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Herald Reports: Chaos Chaos Reigns! Issue #1 Alladania
April 24, 2006

Chaos Reigns!

Welcome to Chaos Reigns!, the latest incarnation of the Chaos Herald report.  We hope you enjoy our offerings.  If there’s something you’d like to see in our report, or information you’d like to share, please give us a shout, in game or on the forums.

Alladania SilverMist, Chaos Shard Herald
Klaus Wulfenbach, Assistant Editor

News From the Front: The Staging Grounds

In my wanderings of Istaria, I spent a short time on the eastern front.  Daknor and his compatriots are still harrying travelers to the area, and now they are joined by a new foe, Fafnir, and his contingent of blighted hounds.  Blight extends well to the north, almost to Harro, and the entire region bears the disturbing designation “Staging Grounds”.


The Staging Grounds



The most powerful among the Gifted are laboring to hold the Withered Aegis offensive back, responding in force when either Fafnir or Daknor are sighted and bringing them down as quickly as possible.  Others are hunting down blighted hounds and kwellen berzerkers in hopes of capturing the elusive battle orders Lord-Commander Jatell is seeking.

Hatchlings attempting to complete their Rite of Passage quests are finding the journey to the ruins of Draak to be an extremely difficult and dangerous undertaking since this offensive began. Veteran adventurers have suggested RoP candidates travel on high ridges when possible, or take the north pass out of Harro, head east overland until the border of the Eastern Deadlands is reached, and then turn south.  This route has dangers of its own, but it avoids the bulk of the WA incursion forces.

The Empire is aware of this issue, and has the matter under study.

Shum Enchanted Evening

Is history about to be made in Istaria?  Sources claim that the forthcoming nuptials between Oriskaly Machlis and Elioncha Shum will be the first formal half-giant/gnomian wedding union in Istaria. 

Elioncha Shum  Oriskaly Machlis

It seems, however, that not everyone is looking forward to this barrier-breaking event.  The groom’s sister, Darshana Machlis, is near the New Trismus arrival pad, and she has a few choice words about the whole situation.  Could she be fomenting trouble in paradise.

Rambling Istaria: A Brief Tour of Genevia Island, Part I

I began my journey on a day bright with sunshine and promise.  From the Bristugo travel hub, I ported to Genevia Island.  I initiated my explorations at the northern end of the island in the city of Mala.  From the arrival pad, I followed the cobblestone path east and then south, wending my way up the side of the mountain.  Before too long, the road had turned straight south and continued climbing.  To my surprise, I found an unfinished dwarven mine on the east side of the trail.  Making my way into the partially completed mine, I found a number of enticing malachite outcroppings.  As of this writing, the mine still required the skills of carpenters, enchanters, masons and fitters.

From the entrance to the mine, the road continued to climb to the south.  I found more malachite beside the pathway.  A gemworking building was just visible to the southwest.  At this point I continued along the road, coming eventually to a four-way intersection.  The road west lead directly to the gemworks, and I was happy to discover machines for both cutting gems and creating fine jewelry.  Around the gemworks were scattered more nodes of malachite.  And directly south of the gemworks, I discovered yet another unfinished dwarven mine.  This one was nearer to completion, and needed only carpentry and fitting work.  Though I traveled as deeply into the mine as I could, I found no indication of what treasures the completed mine might reveal (though I think more malachite is probably a reasonable guess).

The Garnet Bay Mine


I made my way back to the intersection.  I found the roads both east and south take you through the community of Cedar’s Cove.  I went only a short way east, choosing instead to stay with the road south.  Continuing my travels, I found the Garnet Bay gemworks (again, with both gemcutting and jewelry making machines).  The field was filled with both garnet nodes and viridian azulyte crystals.  I know dragons not enjoying the blighted viridian field above Parsenia will be quite pleased with this area.  And if my map is correct, the road continues directly south to the main city of Genevia and the only outgoing travel gate on the island.

To be continued…

Note: Shortly after this story was filed, both the Mala and Garnet Bay mines were completed.

Guild Spotlight: Sanguine Embrace

We’d like to express our thanks to Nayuaka for taking the time to answer a few questions about her guild.  If you would like to learn more about Sanguine Embrace, please see the final paragraph for contact information.

