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Live Updates 24.1: Fixer Update 2 Notes Istaria Community Manager
March 26, 2024

Deltas 316.9 and 316.10 have been applied to the live servers as the second set of fixer updates to the Back to the Battlefield content update. This will cause an extended maintenance today, 3/26, that may last a large part of the day. A list of changes follows below.

Back to the Battlefield: Fixer Update 2

Tooltip Clarification

The formatting and layout of the tooltip window has undergone a minor overhaul. You may notice a plethora of information that was not previously available or indicated - unless otherwise stated in these patch notes, no balance changes have been made to the items in the game.

  • Attack modifiers have gone through a rather dramatic change and utilize a new format for displaying what types of attacks are considered valid.
    • "Ranged only" is no longer used and has been replaced by a more specific range requirement - 'All', 'Melee', or 'Ranged'. Certain items were only melee, but never indicated this before. 'Melee' is any attack that has a range of 0, whether magical or not.
    • 'Attacks only' and 'Spells only' previously were used if an attack was martial (a strength-based attack) or magical (a power-based attack) respectively. As 'Spells' was inaccurate, since certain abilities are considered magical, this has been changed to 'Martial Attacks' or 'Magical Attacks'.
    • 'Abilities only' has been removed. This indicated whether or not the item applied only to special attacks. Special attacks are usually abilities, but not all abilities are special attacks, and thus this was misleading. Instead, modifiers that only apply to specials proclaim 'Special Attacks' instead of just 'attacks'.
    • Modifiers that do not apply to special attacks in addition to other attacks now have a line under the header proclaiming this. By default, modifiers do apply to special attacks, so this is to indicate exceptions.
    • Modifiers that only pertain to attacks of certain skills will now identify this. EX: 'Magical Flame Attacks'. Previously, this was hidden.
    • Any attack modifier that is exclusive to very specific attacks or groups of attacks should now display this information. (ex: Coordinated Attacks) Previously, this was hidden.
  • Damage shields have received the same changes as attack modifiers regarding what sort of attacks will trigger the shielding effect.
  • Buffs that dispel after a certain amount of hits or damage now indicates whether what specifically counts towards this total. For instance, instead of "Removed after 5 hits", it may now read "Removed after 5 ranged martial hits". Previously, this information was not shown.
  • Recycle modifying items now indicate what they apply to more clearly - spells, abilities, and/or items. Unlike the prior version of attack modifiers and damage shields, spells and abilities specifically refer to items found in your spell book and ability list, respectively - not magical or special attacks.
  • Anything that has a chance to proc on dodge, parry, block, or hit now specifies which it is.
  • Effects that are dependent on other effects now visually indicate this relationship. Previously, you could either not see the parent effect, or the child was listed as a separate event entirely.
    • An example of this is the Bloodied technique, wherein the 40% chance to trigger the Bloodied buff is part of the 25% chance on incoming attacks to deal reduced damage.
  • The “AttuneOnEquip” section has been renamed “Attuning” and now clarifies that items will attune on use, equip, or applied.
  • All abilities and weapons specify whether they are a martial or magical attack, mirroring the qualifiers on attack modifiers. Special attacks are categorized as ‘special’.
  • Spells, abilities, and relevant items now also indicate what attribute they scale off of, not just what skill.
  • Any item, spell, or ability that automatically hits now clarifies that it cannot also graze nor crit.
  • Re-ordered some items in the tooltips to be more consistent and logical while remaining as close as possible to existing order.
  • Special attacks that have a range of 0 now specify that they inherit the range of your equipped weapon instead.
  • The dispel event has been reworded to read more clearly and reflect the new tier-based dispel system more accurately.
  • The “Self Only” range indicator has been appended with “(Melee)” to help indicate what sort of attack modifiers may apply.
  • Techniques should now display how many technique slots they occupy (usually just one or zero). They also now display their effect embedded into the parent tooltip without the need for a link.
  • Items that give coin now show the range of coin they can give.
  • Items or abilities that teleport you now show a notice for where they will teleport you.
  • Items such as costumes that change your character’s model will now indicate what you are being transformed into on their tooltip.
  • Items that instantly kill monsters, such as Keys, now indicate what they do and what they will kill.
  • Items or augmentations that increase threat to nearby enemies now have a line in the tooltip indicating this effect.
  • Anything that gives a title now gives a small preview line of what your name will look like with the title.
  • Augmentations that pause their timer on log-out now indicate this.
