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The Settlements Some Settlements Questions (and Answers) from Chaos Ophelea
June 12, 2006
A few days back, David was visiting Chaos and said "Hello" in the Marketplace. Heh, mistake! Or not for those lucky enough to grab his attention and time for a bit. The topic, the upcoming expansion of course! A little clarification here and there. Read on for a little Q&A.

Starna: David, if you don’t mind answering an expansion question? Are there any plans for 'generic' new-style buildings for current plots to make use of the new furniture/machine code? As opposed to just the new racial buildings (which will need their own plot types)?

David: Starna: the new racial structures will be able to be built on any plot that doesn't restrict them.

Starna: Ok, was my understanding that only Dryad and Dwarf were going in racially speaking, and that they needed special plots? Personally, I’m going pixie-tree :) but I’m asking more for the benefit of others, so I understand the plan as it stands.

David: Only Dryad and Dwarf and Dragon (3d) are part of the expansion. We will of course be adding other races as we go forward. There will be special communities reserved just for these structure types. But, existing plots will remain multi racial.

Starna: Guess that answer leaves me even more confuzzled than I was. : P

David: Starna: what is unclear?

David: I'm not trying to be vague at all. I'll let you know when I am.

Starna: What I was trying to find out, is if at expansion release time, if any old player, at any old plot, will have at least some options for the new furniture-friendly buildings. As opposed to just the new restricted plots in the new communities. (I know that eventually there'll be much more verbose options)

Xehxeloa: Now that's more like the Starna we know and love

Starna: :)

Jasmeen: Ah, the caffeine must have kicked in, huh Starna? : p

Luthan: Good question, will furniture be placeable on older structures?

David: Starna: all of the existing plots do not have any current racial restrictions on them except for Dragon plots. So, when we add Dryad and Dwarven structures, you could build them on your plots unless they become restricted. Now, until we've completed the tech, I don't know if we will need to restrict some of the plots.

Starna: Ok, that made more sense David - because originally my understanding from the chat and such, was those 2 building types would ONLY be doable on NEW plots

Gwendelle: can you redo libraries? Libraries I go into can hold more than the ones in Istaria ;)

David: Gwendelle: we can but don't plan to at this time. We already let players have 15mg of 'stuff' and are not inclined to add even more storage.

David: As we do additional passes on our data we might squeeze out more storage for you, but won't promise anything until we do it.

Gwendelle: but I need more storage ;) 56 silos and 4 houses aren’t enough

David: See what I mean.

David: Starna: I understand the question. It is a good one. Do you folks mind if I spam this channel and talk about this?

Starna: Go for it. I saw too much misunderstanding in places; I wanted to point to clear information

Gwendelle: LOL...if you say no he'll boot you ;)

David: The way this is planned to work (which means that this CAN and probably WILL change is that a Dryad structure will have the ability to be placed anywhere on a plot that it fits upon and is not restricted from. All existing plots other than Dragon plots would not be restricted AT THIS TIME. There will be new Dryad communities with building restrictions so that only Dryad structures can be built on them in the future. You will NOT be able to place the Dryad structures with the same degree of freedom that you currently have. They will need to be aligned with the terrain to allow for them to cut through the terrain (as will Dwarven structures or any racial structure that goes below ground.) This means that they will move in 4 meter intervals and only rotate on 90 degree rotations.

Starna: A lot like dragon lairs, I presume (no personal experience w/ lair layouts)

David: The way furniture is intended to work (and this MAY and probably WILL change) is that only new structures (ones with entrance ways) will be able to have furniture. That is why existing structures cannot have furniture. The furniture will need to not load when you casually pass through town. But when you enter a structure, the furniture will load, impacting only you.

Starna: coolies - I wasn't bothered by old buildings not taking the furniture. :) For your information David, the reason I was asking what and how I was, was I wanted to make sure any player w/ a plot could make at least SOME use of the new code. I’m not worried about how limited it is, just that they - can - if they choose to

Gwendelle: I will probably add some of the new long as it doesn’t take sandstone or maple

Xehxeloa: Will it be possible to create versions of existing racial structures which have the entranceway?

Khaleph: So furniture is only there when you open the door... sorta like your fridge?

David: Xehxeloa: I imagine so, though they will be new structures.

David: Khaleph: yep

Xehxeloa: I just want my fiendish large house to have furniture sometime. Don't mind rebuilding it if need be.

David: Xehxeloa: when we do the new Fiendish structures, you'll have furniture in them if you build them. Until then it is not possible for existing structures to have furniture. It's a new system and they weren't built for it. And in many cases the art assets are part of the performance problem. We're rebuilding all of the structures over time.

Starna: just one more question on this David, and I'll go back to pondering my pixie dust - can we mix old and new on the plot? IE, build a pixie tree, and have other houses elsewhere on the plot? Assuming sufficient space.

David: Starna: as long as there is no collision between structures and the plot doesn't have all other racial structures prohibited, then you could mix and match. The only problem comes in client performance. When you come into an existing player community, your client starts loading all of the different structures, textures, NPCs, and it can be painful. I'm just monopolizing it for a bit. Feel free to interrupt (anybody)

Starna: Thanks David - I’m a pixie myself (can't you tell? :) so the new building stuff is great for me :) Just want to know the options involved.

Badel: David, I started playing this almost a week ago and I LOVE all the crafting and building

Artictar: I agree with Badel. But I've only been playing for like 3 hours. : P

David: Badel: welcome to Istaria. Tell your friends please ;-) Welcome Artictar!

Artictar: =)

Starna: When I started, I was brought into guild within a few days... and my guild was building one of the World Bridges... it was like a guild raid, only with crafting... even as a newb I could help out... it SO sold me on this game

Badel: Will do what’s the possible date for the expansion

David: Badel: a hard learned lesson. Don't give out ETAs. When it is done we will release it. If it takes more time than we intend, it will be worth it.

Ivy: I am just glad to see David is a gnome at heart! :)

David: I'm coming up on my 5 year Horizons anniversary on July 1st. I think I win the old school award. ;-)

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