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Herald Reports: Chaos Chaos Reigns! Issue #4 Alladania
July 13, 2006

 Chaos Reigns!

Alladania SilverMist, Chaos Shard Herald
Klaus Wulfenbach, Assistant Editor

Eastern Deadlands Expands, Swamp Partially Blighted

The Withered Aegis have strengthened their grip on the lands south of Harro with the construction of extensive fortifications along the edge of the Spirituous Swamp.  Portions of the swamp itself have also been blighted.  Travelers report that the creatures native to the swamp have become remarkably aggressive, often attacking in droves.  Experts with the New Rachival Research Institute have theorized that the unusually aggressive behavior is due to the encroaching Blight destroying the delicate wetlands ecology and inflicting psychological trauma on the bloodsnout gruok and purple spiders native to the region.

New fortifications in the Staging Grounds


“This behavior is really atypical for the common bloodsnout, and purple spiders normally leave you alone unless you are a threat to their hatchlings,” says NRRI associate researcher Saja.  “The constant lightning and gloom of a Blight Maelstrom is a radical change from the normal swamp environs.  It must be terribly frightening for the poor creatures.  They can’t express what they’re feeling in words, so they express it in actions.  They don’t really mean to be vicious; they just want someone to know they’re hurt and scared.”

Blight Blooms Along the Parsinia-Sslanis RoadIn local war news, the Sslanis-Parsinia road has experienced the growth of several small Blight blooms, concentrated south of the Sandstone Quarry region.  Undead activity is very heavy in this area and travelers are advised to be cautious.

News From Around the Realm

Gifted used to using the small sandstone quarry northwest of Sslanis have made an unusual discovery: apparently, the sandstone they had been working was only a thin layer concealing a large deposit of slate!  An archaeological investigation has revealed that this area is actually a long-abandoned slate quarry, possibly covered over by a landslide or by an exhaustive slaughter of sandstone golems centuries ago.

The Heather PortalThe settlement of Heather is enjoying a surge of commercial and industrial traffic, thanks to the community’s new portal.  Tailors and carpenters across the Empire are delighted at no longer having to transport their resources overland to the New Rachival portal.  A brisk tourism business has also sprung up around the community’s resident monster, Storm’s Shadow. The reclusive werewolf has found it nearly impossible to stalk and pounce on unsuspecting crafters due to the small army of groupies, hangers-on, and paparazzi that have followed him around since the portal opened.

A Tree Grows in BristugoTravelers through Bristugo have been marveling at the sight of a massive tree looming over the town.  The tree is a result of dryad magics, but as of yet no information has been released about the purpose the tree is intended to serve.  An enquiry was filed with the Bureau of Reforestation asking if the tree was supposed to be so large and so near a settlement; the response stated simply, “The tree is functioning as intended”.

Ecology of the Slate Golem

Rahnir LaHojo
Dr. Rahnir LaHojo has been studying Slate Golems for the better part of his (rather short) scientific career in the wilds of Istaria. This report was composed using the various observations and field studies made regarding these magnificent creatures.

Main Description
Istarian Slate golems, Lapidambulant Ardesia, are native to the rocky wilds of the main continent of Istaria. They are approximately 4 meters in height, and can weigh as much as 2500 bulk, an overburdening size for the inexperienced traveler. They are a dark-gray coloration and carry a sharpened stone dagger in their left hand.

The slate golems in this study reside at Slate Crest (N 20
°40’ E 23°
00’) in a barren rocky landscape devoid of vegetation. The main features of the land are dirt, cliffs, and sky; though it is not yet known what purpose sky has in the life cycle of the slate golem. On the ground may be found what has been dubbed the “Slate Exposure”, though closer investigation has shown this to be nothing more than the slate golem’s droppings. Previous beliefs that the collection of these droppings is what provokes the slate golem have been disproved and the current theory is that they are territorial.

Slate golems are very territorial, and thus can be found patrolling their particular patch of barren dirt without rest or sleep. They will occasionally stop to stare off into space, or think golemish thoughts, then either continue going forward or make a complete 180
° turn on the spot and head back to where they came from. Their patrol pattern is usually erratic and many people have been caught, mind the expression, with their pants down as a golem comes barreling at them.

Offensive/Defensive Strategies
Golems are very territorial and thus will attack any wandering strangers in their land. Their first mode of attack will be to hurl chunks, which, unpleasant as it sounds, isn’t all that bad considering they are made of stone and not organic matter. Next, they will club their prey with their right hand (consisting of 3 fingers) and the bottom of their left hand. The stone dagger does not appear to be used as a weapon, but rather a scare tactic. They will not release the dagger in the process of clubbing their opponent. During each successive attack they will open their mouth in a threatening display of aggression, although they appear incapable of emitting sound. They will repeat this process until either their target or themselves are killed. They will chase fleeing individuals for a short distance beyond their territory, but will return to patrolling if the individual is out of reach. A safe distance to avoid aggravating them is 13 meters or more.