  • The “When Used” section is shifted downwards towards the bottom of most tooltips to avoid confusion as to what occurs when an item is used versus equipped.
Other Changes & Fixes
  • Fixed a terrain trap on the Island of Elnath.
  • Removed useless requirement to the augmentation obtained when approaching a conduit in quest “Source of Power: Astronomical Observations”. This constraint could prevent obtaining the augmentation and the quest couldn’t progress properly.
  • Gift of Armor now boosts armor values by 40 to 250 (up from 20 to 160)
  • Gift of Health now boosts health values by 34 to 274 (up from 8 to 212) and improves out of combat rest rate.
  • Gift of Toughness now boosts health by 22 to 182 (up from 4 to 106) and armor by 26 to 166 (up from 1 to 31)
  • Massive Bronze Chest in the Inner Sanctum should no longer be taking vacations from its spot.
  • Fixed a step visibility issue in Dragon Crafter 3: Learning the Ropes.
  • Changed the icon for the dragon Resistance and Ward crystal formulas to reflect the icons of their respective crystals.
  • Armor and Scale Tech Kit: Hardened Wing-Membrane no longer directly increases damage against beetles, but offers an active ability when equipped instead, giving the same bonus against beetles.
  • Primal Strike, Primal Burst and Primal Chains have re-balanced hoard costs (some went up, some down).
  • Primal Strike I has had its damage reset to its original value.
  • Energy Bomb II has had its damage reset to its original value.
  • Fixed a link in quest “Gerix's Quest: Visit the Grand Dragon Cities”.
  • Weapon and Claw Tech Kit: Tactician Spirit VI can now be applied to Tier V equipment.
  • Only the highest tiers of Detoxify Self and Detoxify Other will now appear in your character window, like other tiered abilities.
  • Nadia in Bristugo now has Skala Crab Shells for sale.
  • Quest “Fall of Tazoon: Survivors in the Desert” was an addition of Back to The Battlefield content update to clarify the Imperial Army Camp questline. However, it couldn't be completed by players who had previously already finished the questline. It won’t be available anymore to players who have completed quest “Fall of Tazoon: The Aftermath (Part 2)”.
  • Weapon Tech Kit: Calimir's Hide Grip has been renamed to Weapon Tech Kit (Range): Calimir's Hide Grip for clarification.
  • Radiant Ethereal Crystals have been added to treasure tables.
  • Marcus in Kion now sells Everlasting Essence.
  • Frig Tallowgar has found a stock of Master Azulyte Crystal Decorative Statue formulas forgotten in a corner and has put them for sale.
  • Updated quest feedback in quests “Scout's Quest: Spider Attack” and “Scout's Quest: Target Practice”.
  • Skalkaar Dragon Claw isn’t marked as being usable by biped schools anymore.
  • Skalkaar Hatchling Scale now has proper requirements.
  • Blessing of Istara now requires you to be active as a Knight of Creation
  • Corrected dialogue in Efimia and Gwyrath’s combat explanations to reflect changes since the overhaul.
  • Stand Against Darkness and Aura of Light will no longer conflict with each other.
  • Stand Against Darkness I is now masterable.
  • True Grit will no longer conflict with other armor or health buffs, but will conflict with other versions of itself.
  • Adjusted the spawns of Invae Pillagers so they respawn faster with a maximum total of five rather than three.
  • Mimics will no longer ask any nearby monster for help.
  • Brobbet’s Burst is now usable based on craft or adventure level.
  • Disarmed will now give a temporary stun resistance when its timer expires.
  • Raise and Enhance spells now only conflict with themselves.
  • Power Style will now only work with Special attacks, but now adds much more additional damage
  • Fixed terrain above lair corner in Garnet Bay
  • Pulverized now reduces Physical Resistance by -180 (was -40)
  • Punctured I/II/III are now known as Moderately/Somewhat/Greatly Punctured and reduce Physical Resistance by -100/-200/-300 (was -20/-30/-40)
  • Dalgan now has unique dialogue for bipeds that talk to him.
  • Allocate Health no longer gives Diminished Health to the caster on use, but instead damages the caster once and has a 2.0 casting delay (rather than a post delay).
  • Allocated Health (buff) now has an updated description, boosts health by 215 to 1015 (up from 76 to 716), boosts the out of combat healing rate by +1% and cannot be dispelled.
  • Melee Flurry will no longer penalize damage.
  • Ruin (ability) now does direct damage when it hits.
