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Blight Updates Blight Update - Client 407.28 Istaria Community Manager
April 19, 2024
Blight has been updated with various fixes and improvements. Please note that this client will not work on the live servers until released to the live servers.


  • Additional fixes have been made to resolve issues with text copy / paste / selection.
  • Added (back) the refresh button on structure storage windows, which will reload the inventory of a structure without opening and closing the inventory.
  • Updated the structure build window to show which types NPCs (like Vaultkeepers) the structure offers.
  • Fixed chat window beine unable to resize by dragging to the right.
  • Fixed the equip highest quality tool button for the Material Details window not working properly.
  • All machine target window icons have had a quality pass.
  • The following monsters now have target window icons for all their variants:
    • Abominations
    • Aegrors
    • Arbotus
    • Ash blights
    • Azulars
    • Blighted Blights
    • Blighted Wisps
    • Blood Urns
    • Carrion Crawlers
    • Chests
    • Chickens
    • Cows
    • Crabs
  • Fixed a rare case where items that were being created by a quest was failing and not successfully creating the item.
  • Optimizations community data in the cases of very large player communities with lots of structures.
  • Updated the critical hit percentage calculation to be clearly consistent with what the character statistics window is showing.
  • Optimizations to improve community / structure loading at server restart or community reset.

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