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Herald Reports: Order Order Shard Report: April 15, 2006: Issue #2 Icabald
May 2, 2006


Harro Under Siege! 

In spite of the intelligence gathered by the Mighty who sought out the secrets of Daknor’s battle plans that hinted at a possible attack of Harro, the Empire was once again caught flatfooted on the 28th of April. Either the commanders (Jaktell in particular) thought they had more time to spare because Daknor’s fellow General was delayed OR they thought the rumored Fafnir would never show up, we may never know. But, without warning, this frontier Community was attacked by hordes of Blight Hounds led by the mysterious Fafnir himself – a Giant Blight Hound with devastating powers of destruction. It seems that the shields that Jaktell has been giving to those scouts who helped him gather the misused intelligence my very well come in handy. (At least the prattling fool has done Something right)

The citizens of Harro barely escaped with their lives thanks to the courage and devotion of a small handful of guards. The call for reinforcements has gone out far and wide. Will Jaktell and the Imperial Army respond in time? Or, will it – once again – fall to the Gifted to take up arms and drive back this new terror?

Helcat and a band of his companions were among the first to answer the call. Their lead has been followed by other brave souls who learned from the defeats and victories til some were able to wrest enough hides and remnants to take back to the Glorious Leader of the Imperial Armies. It seems that Fafnir sheds badly and has dropped 6 different hides – Putrid Shreds and Remnants, Rotted Chunks and Shreds, Decayed Remnants and Decomposed Chunks. Jaktell is most anxious to collect the Putrid Remnants and Rotted Shreds and Decayed Remnants. For these he will give a Ceremonial Scale that is the equal to the Ceremonial shield offered for the information gathered from Daknor. Piethon was the first of our neighbors to win this prize.


New Military training Center Opens on the Fabled Isle of Battles

Just last month, the Imperial Army unveiled a secret training center for the use of all of the Citizen Warriors of Istaria. It is called the ISLE OF BATTLES. It boasts a Coliseum AND a battle field called the Aradoth Arena where the Gifted can train and do battle among themselves to test their skill and endurance in either single combat or as armies. But, one cannot get to it by land, sea, or by air (to the frustration of many adult dragons). Instead, one must go to the Spire NE of Dalimond and take the dedicated portal to the isle. Beware, the gate fee is not cheap – 2s for a level 100 adventurer! Once there, the contestants are greeted by one Smeglor who explains how we can use the Coliseum and the Arena. He also is there to help the Warriors change their battle schools when necessary.

The rules of the game are simple –

1) Decide on the environment in which you wish to battle. The coliseum is well suited for single combat. The Aradoth Arena is for larger groupings. Dragons have also found the Arena to be useful, especially if they are Ancients, because it has plenty of wing, elbow and tail room.

2) Join either Team A or Team B by speaking with the mediators who are found just outside the entrance to the Coliseum or outside the perimeter of the Arena.

3) You may attack only within the boundaries of the field of combat. Fights held in the coliseum resemble a Sumo wrestling match . If you are doing a team match, you must be within bounds to heal a teammate

4) If you step outside the boundary, you may not attack, but – as long as you are on a team – you can be attacked by any opposing team member who is still within bounds.

5) You CANNOT recall as long as you are on a team.

6) You do accumulate Death Points.

7) No other rules than this because the enemy does NOT follow any rules.

Once you have finished your training session, you can refresh yourself at Gus’s Challenge Tavern – once some enterprising confectioners begin to supply him with restorative foods and beverages. Currently, I am saddened to report that his cupboards are bare. Working with him is Lila, who operates a small vault for your pleasure and convenience on the same premises.

Thus, for those who wish to train and better learn their tactics, the Isle of Battles may be JUST FOR YOU!

Pale Hatchling Needs Rescue!