It has not been witnessed if golems undergo any rituals for reproduction, but observations make it seem that they are all uni-gendered and reproduce through a curious method only previously witnessed in cells. During the “standing period” when a golem is patrolling their patch of land, something miraculous occurs and when they walk away another golem of the exact same size and shape is standing in the same location. The average person knows this as “spawning”, though it should not be confused with the laying of many eggs by fish in streams. The bacterial equivalent is ‘binary fission’, and some people have proposed that the name be changed to suit such. As a result of this reproductive process we are unable to determine much about their lifecycle, but we understand that they become mature adults 5 seconds after their birth or ‘spawn’ due to a lack of territorial behavior, but they will defend themselves if attacked. It is unknown if they can die of old age, due to being made out of rock.

(Note: Some creationists believe that golems are created out of thin air by divine means, each one exactly the same as its predecessors, though as of yet this theory has not been proven in any way, shape, or form)

Final Notes
Poaching is a large problem for golems of all types, where individuals and/or groups with advanced weapons and armor kill the golems for their slate ore and the various trinkets that they collect from the bodies of crushed enemies. Due to their reproductive method, their ferocity, and the demand for their ore, bans have not been made against hunting them. It has been witnessed that slate golems open their mouth in what appears to be pain when they are killed, and during the invasive process of harvesting their ore their bodies will jerk upright and fall back down. It is quite a disturbing sight and has lead many golem rights activists to request that the Gifted limit themselves to harvesting the slate exposures for their slate needs.

Vandellia Stormdaughter Reaches Grandmaster Crafter

Coverage by Alladania Silvermist

The Guest of HonorVandellia Stormdaughter recently became the latest citizen of Chaos to master all 19 biped crafting schools. A grand celebration was held at her home in Clearport and of course, Chaos Reigns! attended. Not only was Vandellia the guest of honor, but she also generously provided the refreshments for her own party. The snacks were delicious. She is truly a confectioner extraordinaire.

Using Banshee to Kill ChickensThere were a few special guests at her party as well – David Bowman, Ophelea, Friedlikh and Dotcher - all known to have great powers beyond the ken of mere Gifted. The party was briefly invaded by a large number of chickens, led by El Caliente himself.  The chickens were slain in a grand display of epic spells and their corpses were immediately set upon by certain confectioners who did not want all that raw chicken meat to go to waste!  The final guest of the evening was Umyarr the Golem King, who was quickly dispatched by the Gifted in attendance.

El Caliente!In addition to the other excitement of fireworks, fine food, and friends meeting in peace, contests were held for the enjoyment of all. Azraiel was the first to collect 1 emerald golem chip and 10 mithril ore and won a fine Mithril-Marble Armor Chest Scale of Eminence. Pacifica won an Exceptional Arthridgel Forest Cudgel for being the first to craft 10 tier 5 construction resources (marble, in this case). LeWatcher was the first to return with 10 slate blocks and for this won a Deteriorated Zhurian Dagger. Strix quickly returned with an oastic sac and 10 marble ore. He too won a Mithril-Marble Chest Scale of Eminence. Plot received a fine Brienaire’s Engagement Ring for procuring 2 different werewolf parts from the denizens of Balit’s Island.Umyarr the Golem King 

The remaining prizes were given away by raffle. Jayne won a Mithril-Marble Chest Scale of Eminence. Aksgrynder won an Exceptional Barasavian Long Spear. Kix won a Cobalt-Obsidian Armor Chest Scale of Vengeance. Katscratch won the Deteriorated Arthridgel Forest Cudgel and Braniac won The Zealot. (I apologize if we have missed any of the lucky and resourceful contest winners.)

Towards the end of the gathering, I had the opportunity to speak with Vandellia privately. “Having mastered all 19 biped crafting schools, what’s next?” She thought about it for a moment, and then told me, “I have a blood sister that is a dragon. I will assist helping her get both crafts to 100, but personally I’m hoping I’ll be too busy cooking with the new (confectioner) forms.” As a side note, Vandellia has been spotted around the realms of late flexing her adventuring muscle. Good luck in all your endeavors and hearty congratulations, Vandellia!!

In Service to the Community

If you have recently completed a shop or service structure on your property, Chaos Reigns! would be happy to help get the word out!  Contact the staff with your announcement and we’ll be happy to get it into the next issue.

Rhylex has completed a vault in Harton Valley.  His lair is on the east side of town, and the vault is on the top layer, straight back from the entrance, one chamber to the side.

