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Live Updates Back to the Battlefield Maintenance Period Istaria Community Manager
January 25, 2024
Hello Istarians!

On January 30, we will begin the process of applying the seven updates currently on Blight to Chaos and Order. This will culminate in the release of Back to the Battlefield, the long-awaited combat overhaul. This update has been in progress for over a year and is the largest update we’ve ever released to the live shards.

We are estimating an extended downtime of up to four days to patch everything. Consider this an early warning for such a long stint of downtime. We will be sending reminders beforehand and updates during the patch process to keep you in the loop. We know this is an extraordinarily long downtime and appreciate your support and patience while we apply this truly massive update.

We are aware of your anxiety and concerns regarding the changes to combat. While there are still remaining points and fine-tuning that will happen post-launch, we feel the update is ready for release and is a significant improvement in Istaria. As always, we will keep our minds open to your feedback and constructive criticism. We are not done and will continue to make changes, especially balance changes, in the coming months. Please continue to send us your feedback, even if it is repeated, through any of our official channels.

There is a FAQ with some more details about the Back to the Battlefield update. Please see our FAQ here.

During maintenance, you can follow the status of Back to the Battlefield as the different updates and work are performed. Please see our Maintenance Plan here.

Lastly, you can read up on all the upcoming changes on our patch notes post over on the forums, or the two-parter on the community site. Grab a drink, it's a long one!

We genuinely appreciate your continued support and love for Istaria. Thank you Istarians for being with us and being part of this next chapter. We’re looking forward to seeing you on the other side!

Yours in Istaria,

Istarian Development Team

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