by Veteran Tarantula Hatchlings.
    • Veteran Tarantula Venom is only dropped by Veteran Tarantulas (not Hatchling or Breeder).
  • The replaced components are now obsolete and tradable with Nadia in Bristugo.
  • Nadia also has the new components for trade.
  • Other related changes:
    • Quest "Primal Mastery VIII: Prove Your Primal Power" now requires to loot a Bhal'kuk Gatherer's Ear instead of a Bhal'kuk Gatherer's Finger (now obsolete).
      • New trophy quests for the new monster trophies:
      • Silverback Strider Pelt.
      • Grove Guardian Heart.
      • Mountain Skulk Fin.
      • Rhal'kuk Battler's Valet Beatstick.
      • Rhal'kuk Thunder-battler Manacle.
      • Rabid Strider Skull.
      • Vorpal Chicken Wing.
      • Foraging Ruxus Teeth.
      • Sacrificed Yew Treant Ethereal Branch.
      • Swamp Ruxus Skull.
      • Roaming Arbotus Squirrel Toe.

Client Changes

  • Fixed sporadic crash related to the Target window.
  • Fixed game crash during shutdown if a quest follower (like Anamandryx) was active.
  • Fixed issue where renaming a plot structure doesn’t update the name of the structure in the property window’s structure list.
  • Fixed the action buttons on the inventory grid not refreshing properly when selecting a new item.
  • Fixed the item grid’s scrollbar incorrectly moving itself under certain conditions.
  • It’s no longer possible to attempt to auto-deconstruct items that can’t be deconstructed.
  • Fixed flying causing the current crafting machine to not be disengaged even if you’re very far from the machine and can’t craft (it’s also no longer possible to craft while flying).
  • Fixed sorting not working properly on the inventory window’s List View.
  • Fixed the loading screen not working on Blight after creating a new character.
  • Fixed an issue where effects on the ground (like the glow under Essence Residue) was loading twice and adversely affecting client performance.
  • Fixed the target window not correctly showing if the target is dead if it dies while selected. Note this isn’t related to the “healthbars being stuck” issue - that’s an upcoming fix!
  • Fixed selecting things in Grid Mode not updating selections in List Mode.
  • Fixed a possible cause of the issue where the Quest Tracker UI was not properly saving tracked quests.
  • Fixed an issue where dragging a pet into the inventory can cause unintended behavior (pets can only be dragged into the Companion List).
  • Fixed an issue where dragging the Add Structure to Plan window structure list can be scrolled out of its maximum size if the number of displayed filtered structures is low.
  • Fixed further issues with the inventory window related to it not showing correct bulk and stack information (on Blight only)
  • Fixed issue where Vault window might not be able to save the grid layout.
  • Fixed issues with the Quest Tracker caused by UI scaling.
  • Fixed School tag of group members being cut off in the group window.
  • Fixed cargo disk and pet inventories not being usable.
  • Fix for dragon crafting abilities activating multiple times when gathering.
  • Crash fix for equipment window under different themes when wearing Blighted gear.
  • Fix for pet scale on first time load
  • Equipment window charge quantity on an item remains after unequip
  • Fix cargo disk not appearing when grounded
  • Improved Desert Road texture
  • Willow trees have received an updated bark texture
  • Fix minor typo in adjust size of remote pets option
  • The Dragon “dual-ram” head style for khutits should no longer have stretchy teeth
  • Three dragon chest plate options have received a clean-up on their texture
  • Monster Window and Dead Targets
    • corpses tab
    • lootall button
    • looted indicator icon
    • remove all looted corpses button
  • Chatbar: URLs not resolved correctly
  • Change Default Boss Window position / on top
  • Shopping List window fixes
  • Window Compaction - Pet and Cargo Disk Inventory layout
  • Floating crystals of the Chiconis variety have been cleaned up so they no longer provide invisible perches.
  • Fixed an issue where the interface file (UIPersonal.def) could become corrupted if the game crashed or was terminated while shutting down and would cause the interface to reset.
  • Fixed when restoring a saved plot plan, the yellow marker lines wouldn’t be in the right position above the planned structures.
  • Fixed issue where a saved plot plan might be deleted if the planning window is closed without choosing to restore the plan. Note that the auto-backup feature also will backup the plot plans any time it changes!
  • Fixed an issue where when planning a plot or lair, sometimes buildings and lair chambers wouldn’t appear in the 2D view despite being in the planned structures list and visible in the 3D world.
  • Fixed an issue where when in Borderless Fullscreen mode the window might not be placed correctly and be offset from the top left of the screen.
  • Fixed an issue where if Istaria shuts down due to a Fatal Error the istaria.exe program could become stuck running in the background.
  • Fixed some issues with true fullscreen mode:
    • Fixed error popups appearing behind the game window in fullscreen mode and not being visible, now the game window will minimize if there’s an error so the message can be seen.
    • Fixed some log files being unavailable if the game is being run in fullscreen mode.
  • Fixed an erroneous message in the chat “Limiting pref value to” with the /setpref command when no limiting was actually being done.
  • Fixed weather effects (like rain and sandstorms) sometimes interfering with other unrelated world effects.
  • Fixed issues with the loading screen not always showing the special load screens for special places in the world (like Bristugo, Kion and so on).
  • Fixed a bug where combat effects may not appear correctly on monsters who are extra large in size (such as Reklar and Shaloth).
  • Fixed a bug where non-boss monsters might sometimes appear with a boss healthbar.
  • Fixed an issue where shadows on the ground (commonly seen around trees) would be large squares.