Azraiel recently took over management of the Vault adjacent to the Bristugo Nexus, with the express intent of leaving the vault as-is.  Shortly afterwards, however the Istarian Planning Commission expanded the property’s land use permit, making more usable area available for development.  A public tavern is now open next to the vault and is already doing a brisk business.

In further Bristugo news, a tinkering shop is now open for business at MissKitty’s, just east of the arrival pad.

Guild Spotlight: Illuminati

How would you describe your guild?
We consider ourselves to be a family guild, loosely guided by our group of officers. We socialize both in and out of the game and offer friendship, camaraderie and help (though never with a sense of obligation or expectation). We believe that personal needs take a back seat to the good of the guild as a whole. You may read our rules, but in the end you'll find that fun, honor, and helping each other are the ideals that govern us.  Through our guild we hope to achieve, foremost, enjoyment of the game; but also to make a lasting impact on the world of Istaria and the server upon which we reside, Chaos. We are seeking a balance in which the importance of crafters and adventures are considered equal, yet the necessity of flexibility is understood. For instance, with construction of our guild buildings, adventurers must acknowledge the need for assistance to crafters. Likewise, crafters may need to answer the call in a particularly difficult or strategically important battle. For only through cooperation and joining of our strengths as a whole will we be successful!

What is your guild’s mission statement or charter, if any?
From our in-game guild page and our history,To Take Back What Is Ours!!”

Do you have a central base of operations, such as a guild plot or a central community?
We do have the guild plots in the Crater now Called “The Three Sisters”

Tell us about your guild’s history.
The first incarnation of Illuminati occurred in beta, where a number of us met for the very first time, months before the game went live. We grew pretty close during those days, and by the time beta came to a close we had a firm plan to get the guild registered as soon as possible.

Once the servers came up on December 9th, 2003, ten of us logged in and hammered out the silver required to file for a Guild Name. Illuminati was born on the Twilight Shard mere hours after Horizons went live, a fact which would later come into play in a way none of us could have foreseen.

Because we were the first to bear the Illuminati name across all the shards which were eventually merged into Chaos, we alone were allowed to keep the name. Some of you have noticed a guild named D`Illuminati; they were among the ones that had to rename their guild. We missed sharing their fate by a matter of hours.

We are medium band of 5-15 players a night that share a common bond of friendship in the game. There are many married couples in our guild along with singles as well and it feels like a real family guild. We currently have about 15-25 active players. We are made up of many classes of Dragons, Rangers, Mages, etc. We have seasoned builders, crafters and adventurers. We have a handful of level 100 characters through level 1 characters.

We are a very helpful guild that helps out new players even if they are not interested in joining our guild. We don't help new players power level at the beginning as they learn to hunt, but we do support them with information, weapons, tools, potions and other supporting items to help them along as they grow. We have guild hunts with different level groups and crafting Saturdays to help with plot & lair building or helping with craft leveling. If you are at all interested in finding out more contact us on our Illuminati.Appchat or send a /tell to Nimbus, Aelwynde, Deadean, Kendorah or Saharas in game. We are open for applications into our family, so come and chat with us and get to know us.

What qualities does your guild look for in a new member?
We look for like minded people who we can enjoy gaming with and also who also can get along with us

What membership requirements, if any, does your guild have?
In game, we can almost always be found in the chat channels as Illuminati App chat. Any one can go there and get to know us and what our play style is. Saharas/Fandor is our official Recruiting officer and is often found assisting new players. Once a player makes the choice to join us, a simple application (after the obligatory Guildportal registration) at our web site at > Horizons > Chaos > Illuminati. And then continue to chat with us in the “appchat” channel. We do have a member voting process, but we have only once had any one not make membership.

Are there any significant accomplishments in your guild’s history that you are especially proud of?
We have been one of the few guilds which have not merged or assumed other guilds in our complete history. Our guild plots are also continuous since pre-merge. Our members have left for other realms and returned. That we have been able to create such camaraderie with community assistance I feel is one of the greatest achievements any group can hope for. And during the era of community construction we contributed to the freeing of the Satyr, recalling the Dryads, and many, many community buildings,

Is your guild working on any major projects currently?
We are continually working to increase the structures at individual member plots and also the guild plot areas.

What long-term goals does your guild have?
As guild leader I hope to establish adequate plots and lairs for our members and assist each in their endeavors. Good company, energetic but friendly banter and the knowledge that we always have a helping hand when truly needed.

Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about your guild?
A quote by one of our founders is the best way we can describe ourselves.
“Remember it is only a game, the friends we make are real.”

How can potential members learn more about your guild?
Any one can view our “public” pages at the Guildportal and/or also to chat with us in-game at Illuminati: Appchat channel.