How would you describe your guild?
I would describe our guild mostly as a group of friends. There aren’t many rules and even less hunts since the changes made to how monsters attack, but we get along well and can at least talk up a storm most times if not fight one. We have a few hunters, and do get out to slay every now and then. Our invaluable Jayne makes sure of it. *smiles*

What is your guild’s mission statement or charter, if any?
That seems to change with whoever wants to put it up. Mostly we stick to wanting to help new players when we can and to try and have fun playing Horizons. We play a game to escape the problems of reality and to enjoy ourselves but that’s still no excuse to be rude, unhelpful and belittling to others.

Tell us about your guild’s history.
Hmm. Let me think. Our original guildmaster had made the guild after a few disagreements with other players and his own guild. He wanted a place were everyone could be treated equally and as friends without strict rules to cause the type of arguments that drive people away. We’ve been around in one form or another for about a year and a half now, although most of the original members have long since gone.

What qualities does your guild look for in a new member?
First and foremost a sense of humor, if you can’t take a joke you might want to stay away from us. We have a few sarcastic members but no one truly mean and certainly no one who would ever hurt you on purpose. We also look for someone who wants to stay in the game for more then just the trial and someone who won’t just be selfish and never help us or do anything for themselves.

What membership requirements, if any, does your guild have?
Actually see above, the qualities we look for in a member pretty much make up the requirements as well.

Is your guild working on any major projects currently?
We’ve gotten a new guild town named Moyo and I’m sure our biped crafters are happily working away....well dragons too I guess, what little of them aren’t hiding under a rock from the thought of lairshaping. We also seems to have one member, Oma for anyone that knows her, who seems dedicated to building all the bridges on Genevia....or at least a good half of ‘em. Otherwise it’s the same old lair/plot building.

What long-term goals does your guild have?
Long term goals...this is a tough one. Since we very much a collection of individuals rather then one mind many of our goals are different. I think the one we truly say we all share is a want to make the world of Istaria better, whether it be through crafting, fighting, or even giving directions to a poor lost hatchie. I realize that might not fit the definition of a goal per say but it’s something that is important to all out members.

Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about your guild?
You mean anything that I haven’t already opened my mouth and blabbed out? Let me see. This might just be pride talking or the fact that many of us are good friends but I think they’re all great people. Everyone I’ve ever met in Istaria has usually been polite and kind but you always have a special connection to your guild, your friends. In my mind I’m lucky to know each and every one of them.

How can potential members learn more about your guild?
One of our members is currently working on a website that we hope will be available soon. But if anyone is interested in checking out our guild we recommend that they go to our guild chat room "Morogoth Drakul". They can get a feel for what we’re like and we can get a feel for what their like, then if they are truly interested in joining then just let one of the officers know (Nayuaka, Jayne, Kaeothaun, Gavlin, Hlano, Ranqthas, Lucasta, Oma, Keyara & Telin). Either way we very much encourage anyone looking for a guild to always take the time to see if that guild is a good mix for you before actually joining.

Lives in Chaos: LexDivinia

LexDivinia is one of the more distinctive personalities in the Chaos community, possessing a ready wit and a cheerful disposition that borders on bubbly. She is also owner of the largest single plot on all of Chaos, the old castle plot at Izzon’s Crest, and of the eastern plot at the Bristugo nexus. Her consigner, pawnbroker, and guildhall are used daily by a substantial portion of the Chaos community.



Thank you for taking the time to speak with us. To begin with, tell us a little bit about yourself and your history in Istaria.  What are some of your fondest early memories of Istaria?
My fondest memory of all is the first day I came to find myself one of The Gifted.  I was told to acquire zombie fingers.  Who knew it would be so hard to get a few fingers off a rotting corpse?  They did not give them up easily!  However, the fondness of this day came with the initiation of a lasting friendship with one of the most handsome fiends in all of Istaria.  Haligan Deathbringer also found himself newly Gifted as well. we fought many zombies and helped each other complete quests and gain levels.  A legacy that has continued to this day.

Since then I have had many memorable experiences based on the same situations, friends helping friends, and strangers forming lasting friendships.

What would you say is your proudest achievement to date?
My proudest moments have not necessarily been personal achievements as much as being able to share in my friend’s proudest moments.  The exhilaration in a dragon’s voice when they first take flight, and then try to figure out how to land!  Being in a hunting party when a hard working fighter reaches level 100, or when a crafter is able to triple tech their first mithril weapon or tool!

