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Live Updates Novians and Status Istaria Community Manager
April 19, 2024

With the April 16 maintenance, construction on plots and lairs are functional again. One final issue remains regarding the application of Novians and we're doing our best to have a fix in the near future.

We know it's been a rough few weeks with various problems on Order and Chaos. These issues made it past our internal testing (and Blight) because there are certain problem-causing plot arrangements that only existed on Chaos, and thus the issues these plots caused could not be picked up when testing on other shards. Now that we're intimately acquainted with these plot arrangements, we can set them up on our development server and avoid these situations in the future. While that doesn't help the last few weeks, at least the sleepless nights and persistent pushing to find a fix identified the root problems, and we now have a plan set in place to avoid these issues in the future.

The plot and lair problems stemmed from lots of recent community building that tipped over some internal thresholds. As part of a phased push of backend upgrades, we had recently made changes to the internals of the community system; these changes then exposed the ancient constraints present in our system. We previously mentioned none of our recent changes caused the server downtime, which remains true; a rollback of all changes applied to the server during the downtime did not fix the issue, as it was a combination of earlier (but still new) changes, community building, and inherited problems. It was an unlucky collection of events, but it did let us find and fix flaws to make the game more resilient moving forward.

The aforementioned upgrades are part of a bigger push to improve how construction is handled so that we can expand the construction system in a future update. We love seeing lots of community building, and these recent upgrades improve how we handle construction on the back end. These sorts of changes are very big (internally) and need to be done in stages. It is unfortunate that one of these stages didn't go as planned.

We sincerely appreciate everyone's patience. We know it's been a difficult period of time and your support and understanding are sincerely appreciated.

Istaria Dev Team

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