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Live Updates Live Client 405.2 Istaria Community Manager
October 17, 2023


  • UIPersonal.def will now have two backup files saved when saving - these will make it easier to recover an old interface file if unexpected or unwanted changes occur to it:
  • UIPersonal.bak will be your previous UIPersonal.def before the most recent save.
  • UIPersonal.prevbak will be the previous backup file.


  • Fixed issue where healthbars could become stuck and stop updating in combat.
  • Fixed issue where visual combat could lag behind what’s actually happening (for example the boss appears to be alive and fighting, but the game is saying in chat that the target is dead), which would prevent looting for example.
  • Fixed text becoming corrupted in windows like the Item Creation window, Quest Tracker, Tutorial window, tooltips etc.

  • Fixed the chat input line becoming invisible if a lot of text is typed in in some situations.
  • Fixed the interface becoming reset to default if the game crashed while saving files during shutdown, or sometimes if the game crashed during gameplay.
  • Fixed the interface becoming reset if quitting the game with a minimized Item Creation window open.
  • Fixed the game crashing during shutdown in some situations if quitting with a quest-spawned follower active. Crashing during shutdown would prevent any unsaved changes to the interface or settings from applying.
  • Fixed the game incorrectly saying a craft machine is still engaged if a Dragon starts flying - the machine is not properly engaged and trying to craft in that state will not work properly.
  • Fixed Blight Anchors and Elementals not animating properly when dying.
  • Fixed a rare issue where the game window would not properly be placed on the screen when launching in Borderless Window mode.
  • Fixed an issue where istaria.exe would not close properly if a Fatal Error happened and would stay running as a process which would have to be terminated.
  • Fixed the game window becoming stuck on the screen in Fullscreen mode if a Fatal Error happened - now the game window will minimize so the error can be seen.
  • Fixed closing and opening a window with the window being off the side of the screen causing part of the window to not render unless the window is moved.
  • Fixed the game client not allowing some hatchling costumes to attempt to start gliding.

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