  • Ruined (debuff) now reduces arcane resistance by an increased amount (-25 to -100 instead of -5 to -20), now ticks for damage every 5s (down from every 9s) resulting in an 80% increase in damage output, and also no longer conflicts with other DoTs (only other versions of Ruined).
  • Concentrate Blood now has a post-delay of 4.0 (down from 8.0)
  • Aura of Health 2 now heals 4% (down from 4.5%)
  • Aura of Health 3 now heals 5% (down from 6%)
  • Group Ethereal Blade (buff) is now known as Ethereal Blade
  • Debilitating Dart I (ability) is now masterable while 2 through 4 have increased damage output.
  • Debilitating Dart (debuff) is now known as Slightly/Moderately/Greatly/Extremely Debilitated, lasts for 45s (up from 15s), reduces speed by 30/45/60/75% and will not conflict with other speed debuffs (only with other debilitating darts)
  • All extra damages now have a name in combat logs.
  • Armor and Scale Defense Tech Kits can now be applied to Leggings, Greaves and Skilts.
  • Adjusted the tooltip of range modifiers, heal modifiers, and spell modifiers to specify an increase or decrease of a statistic and removed redundant negative signs.
  • Adjusted the coin cost of Master Ward Crystals formula to be in line with other Master Crystal formulas.
  • Ethereal Leech I (debuff) is now back to its original damage of 1-2 (instead of 25-30)
  • Corrected description of blighted items to say “magics” instead of “magiks”
  • Hamstrung (debuff) is now known as Slightly Hamstrung
  • Crippled Shot I now gives Moderately Hamstrung (debuff)
  • Crippled Shot II now gives Greatly Hamstrung (debuff)
  • Blighted Weapon Kicker/Self-Kicker Dispirit techniques will now give tiered versions of the Dispirited debuffs.
  • Daunting Mist (debuff) is now known as Soporific Mist.
  • Ki Strike now gives different tiers of Slowed.
  • Venomous Bite IV (monster ability) won’t deal tremendous damage anymore.
  • Crystals of Exhaustion now give tiered versions of the Winded debuff and have a consistent 25% chance.
  • Headbutt now has a 100% chance to give a 5s stun (up from 3s)
  • Headbutt I is now masterable
  • Corrosive Rain now does damage up front to the target
  • Corroded (debuff) now reduces physical resistance by significantly more than before.
  • Vitae Channel now lasts 30s (was 60s) and does significantly more damage per tick.
  • Fire Storm will now do greater damage, will give the Burned debuff when it hits its target, and will do additional damage if the target is already Burned.
  • Added Clap of Thunder II to Storm Disciple at level 96
  • Increased the base damage of Clap of Thunder I
  • Gummy Maggot now requires a rating (craft or adventure) of 80 to use
  • Removed the max level limitation on The Wolf’s Blessing
  • Removed the guidance to Karkath from Spitfyre’s dialogue before you pick up her first quest.
  • Baric Greybeard now properly sells Expert Carved Animal formula.
  • Fixed Allocate Health to properly give Allocated Health instead of Diminished Health.
  • Iron Body will now properly allow use on Monk or Disciple schools.
  • Headbutt I will no longer require 2-H Slash but will now use the skill of the equipped weapon.
  • Jade Snarlers and Growlers no longer drop 2 fangs.
  • Jade Ravagers, Gnashers, Snappers, and Howlers no longer drop 2 tails.
  • Spoil of War chests in the Ruins of Tazoon can now be opened by any key tier 3 or greater (only tier 3 keys worked before).
  • Rend Armor no longer gives a different buff based on the stance you are in.
  • Rend Armor I and II are now masterable.
  • Rended (all tiers) now reduce the target's armor by a greater amount.
  • Updated Pinned (from Pinion), Lightning Arrows, Spellbound (from Spellbind, Blighted Spellbind and Area Spellbind), and Petrified by Fear (from Petrify) to prevent chain stunning/roots.
  • Stop Blow no longer does unstoppable damage, has a 30 post-delay (down from 60), recycles every 30s (down from 60s), and does 264 to 310 damage (up from 80 to 100).
  • Syphon (all tiers) now recycle every 30s (down from 60s) and drain 50% (down from 100%).
  • Refreshing Breeze will no longer conflict with other breezes, but will continue to conflict with other HoTs.
  • Quest “The Forest Skulk Artifact III” will now mention the waterfall at the relevant village and direct you to slay the Forest Skulk Matriarch instead.
