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Fun and Games Calling All Cooks! (Or Those Who Don't Burn Water) Ophelea
June 12, 2006

So, you say you want food? Lots of food! (Ok, you want the Confectioner Revamp to be done, we got that.) The art assets are done, the code is near completion and the base recipes are done. But, the good folks here at Tulga - actually Amon Gwareth, who loves you all! - thought you might want to contribute. My response was, duh!

But, there's always a but, isn't there? There are a few rules. Of course, you'll have to click Read More to find out what they are...

First and foremost, all submissions need to be sent to me through my HZ Forums Private Message. Please don't flood my email!

Only the recipe will be considered. Any effects will be determined by the developers if chosen.

Pretty please, oh, please include the name you want credited with the recipe - otherwise I'll use the name from the forums you submitted it under. "UB9765's Chili" may just look wrong in game so may be completely renamed. *grins*

Now for the ingredients. All of the following ingredients are available to use for your recipes. You cannot create any new ingredients unless they are to be bought. For example: Cucumbers cannot be added but Baking Soda could be. Another way to think about it - if it must be harvested, it's a no.

Rule for Recipe Design: For Tiered foods, it's the Tier + 1 for total ingredients. So, Tier 1 foods have 2 ingredients, Tier 2 foods have 3, Tier 3 have 4, etc.

Any other questions please PM me and I'll respond - please let Amon be so he can actually implement these!

All recipes will be accepted for one week and posted in the forums as received. The winners will be posted...I'll find out when Amon plans on letting us know and edit this. So, all entries must be received no later than June 18 to my forum PM.
Ingredients in existence are listed below. Now get out there and cook! 
Recipes will be posted in the forums.


 Common Ingredients
 Tier 1 Ingredients
Tier 4 Ingredients  Purchased
 Ginger Arbotus Meat
 Cinnamon Bark
 Gruok Meat
 Fennel Cocoa Bean
 Bananas Istarian Caps
 Rosemary Honey
 Beef Minnow Rye Nutmeg
 Blackberries Sage Squirrel Meat
 Olive Oil
 Blueberries Shrimp Stonespore Caps
 Vanilla Bean
 Carrots Wheat Trout Yeast
 Chicken Eggs
 Tier 2 Ingredients
 Tier 5 Ingredients
 Cranberries Bay Leaf
 Bloodcap Caps
 Chile Peppers
 Garlic Bluegill Corn Squid
 Grapes Browngill Caps
 Green Peppers
 Clam Mackerel

 Special Double Processed-Ingredients
(these use previously listed ingredients)

 Juniper Berries
 Licorice Mandrake Barasavian Sauce (Italian)
 Lemons Rice Mint Beef Stock
 Lettuce Ruxus Meat
 Red Snapper
 Bernaise Sauce
 Medjool Dates
  Stoneroot Butter
 Truffles Buttermilk
 Mutton   Cheese
 Onions Tier 3 Ingredients
 Tier 6 Ingredients
 Chicken Stock
 Pears Barley
 Bitterroot Cream Cheese
 Peas Basil Buttercaps Fish Oils
 Peppercorn Bass Halibut Flavored Pudding
 Potatoes Eel
 Nightshade Heavy Cream
 Pumpkins Ginseng Quinoa Hot Sauce
 Raspberries Roughcap Caps
 Shadowstem Caps
 Maple Syrup
 Salt Rock
  Star Anise
 Marinated Meats
 Strawberries  Swordfish Mayonnaise
 Sugarcane  Urchin Meat Gravy
 Tomatoes   Noodles
 Venison   Raisins
 White Grapes
   Red Wine
    Salts/Powders (Garlic, Pepper, Salt, Onion)
    Sour Cream
    Sweet Condensed Milk
    Vinegars (White, Balsamic, etc)
    Wheat Dough

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