(a.k.a. Escort Challenge posted by
Awdz Bodkins
Scions (of Istaria)
Order (Spirit) Shard)

Word was received by this office of a strange situation out in the Eastern Deadlands. A Dragon by the name of Awdzy stumbled upon the trapped spirit of a young Hatchling called Taeler’rathiss’nyadh, or Tae for short. It seems that this youngster was one of the many fallen during the great wars, but his spirit was never trapped to do service for the Aegis because of his great desire to avenge his slain parents. But, that same passion has bound him to the spot where they fell for all these years. All this time, young Tae has been trying escape from his bondage in the Deadlands. He explained to Awdzy that he can attach himself onto one of the Gifted, but his touch usually confuses them or distorts their vision. He believes that if one was willing to help him, he might be able to piggyback on them till they come to a shrine where he can finally bind his soul in a place of peace.

Awdzy was willing to help. This is how she describes what happened next:

“I gazed at the shimmering form before me, and nodded. ‘I will do what I can to carry you, but from what you describe, I think I will need help to get you to a shrine where you can bind. Let us link, and then if necessary I will send out a call to see if the other gifted of Istaria will help.’

“With that, I held very still as the shimmering form moved over and settled upon me. My view of the world changed completely as the link was established: everything appeared as shimmering and insubstantial as the spirit that had been speaking with me, as though made of water in a great sea. It was impossible for me to make out figures more than a few feet away. Experimentally, I flapped my wings and heard the sound of the flapping was muffled. Apparently my movements were unhindered but my senses were extremely dulled.”

“‘Is this the link you meant?’ I asked the hatchling spirit. Its voice replied, much more clearly now. ‘This is how I linked before. I hope it does not distress you too much.’ The voice paused, then continued, ‘It is fascinating for me, for now I see the world in shadows where before I saw but shimmering.’”

“I snorted a puff of smoke out my snout. ‘It is very different than anything I’ve ever experienced, but it does not hurt. I definitely will need help to get you out of this area, since I cannot make it on my own like this.’ I told the spirit.”

“Then, settling down comfortably in my “safe” spot by the wall, I, Awdzy, sent out a call to the gifted of Istaria for a guide to help save a lost soul. That is how I contacted you, Icabald.”

Well, I tried to help, but leading a blind dragon out of the Deadlands is not as easy as it sounds. So now, I am putting out the call for any Heroes who have compassion for the souls of our lost kin to contact Awdzy or her friend Awdz, and learn how they might help Awdzy help Tae find a final resting place a land of Peace.

Here are some details about this ‘request for assistance’ or ‘challenge’ posed by Awdzy:

1. If you wish to try it, contact Awdz (or Awdzy) and let me know you want to try the escort challenge. I will then set up a time with you for it if I am not available immediately to run it.

2. Awdzy stands at about 30236/26109 in the ED when she links with the hatchling spirit. She will group with you and put you on ‘follow’. She will not jump or sprint and is completely dependent on you leading her out. However, if you lose the ‘follow’ link, she will advise you of that and reestablish it with you as soon as she can.

3. Success is getting Awdzy out of the ED without her dying and to any shrine where a gifted can bind. A really clean win is to avoid anyone getting hurt and to maintain the ‘follow’ link throughout. If Awdzy dies, you failed and the attempt is over.

4. There is a choice of one of the following rewards offered for successful completion of the challenge: Awdz will make:

- any two tech’d tools, spells or weapons up to t3 (some items t4) that you request, or

- one set of cargo gear up to t3 (if you want it tech’d, you supply the comps), or

- a diskload (12,000 bulk) of any one biped construction resource (raw, intermediate or finished, up to t4) placed where you wish, or

- another reward which must be negotiated prior to starting the challenge.

5. You may enlist any help you can muster for this challenge, but only the one whom Awdzy ‘follows’ during it is eligible for the reward. You cannot switch off leaders during the challenge, Awdzy will only ‘follow’ the one she starts with.

Please note that this challenge is open to anyone. I know from experience that a 0 level character with no armor can make it into the ED where Awdzy stands and back out again on foot to Harro alive if they exercise due caution.



Thaalia’s Place in the Augundall Battlefield 25453/25707

There is a plot just outside the Eastern gates of Aug that is a must-see for all who appreciate a well designed plot that is both functional and aesthetic at the same time. It belongs to one Thaalia. Nestled among fountains and much greenery, one can follow the checkerboard walkways to a variety of shops. I have not met Thaalia personally, but I suspect she may be a gnome because she has built a number of well outfitted gnomian craft shops including an Expert Pottery shop and three Journeyman shops for Leatherworking, Tinkering and confectioneering. She has also provided a Human Vault and a T2 Human consignment store. These shops and services are open to all who need to use them.