  • Energy Sabre now recycles every 30s (down from 60s) and counts as a magical attack (uses power) instead of martial (uses strength).
  • Spirit’s Rebuff and Spirit’s Fury, the debuffs given by Allathos to bipeds and dwarves respectively, no longer puts a pink box of shame on your head.
  • Kesh now has Beginner Warding Scrolls formula for sale.
  • Fixed Cerulean Crystal of Kal'enas' Shell and Cerulean Crystal of Mirmaylth's Shell required resources in Master Resistance Crystals formula.
  • Fixes for Pratt’s Pond resulting in better blending with terrain.
  • Primalist’s Shell is now only removed after 2 hits of ranged spells instead of any kind of hit.
  • Fixed Ssaulios’ location in quest step description in quest “Rare Foods: Snap Dragon”.
  • A plethora of items that were not triggering their effects on a critical hit or graze have been corrected to now apply on any hit.
  • Desiccate, Flame Disciple ability, changes:
    • There are now four Desiccate abilities given at lvl 8, 38, 68 and 98. They are masterable.
    • Recycle is now 45s (down from 3mn).
    • The ability now gives a Desiccated Skin debuff to the target which increases Crush and Flame for a certain number of hits (the higher tier, the more hits).
  • The Lone Wolf quest rewards changes:
    • The Wolf's Blessing is now available for purchase at Steward Pratt McGrubben for Tokens of Gratitude.
    • The Wolf's Blessing and Wolf Hide Items formulas can now be used whether you have killed or spared the Lone Wolf.
  • Summer Festival Maze quests have been partially revamped:
    • The timer will start when entering the maze in quest “The Running of the Maze” instead of when finding the first location. It is is now 20 minutes for quest “Seeking in the Maze” (up from 10 minutes).
    • Players won’t be allowed to fly anymore once entering the maze during the quests and have an unfair advantage: they will need to complete the challenge or fail the quest to fly again.
    • Quests will now be completed immediately after speaking to the Maze Manager. No more wait time.
    • Quests can now be repeated every 30 minutes, but you can only take one at a time.
    • Quests aren’t qualified as adventure quests anymore, but as daily quests as they are repeatable.
  • The quested versions of the following Tech Kits are now available at Town Marshalls for Tokens of Gratitude:
    • Weapon and Claw Tech Kit: Fyakki Slayer and Weapon and Claw Tech Kit: Blood Drainer have been added to Soren in Sslanis.
    • Weapon Tech Kit (Range): Calimir's Hide Grip, Weapon and Claw Tech Kit: Andorr's Ironwood Shaft have been added to Daggle Ironshaper in Aughundell.
  • Millie’s Apple Pie changes:
    • Millie’s Apple Pie is now a Tier VI dessert.
    • Daggle Ironshaper in Aughundell sells this delicious pie for Tokens of Gratitude.
    • Quest “Flowers for Millie's Table” must have been completed if you want to savour this pie.
  • Guild of the Artifact Hunters items. Fixed bugs from 316.8:
    • Defensive Claw Crystal of Greater Shielding and Defensive Claw Crystal of Superior Shielding don’t have their bonuses doubled anymore.
    • Tome Crystal of Superior Blast really has its area of effect this time.
    • Clarified Defensive Claw Crystals of Resilience descriptions
  • Parry and Block bonuses changes:
    • Parry is now gained by the Warrior, Knight of Creation, Guardian, Chaos Warrior, Monk, Paladin, Reaver, Berserker, Scout, Cleric, and Ranger Schools.
    • Cloud Parry Crystals and Cloud Block Crystals have got their values raised by 50%.
    • Defense: Parry and Defense: Block techniques can now be applied to Bracelets.
    • Blighted Bracelets and Blighted Rings can now receive a Block or a Parry bonus.
    • Blighted Weapons now have a chance to receive 2 Parry bonus techniques. Parry bonus from techniques can be up to double from normal (if you are lucky enough).
    • Blighted Shields now have a chance to receive 2 Block bonus techniques. Block bonus from techniques can be up to double from normal (if you are lucky enough).
  • Reviewed melee weapon skill bonuses for Blighted Armors:
    • Shields now have a chance to receive One Hand Slash, One Hand Crush or One Hand Pierce bonuses.
    • Shields will no longer have a chance to receive a Two Hand Crush bonus.
