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Beyond the Battlefield: Continuing the Overhaul Istaria Community Manager
April 1, 2024
Hello Istarians!

As the overhaul is finally out the door and in a stable and working place, we wanted to sit down and talk to you all about our plans going forward. We appreciate your patience and support thus far.

Per our internal road map, originally, our next plans were to continue to iterate on the balance of classes and items and start cranking out new content to fill the void that's spanned the last few years.

Reading your feedback and considering your responses, we've decided that while this is a good plan, we also want to continue the fun we've had the past few years. Who knew remaking an entire MMOs combat code from the ground up could be so engaging?!

In this vein, we've decided to continue overhauling combat. Every few years, we will be releasing a new combat system with minor or drastic changes from the prior. We've decided that stability is boring and keeping you guessing is the best way to maintain our small and dedicated population.

Looking forward, we hope to keep the game engaging by being completely unpredictable. Our next overhaul will hopefully make combat completely opaque again with no ability to guess how a fight will end.

Fighting is decidedly boring when you know exactly how much protection you have against a monster, or how often you can crit, so this change will make the game a bit more like real world combat where your death may come at a moments notice.

Of course, we know this may come as a shock to some of you. We have very loving and dedicated fans to the game, and our first overhaul was already mildly controversial in some circles. We promise that this is the best path moving forward and we absolutely know what we're doing.

Or do we?

Let us go back and read the first letter of every paragraph.

Starting with the top and ending here!


In all seriousness, we are endlessly grateful for your patience and feedback through the past few years. Your encouragement and opinions, negative or positive, drive us to make Istaria the best it can be. We are a very unique corner of the internet, a game two decades old powered entirely by players and a dedicated development team.

We hope to see our third decade with you all by our side. We will hopefully have some more news about our coming plans and updates soon.
Istaria Development Team

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