Drop by the next time you visit the Dwarves or have to run out to the Marble fields. It is a fine example of how the Gifted can outdo themselves in making their world a better place in which to live.

Kudos Thaalia!

Azulyte Cerulean Mine Now Open in Chiconis (24470/21810)

Attention Lairshapers! Thanks to the unstinting labor of many volunteers, there is now a lair containing a rich deposit of Cerulean Azulyte Crystals for the making of T2 Lattices near the lair of Kirrus and the Eastern Crafting Cavern. Not only does it offer the Crystal deposits, but is also contains a chamber with the mysterious floating blue lights – a phenomenon I have heard described a ‘floaties.’ It is an amazing sight to behold. I would like to know how they are created. A chamber filled with ‘floaties’ would be delightful in any lair. There are also a number of finely mounted Dragon Skeleton Murals to admire as one wanders through the corridors. Unfortunately, the essence channeler and Crystal shaper are not yet operational.

Carmo Tavern at 23628/14617 near the outskirts of the town

Master confectioner Nellie has announced that she has a Tavern in Carmo that is stocked with 5min and 6min Foods for your dining pleasure, such as delectable meat pies, savory roasts, tangy pickled meats, and spicy jerky. I have sampled them myself and have found them to be quite tasty, though a bit weak for my needs (I am an Ancient after all). But, my young friend Kalo Vixen, a level 18 Mage, claims that their restorative powers are excellent.

Sad News for Istaria and the Outer Realm

It is with a heavy heart that I pass on the news that Roxi Durand, a pillar of the Istarian Community, the Heart of her Guild – the Annatars, and beloved of her Real Life family, has passed on into Eternity on March 24, 2006. The announcement was made by Yuusuke of the Annatars. Roxi was loved by all who knew her and she will be sorely missed. She was a constant source of help, counsel and great joy. Her Pick was ever ready to be used wherever needed. There is a wonderful thread on the Server Boards for Order that celebrates her life. Take a moment to read the posts that celebrate a loving life well lived. There is also a stunning Memorial standing in her home community of Back Bay where those who wish, may stop by and pay their homage to her at 26360/15027.


On Sunday April 9, 2006 her friends and family held a Time of Remembrance at the Memorial, leaving many tokens of their affections. A log of the Gathering may be found in the same thread honoring her memory. Yuusuke blessed the site with a touching Ritual of Purification and Roxi's brother, Melroy, now and forever stands vigil at the spot. Back Bay may be reached by using the Portal hub in Bristugo and taking the Saritova Gate.

Heartfelt sympathies are extended to both of her families – in-game and in Real Life.

Pax eternam, Roxi


Confectioner’s Needed!

Gus the Barkeeper and proprietor of the Challenge Tavern on the Isle of Battles has just announced that he is looking for Confectioners willing to engage in the business of supplying his establishment with victulas and restoratives. He doesn’t have the gift of cooking, in fact, he is notorious for burning water! His cupboards are bare and weary warriors are turned away with empty bellies and dry mouths (unless they Bring Thier Own). BUT, food and Ambrosia eaten in this lovely establishment seem to possess twice the potency!  This is a great opportunity for any enterprising Chefs to make their mark upon the world.


C’gan Weyrsinger is pleased to announce that the World Projects Team of volunteers have completed the rope bridge (26917/22309) that spans the channel between Lerena and Selen to the small, uninhabited isle. Rawdge took note of their accomplishment and hinted that the People of Istaria ought to keep an eye on the now empty Island, because something just may show up there because of their efforts.

If one is looking for hassel-free crafting of T2 stone, there are now two Masonry Halls up and running on Scorpion Island at Slate Hills. They are located at 17690/16095 AND 20493/22737. One was completed by the WorldProjects team, while the other (SE of Slate Hills) was completed by Sharray Thunderskyy and Maxximas Primal of the Elder Spirits.