    • Ringmail and Chainmail armors will now longer have a chance to receive a Two Hand Slash bonus: schools using these armor types at best can’t use two-handed blades.
  • Gift of Harvest/Primal Harvest changes:
    • Requirements are now based on the current trade school.
    • There is no skill requirement anymore.
    • Now have their own unique icon.
  • Heather issues:
    • Fixed terrain above north west corner of north lair
    • By extension, neighboring plots to north had terrain raised as well. If you have any issues with sunken structures, please clear your world cache
    • Moved Community Lair entrance more to east so it doesn’t occupy the bounds of the nearby lair. Some corridors had to be rearranged or new added as a result - a few new corridors to build
  • The following abilities have had their recycle times adjusted
    • Multistrike now recycles every 30/45/60/75 by tier (down from 120s)
    • Multicast 2 to 220 seconds (down from 300).
    • Multicast 3 to 260 seconds (down from 300).
    • Primal Cast from 300s to 180s.
    • Smash to 15s (down from 30s)
    • Burning Fist to 30s (down from 120s)
    • Carving Strike to 30s (down from 40s)
    • Chaos Strike to 30s (down from 40s)
    • Coordinated Strike to 30s (down from 60s)
    • Life Strike to 30s (down from 40s)
    • Shatter to 60s (down from 120s)
    • Tactical Strike to 30s (down from 40s)
    • Headshot to 45s (down from 75s)
    • Crippling Shot to 60s (down from 120s)
    • Power Shot to 15s (down from 20s)
    • Thorn Shot to 30s (down from 40s)
    • Fiery Judge to 60s (down from 90s)
    • Pillage Spirit to 60s (down from 180s)
    • Wrack to 60s (down from 120s)
    • Pulverize to 45s (down from 120s)
    • Coordinated Shot to 30s (down from 60s)
    • Envenomed Arrow to 60s (down from 90s)
    • Mangle to 60s (down from 120s)
    • Energy Sabre to 60s (down from 120s)
    • Envenomed Spear to 60s (down from 180s)
    • Soul Sacrificium to 60s (down from 75s)
    • Evisceration of Life to 60s (down from 120s)
    • Ferocious Roar to 60s (down from 75s)
    • Fungal Regeneration to 60s (down from 180s)
    • Group Instant Transfer to 60s (down from 180s)
    • Howl of the Northlands to 120s (down from 180s)
    • Ignore Pain to 120s (down from 180s)
    • Allocate Health to 30s (down from 120s)
    • Concentrate Blood to 60s (down from 300s)
    • Group Ethereal Blade to 60s (down from 300s)
    • Debilitating Dart to 15s (down from 45s)
    • Headbutt to 30s (down from 40s)
    • Channel Vitae to 45s (down from 120s)
    • Fire Storm to 60s (down from 120s)
    • Refreshing Breeze to 45s
    • Headshot to 30s (down from 45s)
    • Power Strike to 15s.
    • Whirlwind to 30s (down from 60s).
  • Quest “Scholar: Advanced Techniques” changes:
    • The quest now requires a minimal Spellcraft skill of 40 to be obtained.
    • Erelald now asks to craft a techniqued Sear I instead of a Flame Bolt I. Dialogues and feedback have been updated.
    • Erelald gives Beginner Spell: Sear formula during his dialogues if player doesn’t already have it.
  • Adjusted the alacrity bonus/penalty on the following buffs and debuffs. Largely, bonuses on lower-level gear were decreased to match their impact on your delay modifier pre-overhaul at the level of acquisition. Some underperforming items, like Gummy Maggot, were improved.
