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Live Updates Live Server Status Istaria Community Manager
April 6, 2024

Hello Istarians,

We would like to give you an update regarding the issues during maintenance this week. We explained, earlier in the week, that we had an issue with recent community structure activity causing an out-of-memory crash. To enable the servers to start up, we had to disable plot and lair construction and planning.

We've seen some speculation that things like world decoration, NPC density and movement, mob density, and similar are contributing to the issue - we want to clarify that these have nothing to do with the issues that have been experienced. While we are still digging to pinpoint the exact problem, it is dependent on server load - our internal server, Genesis, with only us developers online and a few test plots has no issues. Blight, with player access and a small community, very rarely experiences problems, while Chaos, our busiest server, decided to crash without fail on startup last maintenance.

It has been determined that the issue is specific to community structures loading. By that, we mean structures that are managed by our 'community' system - you know how your plot is part of Selen or Genevia? These regions each have a community manager instance, and they load the structures associated with it - including world projects, like Genevia's towns. While the servers started up, these systems were struggling and failing to load their associated structures, resulting in a crash. We have a few leads and are hoping we'll have your communities back up and running as soon as possible.

In the meantime, we didn't want to leave the servers down longer than we had to, so we came up with this compromise to allow play while we put our heads down and untangle the mess that is the code left to us by generations past. Once we find the solution, or have any further updates, we will share them.

Thank you all,
Istaria Development Team

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