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Herald Reports: Order Order Shard Herald: May 06, 2006: Issue #3 Icabald
May 14, 2006



Intelligence is trickling in from the Eastern Settlements where the struggle to stop Fafnir and his hellhounds is still raging. Brave warriors have been able to retrieve at least 5 new hide scraps that hint at the existence of at least 2 more Withered Aegis Armies and that they are coming soon. Add this news to the discovery of new signposts proclaiming that the area around Harro and Old Oaks has been designated as "THE STAGING GROUNDS" by the armies of Daknor and Fafnir, and The Imperial Army is whispering of a possible attack upon -- Aughundell itself.

Judge for yourselves. Here are the hides for your study and enlightenment:

Travel with all haste and attack Harro

Fafnir. Prepare your hounds. Daknor requires your assistance.

Fafnir. Continue your attacks! Gr_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _noth _ _ ai _ _ _ _ _ rep_ _ _ _ the corridor _ _ _ _ _o o _ _ _ _u r _.
(Could this mean: Continue you attacks! GrAB THE ARAnoth PLaiN THEN repORT. The corridor WILL SooN BE OurS.)

Do not let up on the _ _ v i _ _ _ ! Kill them, slay _ _ _ _ _ defile them!
(Could this mean: Do not let up on the ??vi???! Kill them! Slay THEM! Defile them!

Fafnir. You have done well. Continue your attacks. _ _ u k and
M a l _ _ _ _ are on their way

Two other hides have been rumored to exist. They are the Decayed Remenant and the Rotted Shred. But this office has yet to lay eyes upon either.

In the effort to drive back the relentless tide of Aegis encroachments, warriors from among the Gifted have been redoubling their efforts to discover successful strategies for fighting the dreaded Hellhound, Fafnir. Some are convinced that the best way to battle this scourge is to get as large a group of warriors as possible, and hit Fafnir with as many magical blasts as can be thrown in his direction. The brute strength of draconic Gold Rage is useless, but primal spells and gouts of flame and ice seem to have some effect.

But, just recently, warriors from the many planes of existence within Istaria have discovered another path to victory . . . that of passive resistance. At a recent summit held on April 23, 2006, Fidri of Unity revealed that if you can find a Fiend or a Battlemage or any other master of the deflected attack, a small group can defeat Fafnir by turning his own overwhelming power against him with a minimum of Death Points! Then, other worthies of Chaos and Order began to add their observations regarding this technique. So, if you are looking to walk the Dog with the fewest Death Points and in the shortest amount of time, these are their suggestions:

1) Fidri recommends that the Battle mage us his PERFECT ATTACK while in the encounter. But, for the hound to kill himself quickly, the warrior must be stripped of all armor, buffs, or other defenses. This is a suicide mission. The target wants to be hit with everything Fafnir has to deliver. Be sure you have a couple of Healers who can quickly resurrect the sacrificial lamb.

2) AAO added that if the warrior is a Fiend, to be sure to use the Fiendish racial ability. Guaran agreed, observing that FIENDISH CHANNELING reflects 100% of the enemy's damage to the fiend right back into Fafnir's muzzle.

3) Jayne reinforced the need for being able to perform multiple resurrections on the part of any healers in the group attempting this approach. She reported a successful takedown of Fafnir with only 2 fiends and one healer.

4) Justa Mirage also pointed out that if you want Fafnir to hit the target EVERY TIME (and thus hasten his own demise) let the target SIT passively in the mad dog's path.

It is hoped that Fafnir can be stopped dead in his tracks soon and his hellhounds driven back out of Harro, before the new reinforcements arrive.


Culinary delights await newly arrived Gifted in New Trismus

Nellie of Carmo is happy to announce that there are now delectable Tier 1 sweets and snacks available on the consigner in New Trismus at reasonable prices. She invites those who are in training to partake of their goodness and restorative powers whenever they are needed, promising to keep the Imperial Consigner well stocked for that purpose. I can say from personal dining experience that they are very tasty.


Mala Mine Completed

The first of two Tier 1 mines on Geneva island has been completed. It is located in the community of Mala at 14660/15757. It is a quiet spot for one to enjoy the Zen of mining.

Work is slowly progressing on the second mine located in the community of Garnet Bay at 14554/15411.


Volunteers Needed to Patrol the Streets of Mithril's Anvil
April 28, 2006, Mithril's Anvil

Volunteer peacekeepers are desperately needed to patrol the streets of the crafting community of Mithril's Anvil. Ever since Fafnir and his hellhounds moved into the region with their gangs of Ogre Rock Haulers and Zombie laborers, law abiding citizens cannot go about their daily business without at least one ugly encounter. On Friday evening, one craftsman - Ryunaker -- was after a load of ore when he suddenly came upon an Ogre Rock Hauler and his Zombie lackey standing at the front door to Enkmar's vault. The Rock Hauler was watching the Zombie stare stupidly at the door. When challenged, they attacked him viciously. When they finished pushing their weight around, the Zombie figured out how to enter the vault and proceeded to harass the vault keeper! Or, he may have been checking his account balance . . . one never knows. But the Rock Hauler was then seen checking out a rack of magazines from which he pinched the most recent issue of Rolling Stone, which he denied taking when questioned by another citizen, Herman. This led to yet another scuffle.

These hoodlums must be stopped! Now!

Journalistic Outrage
April 30, 2006, Tazoon

Dear Editor Mencurry Saltees:

I am shocked to learn that you have recently added to your staff one Icabold Parsival Dragon. He is unfit to be representing the interests of the Gifted Races as an assistant editor of our illustrious Herald. He is a bombastic windbag, which is not surprising since he is a presumptuous Heleen dragon, putting on the airs of superiority. He is a muddler of the truth, ignorant of our Empire's glorious history, and politickally clueless. Moreover, he is a sloppy researcher - he could not even be bothered to verify the correct spelling of my name. I must insist that he be removed from the Herald staff fourthwith before he endangers the citizens of the Realm with his erroneous reports and alarmist recommendations.

I am expecting you to make the prudent decision.

Jatell Greygonn
Imperial Armies of Istaria

(EDITOR'S NOTE: This letter has been published as it was written by the Commander himself, without any proofing. I believe it speaks for itself.)


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