    • Hamstrung
    • Gift of Alacrity (tiers 2 through 4)
    • Slowed (from Nazderon)
    • Dispirited
    • Enraged (from Berserk Rage)
    • Fatigued (from Berserk Rage)
    • Rapid Fire Posture
    • Soporific Mist
    • Debased
    • Slowed
    • Staggered
    • Shocked
    • Ambience of Inhibition
    • Emanation of Inhibition
    • Banner of the Tempest effect
    • Crippled
    • Spirit of the Darkness
    • Hastened
    • Alyssa’s Touch
    • Demon’s Alacrity
    • Gummy Power
    • Frosty Fingers
    • Barmaid Sting
    • Terrorized
    • Shadowy Empowerment
    • Primalist’s Power
    • Combat Stance: Alerted
    • Fractures
    • Winded
    • Galderos’ Flurry
    • Fangs of Fury
    • Primal Rage
    • Wolf’s Blessing
    • Helian/Lunus Head Scale of the Ancients
    • Defensive Dragon Claw
    • Encouraged
  • Following abilities are no longer linked using a shared timer:
    • Power Strike
    • Render Armor
    • Invigorating Shout
    • Charge
    • Heroic Shout
    • Critical Strike
    • Distract
    • Multistrike
    • Whirlwind
    • Cripple
    • Cleave
    • Smash
    • Power Style
    • Blazing Strike
    • Burning Fist
    • Carving Strike
    • Chaos Strike
    • Cherub’s Touch
    • Coordinated Strike
    • Bite
    • Claw Strike
    • Drain Strike
    • Nature’s Adjudication
    • Headbutt
    • Life Strike
    • Nerve Strike
    • Shatter
    • Tactical Strike
    • Wild Swing
    • Elemental Arrow
    • Headshot
    • Heart Seeker
    • Crippling Shot
    • Point Blank Shot
    • Power Shot
    • Ravage
    • Tail Whip
    • Quick Shot
    • Thorn Shot
    • Fiery Judge
    • Vokkai’s Crush
    • Long Shot
    • Pillage Spirit
    • Wrack
    • Pulverize
    • Puncture
    • Coordinated Shot
    • Multishot
    • Pinion
    • Envenomed Arrow
    • Spray Arrows
    • Staple Shot
    • Mangle
    • Energy Sabre
    • Envenomed Spear
    • Stunning Blow
    • Blinding Shot
    • Interpose
    • Hamstring
    • Satyr’s Charge
    • Shield Breaker
    • Soul Sacrificium
    • Staggering Howl
    • Banish Armor
    • Reflect Attack
    • Cherub’s Song
    • Fireball
    • Galewind
    • Icy Shards
    • Evisceration of Life
    • Ki Strike
    • Ferocious Roar
    • Quake Attack
    • Menacing Presence
    • Snarl
    • Fungal Regeneration
    • Group Instant Transfer
    • Growth
    • Quick Heal
    • Superior Heal
    • Combat Triage
    • Heroism
    • Howl of the Northlands
    • Ignore Pain
    • Tearing Blades
    • Refreshing Breeze
Typos/grammar fixes
  • Tactical Mastery description in character window (tooltip).
  • Quest “Revion's Quest: An Ancient Curse (Part 1)”.
  • Quest “Kill Red Tusk”.
  • Quest “New Trismus 9: Disarming the Dead”.
  • Quest “Fall of Tazoon: Elsa Baltos”.
  • Tura’s Universal Blighted Dye Kits quests.
  • Stave of Oak
  • Fired Stave of Oak
  • Energy Sabre
Sim Changes & Fixes
  • Bonus experience awarded from attacking monsters higher than you - the danger bonus - has returned, granting a maximum of 25% bonus experience per kill.
  • Fix for conflicts between equipping two-handed items and temporary items, such as the Chaos weapons. They should now properly swap.
  • Special and normal attacks that have stance requirements or require specific types of attacks (e.g. Breath Attacks) for their effects to trigger now properly work.
  • Fixed an issue with loot no longer being accessible if your inventory is full when "Loot All" was clicked.
  • If an ablative ("remove after X hits") event fails for any reason while tied to an attack modifier, the event will no longer cancel itself entirely. For instance, if you have a damage shield reducing incoming attack damage by 20%, and the shield is set to remove after 5 magic hits, the shield will now properly work even if the hits are not magic.
  • Added support for Set Bonuses to require unique items or simply count all items equipped for future content.
  • Multiple backend database optimizations and fixes.
    • Simplified monster algorithm for target selection.
    • Allowed database connection services to re-initialize on a different server if an internal error occurs and server is unable to process future requests.
    • Optimized NPC stop / start / follow code so there is less overhead / faster response times.
    • Optimized the loading / unloading of all characters from each other sim side.
    • Removal of various unused fields in the database / simulation (memory optimization).
    • Removed detection code for problem biota that are attacking across the world (fixed last year).
    • Optimize many internal object "set operations" so they are completed more quickly. World object changes and item changes (when a set to delete) are the two biggest improvements.
    • Many, many rewrites / optimizations to any database procedures that do read operations. Streamlined queries, reduced work, improved error handling, etc.
    • Fixed internal problem with encyclopedia that caused it to slow down for item creation requests.
    • Optimized / streamlined encyclopedia item preview code to be a bit faster when an item create preview is requested.

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