  • Fixed the Dryad skirt not following movements of character.
  • Fix for disappearing pedestals in New Trismus Temple
  • Fixed several issues with the dragon hairstyle known as “camel”, most notably disappearing ears on certain skin textures for the hatchling and adult versions.
  • Fix for Delgarath tunnels not loading their decoration
  • Fix for Kion / Parsinia saris statues facing wrong direction
  • Ghost of Elsa Baltos now uses her correct surname. (quest mentions to follow with the next update)
  • Fixed issue where some effects weren’t playing.
  • Fixed water elemental and Anchor death animations not playing properly.
  • Fixed issues with minimizing ingame windows.
  • Added additional loading screen tips!
  • It’s now correctly allowed by the game to use the \n command to cause a newline in plot structure custom names (signs)!
  • Added a casting bar for the current enemy you have targeted.
  • Added a popup asking you to confirm closing / deleting a chat tab.
  • It’s now possible to click and drag the map position instead of having to scroll the mouse up and down to move it.
  • The property window in-progress display now has a percentage of completed materials.
  • The community surveyor now no longer displays trees that might be blocking the view of plots.
  • Added a warning in chat if the loading screen is turned off - loading screen off can cause unexpected issues and isn’t officially supported!
  • Slowed the repeat speed of the plot planning buttons to allow for more precise movement.
  • Removed the pink tone on the recently updated water shader at night - we’ll find a better way to do this that looks good under all circumstances.
  • Updated the map to show the enhanced detail water!
  • Inventory and Trade window improvements:
    • Added a new Blighted Item filter button.
    • Fixed filters not functioning in Grid view on the Yours tab of the trade window.
    • Fixed un-toggling a filter not automatically setting the All filter again in the trade window.
    • Visual display improvements (spacing, centering and so on!)
    • Misc fixes to make sure the filter buttons function reliably.
  • A new automatic pref backup system has been added - this system will automatically make backups of critical player setting files any time they’re changed - the following files are automatically backed up on change:
    • communications (UICommunications.def)
    • controls (UIControls.def)
    • hotkey_layouts (various)
    • hotkeys (UIHotkeys.def)
    • interface (UIPersonal.def)
    • inventory (UIInventory.def)
    • knowledge (UIKnowledge.def)
    • map_markers (UIMapMarkers.def)
    • notepad_character (UINotepad.def)
    • notepad_global (UINotepad.def)
    • planning (UIPlanning-*.def)
  • These backups can be found in the player prefs auto_backup folder (i.e. Istaria/prefs/[shard]_[charactername]/auto_backups) and contain a copy of the most recent version of the file as well as up to 100 (changeable with the ClientPrefs_Common.def pref maxAutoCharFileBackups) older versions. In the event of something going wrong with a file, one of the older backups can be restored to replace the original file. Currently there’s no ingame way to access these backups, but for this initial release Istaria support and power users will be able to use the files to restore older versions and will require copying of the old backup file to the appropriate folder.
  • The plot planning auto-save feature has been updated and will now automatically save the plan any time something changes (including moving and rotating a structure) and has been made more reliable.
  • If the game interface file (UIPersonal.def) is corrupted or unreadable, the game will first attempt to load a backup of it via the UIPersonal.bak file in the same folder. If this file was loaded, the game will notify you with a popup once you’re ingame. If there was a problem with the interface and it was unable to restore the backup, you’ll also be notified. The auto-backup feature saves UIPersonal.def too - in the future we’ll make a more user-friendly way to access those!
  • Added the ability to display ingame chat timestamps in the chat windows, these have a few options:
    • Mode: Off, Mouse Over (Timestamps only appear when moving the mouse over the line you want to see the timestamp for), or Always.
    • Format: 24 hour time (14:00), 12 hour time (2:00 PM), 12 hour time with padding (02:00 PM).
  • When being asked to assign new keybindings, the window will now correctly show the detailed name of the keybinding and not the internal name.
  • Replaced some poor quality textures for a common willow tree model with much improved ones!
  • Added an option to turn weather effects off - these affect the special timed weather (such as rain in Bristugo, sandstorms in Kion) but does not affect the already existing ambient effects like the moving snow in the Kirasanct Tundra.
  • Improved the shader responsible for rendering the ocean.
  • Updated environment settings for nighttime - thank you Amerelium
  • Tinkerer’s Sunscopes now produce soft, more reliable light and light up character as well.

Server Changes


  • Updated the feedback for item deconstruction if nothing is returned to make it more clear.
  • Updated group XP formula for tutorial players so they still get XP even if they are grouped with high level players.


  • Fixed an issue where the Dark Forest Shirt Technique didn’t properly visually affect what it was applied to.
  • Fixed Engulf healing the target in special circumstances
  • Fixed issue with modifiers to attacks not applying properly
  • Fixed DoT (Damage over Time) effects breaking through resistances.
  • Fixed death penalty and other effects not fading if the player is dead when their timer runs out
  • Fixed issue where taunts weren’t properly applying to secondary targets - the primary target awas always taunted, but secondary targets would not on subsequent aunts.
  • Fixed issue with monster spawners (like Anchors) rarely not spawning all the monsters they were meant to.

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