As mentioned in the introduction, you are the owner of the largest single plot on Chaos. How did you acquire it, and what are you doing with all that room?
Wow, I can’t seem to stop talking about the wonderful friends I have made in Istaria!  Contrary to popular belief, I did not pay the 16+ gold that the plot is valued at.  It was a gift from a deeply missed friend, Oobachumba.  When he chose to lay down his weapons and step away from the fight, he asked me to take the plot and use it to its fullest potential.  I have done all I can to fulfill that promise.  The room has allowed me to place beautiful landscaping as well as 6 homes, one of every shop, a vault, and plenty of storage.  The greatest part of all that space, is having lots of things to build, and being able to hire all levels of Istaria’s finest crafters to work on completion of projects of all tiers, thus keeping the economy in motion.

What are your future plans for it?
Well, I am still begging the Empire to place a portal gate there so traffic can increase in the area.  At this point, my guild owns 9 of the 11 plots available in the Izzon Crest community and I have one of every shop on the main plot, as well as a vault.  Were a portal to be placed, I would gladly place high level consigners and pawnbrokers to make it another central station for commerce in Istaria.

Your property in Bristugo is, along with the vault on your neighbor’s property, used by a tremendous number of people daily. What motivated you to buy and build up this property?
Bristugo is the hub of Istaria.  It is trafficked by more hunters and crafters than any other city.  Everyone has something to buy or sell and the need for a central location for wares was a necessity for those who are not able to travel to every city to look for a simple item.  I only wish the plots in Bristugo were a little bigger to allow for higher tier consigners and pawnbrokers!

Do you have any plans for future land purchases?
I am always on the lookout for properties I may be able to make useful to the community.  Most specifically, the piece of land directly behind my current plot in Bristugo.

Do you have any regrets about your time in Istaria, or are there things you would do differently if you could?
Regrets?  None.

Of all the enemies that confront the Gifted, which do you most enjoy meeting in battle, and why?
Any enemy that intends to harm the Gifted, is an enemy I enjoy putting to the death.  But I can’t say that I have one specific enemy I enjoy more than the other.

Lastly, if Nadia were sentenced to die and the Empire appointed you to be her executioner, how would you carry the sentence out?
Well, she has accrued a lot of money from a lot of people and I don’t believe one person should enjoy executing her. It should be a shared event.  I would place her in the arena outside Tazoon, so she could stand in the middle and pay Istarians to put her to the death only to be resurrected for the next Gifted to receive their payment from her and put her to the death again and again and again.

Community Projects

Persons desiring to make a lasting contribution to the community and improving our world in a real and meaningful way are encouraged to join the new ‘World Object Repair Crew’ chat.  This chat is intended to keep the community informed about the state of various community projects and let those interested in volunteering know where their abilities are most needed. Some current projects include:

The Sslanis Lighthouse
The Grayling lighthouse and Artifact of Magic
Four bridge spans between Istaria’s Loom and Scorpion Island
The long bridge between Fabric Isle and the Observatory Peninsula
Community lair structures in Dralk and Chiconis

The Saritova platinum mine and the gem mines in Mala and Garnet Bay have all been completed recently.

In addition to these major projects, many smaller communities have a number of lamp posts, archways, and other decorative structures in need of repair.  Gifted of all skill levels are encouraged to join in and help make Istaria a better place for everyone.

Anyone who wishes to raise community awareness of a specific project is welcome to provide the details on the project to the Herald.


Lunus female looking for Helian male ready to take a flight on the wild side.  You bring the chocolate and I’ll bring the gnomes.

Faerie Builders Inc - All types of work accepted.  T5 metal, T3 all else.  Sandstone work welcome!  Rates standard and negotiable.  Please contact Starna for more information.

Tier 1 lair construction work wanted.  Rates Negotiable.  Please message Ktorin, thank you.

Co-pilot wanted for self-directed semi-arboreal exomorphic biomass.  The ideal candidate will have extensive experience with nut harvesting and storage as well as possess outstanding agility and an insatiable curiosity.  Qualified candidates should apply in person to R. Botus, Feladan wood.  No agencies, please.

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