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Blight Updates Blight Updates - Blight Delta 316.6 Istaria Community Manager
January 1, 2024
  •  Blight only:

    • Master Time Machine now sells Animal Hide and Tannins of all tiers.

  • Monk and Disciple schools now gain Flow Like Water 2 and 3 which boost evasion by higher amounts.

  • Improved, Superior and Exceptional Evasion now properly boost evasion (not dodge).

  • Skin Like abilities can now be re-applied while still active.

  • Typo fixes:

    • Essiel persistent dialogue furthur -> further

  • Fixed Primal Boon augmentation, so Fallen Plague Guards can be damaged again when it’s active.

  • All prestige schools now gain tactical mastery.

  • Fixed cobblestone road texture creeping onto cliff face on Spirit Isle.

  • Fixed floating spider vine on Spirit Isle.

  • T1 to T5 Undead and Semi Intelligent monsters now drop Defense Tech Kit: Evasion and Weapon and Claw Tech Kit: Tactician Spirit tech kits. T6 versions have been added to Locked Boxes.

  • A short list of blighted scales and jewels, and all blighted weapons and Dragon claws now have a chance to receive Tactical Mastery and Critical Rating bonuses from Tier I to Tier V.

  • More Dung Piles will spawn near Old Rachival and they will respawn more quickly.

  • Enat's Shell of The Arcanist/Fighter/Mystic and Eytelira's Screen of The Arcanist/Fighter/Mystic spells can receive Spell: Cleanse techniques.

  • Enat's Shell of The Arcanist/Mystic and Eytelira's Screen of The Arcanist/Mystic spells can receive range techniques.

  • Removed obsolete defense techniques from Swamp Ruxus Eyeball description.

  • Broken Staves will now boost arcane resistance.

  • Geoff now sells Rusty Hunting Knives.

  • Fixed quest “Niesa's Legacy (Part 6)” so that it will now direct you properly to Giltekh on the Island of Ice.

  • Lessen debuffs now reduce attributes by significantly more and will no longer conflict with other stat debuffs of similar type. Meaning, for example, Lessen Focus will not conflict with other debuffs that lower focus.

  • Fixed Viridian Crystal of Kal'enas' Screen and Violet Crystal of Kal'enas' Screen description so they don't mention resistance anymore.

  • Caramelized Wolf Ears changes:

    • Strength bonus has been boosted from +5 to +15 and doesn’t conflict with other bonuses anymore.

    • In quest “Geoff: Cargo Disks”, Geoff now gives a special quest version of Caramelized Wolf Ears that can’t be used to get a bonus anymore. They are for Elena, not for you, greedy!

  • Statistic: Health techniques now boost health by 20 to 100 (up from 5 to 30).

  • Cogs will no longer conflict with other stat modifiers.

  • Blighted Health techniques values are now more evenly spread across tiers and can’t be lower than regular Health techniques anymore.

  • Fixed optimum skill for spells in Imbued Scale formulas.

  • Jemenoth will now respond if you try to join dragon-crafter again if you are already active in the school.

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