There are still two Dwarven Mines that are in varying stages of completion that would benefit greatly from the talents of any crafters wishing to lend a hand. The shafts in Mala (14660/15757) are 61% complete while the gem mine at Garnet Bay (14554/15411) is still only 2.3% complete


Bizarre Mating Practices of the Gnomes Revealed in Cross-Cultural Scandal
(Oriskaly’s Wedding – 1st Peter S. Beagle Quest)

Up until this last week, many aspects of Gnomian society have been kept hidden from the rest of Istaria. But now, many of their secrets have been revealed as the result of a scandal involving a Half-giant Scientist, Oriskaly, and a petite Gnomian daughter of an influential family. It seems that the Half-giant Oriskaly of Mahagra, while attempting to develop a growth potion, had managed to create a reducing potion instead. When some fellow scientists, who were Gnomes, learned of this, they tried vainly to ‘winkle’ the secret out of him because it was revealed to this Reporter that the formula would be worth Riches, Power and Prestige among Gnomian Power Brokers. For gnomes, being small and petite is one’s ticket to Fame and Fortune.

Not surprisingly, the poor fellow could not remember what he did to create this formula. Thus in an underhanded, deceitful attempt to tie the absentminded Half-giant tightly to the gnomian Community until he could rediscover his formula, the Elders of the Gnomes secretly slipped a spell over Oriskaly that made him fall in love with Eliocha Shum, daughter of Besoya Shum.

But Oriskaly’s family became very concerned when he announced his wedding plans and his sister, Darshanna (who can be found in New Trismus at 23717/30546) cornered this Reporter and many others to demand that they stop the wedding because the Gnomes would be getting more than they thought they bargained for when they started this whole affair. (Would serve them right!) I decided to help her out and was immediately impressed by Oriskaly’s sincere love for Eliocha (I know. I'm a softie.) He asked me to retrieve a lock of his true love’s hair because Gnomian tradition would not allow him to see her until his wedding day. I decided to help him out, thinking that his sister was just a bossy busybody, and I found myself suddenly acting as his Wedding Planner! I was sent to caterer’s, her Mother, her Uncles, musicians for the Reception (did you know that Gnomes were Unionized and if you did not use Union workers, there would be violent repercussions?) I did not become concerned, though, until I learned from the Bride-to-be that I had to go convince some poor ex-boyfriend to offer to kill himself for the sake of her happy union to Oriskaly (she explained her blood-thirstiness by saying she was an old-fashioned sort of girl! No substitutions of chickens for her!)

That is when I started to wonder if this wedding was such a good idea. When I spoke with Mabrouk, the jilted boyfriend, I learned to my horror that Oriskaly was not in love, he was ensorcelled, all for the sake of his reduction formula! My aid was enlisted to break the spell. He gave me a counter spell to use just before the vows were exchanged. Shocked at the sneakiness of these people, I readily agreed and set off for the Ceremonial Field where the wedding was to be held. As I was materializing on the pad, I was stopped by another Half-Giant, Williwaw Carnalis, who demanded that I stop the wedding or else! (He couldn’t because he was not on the original guest list and there was a barrier that kept him out.) He revealed to me that the Uncles had stolen the Half-giants’ Orb of Truth and asked if I had seen it. Indeed I had! They used it on me when I visited them. Now, I had to go haggle with them for the Orb, then use it to make Oriskaly see the truth and to have Darshanna’s letter read to everyone at the wedding.

But Oriskaly was stubborn. He did not care if he was ensorcelled, even after his sister’s letter was read. The Bride was worried, I can assure you, when she learned that his family is tainted by – WEREWOLF BLOOD!! But her mother told her not to worry – they will get counseling. Poor child. That is when I stepped up to the Groom and put an end to the farce by using the spell given to me by Mabrouk. And that is when Oriskaly went berserk and began to rip gnomes apart for their treachery.

So, if your Gnomian neighbors try to tell you that there was a cruel, senseless attack upon Gnomes at a quiet wedding last week by a horrible Half-giant, just know that they caused the problem themselves. What happened to that wedding party was their own fault. The Half-giant was the victim. I will never look at Gnomes the same way again. Who would have ever imagined!




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