Lives in Chaos: Jayne

“Hurricane Jayne” is one of Istaria’s premier adventurers.  She approaches everything with a ‘take no prisoners’ attitude and tackles all challenges with fierce enthusiasm.  "The Lady of Pain" can normally be found hunting vexators and abominations under the blighted skies of her beloved Elnath – only instead of wearing armor, she’s been known to do it in Kion formalwear.

Hurricane Jayne, ready for action!Thank you for taking the time to speak with us. To begin with, tell us a little bit about yourself and your history in Istaria.


Let me start by saying that although I seldom if at all do any sort of interviews, it is an honor for me to give Chaos Reigns! this exclusive. The staff has done a most Fiendishly excellent job!  History...well it’s very tough for me to go into the past, I live in the now, but I'll do my best.  As you know I am not the typical fiend build of mind and ice. I was born from the icy regions of Kirasanct, but my path as one of the Gifted is the mastering of flame and steel.  I prefer being in the trenches among the other true warriors of Istaria.

I would also like to mention that I and a few friends have started a new guild on Chaos called "House of Pain". As much as I loved my old guild I felt that Chaos needed more options for the new player as far as guilds go. There are many great leaders on the shard that can expand the world of Horizons if they want to start anew.

Anyway, we are currently biped adventurers with some crafting. We are open to all races and crafters.  So, if you would like to get knee deep in the trenches of Istaria and have fun, then give us a try. Come on into our guild chat "House of Pain" and say hi.

What are some of your fondest early memories of Istaria?
Yuk, sounds like an emotional answer is coming. But to not get all mushy, which I despise, let me say this: Long ago, when Jayne was newly Gifted, I was to befriend a great dragon. He and a few friends knew of my obsession with obtaining a demon axe. I used to roam for SoG endlessly and when I found him, this dragon would help gather a group and we would kill him. Finally one day the demon axe dropped and he handed it to me - no questions, no random, no worries. I was a very happy camper. I never forgot that day and not to long ago I was finally able to return the favor by giving that very special dragon a demon claw. There is one thing Jayne never does: she never forgets when someone has helped her. I always do my best to help, whether it’s assisting a hatchie or a friend needing comps - just don't tell anyone! I hate mushy ‘thank you’s - just say "Thanks" and let’s go cut some more heads!

I used that axe exclusively for about a year ‘till I got my newest weapon, Valkor’s Bloodsword. Speaking of that axe, I am about to pass one on to a very lucky person.

Tell us about some of the highlights of your adventuring career.
*Fiendish grin* Ahhhhh, adventuring is my passion. Although I am at times very outspoken and what I call ‘confident’, I don't really dwell much on highlights and achievements. I'm not much for advertising but it depends on the mood I'm in... *Smiles*

I am very open to grouping and love to help anyone.  I'd even help my enemies if they’re man or woman enough to ask. Sadly, grouping is restrictive to me and my style of combat, so I tend to really excel when I'm solo. When I'm alone I don't have to worry about someone else dying. If someone I hunt with is near death I tend to save them and not even think twice about myself. I have killed so many mobs I have even gotten bored with it. So I have tried this crafting thing lately. I was killing mushrooms just the other day.  I saw a need for more dexterity, so this mushroom thing is helping me in that area. But the last highlight I had was when I killed an Ogre Zombie a few months ago and 4 toes dropped! Now that’s an accomplishment if I’ve ever seen one! *Laughs*

Even though you’ve been picking up some construction skills recently, you’re generally known for being a dedicated adventurer. What advice would you give newcomers who are considering that path?
Well in all honesty I wouldn't recommend the path I did. If at all possible try to do craft and adventure at the same time. Take one up for ten levels then do the other. I think that is the smoothest way and gives you a break so things don't feel like such a grind. And please don't power level those first two. This game has so much to offer, it's just people never take the time to look and enjoy it. They tend to want to just rush everything and by doing that they are really cheating themselves. Also pay close attention to your build. Decide what you want to be and level only those classes that will actually benefit you while you’re in your main class. That way you can get your character in its most effective state as quickly as possible. Then, later, go ahead a take a class up higher if you like. There is no reason to be 100 in every adventure class unless you plan to play every class. You will not see Jayne as anything but a warrior, unless I'm leveling a particular school for some benefit.

Occasionally you'll see me as healer. If you do then I'm usually with another good dragon friend of mine. But believe me, Jayne is more then likely complaining about it!  Although I'm good at it, I hate playing healer. As I said, I prefer being in the trenches and dealing out damage.

What would you like to see happen with the Satyr Islands in the future?
First off, leave it blighted forever; I love the doom and gloom. Secondly I would like to see the boss mobs moved there - one on each island and in the middle of all the other mobs. That will make for challenging boss mob fights! No more easy, uneventful boss mob kills. Link a few wraith and kwellen groups to them so there is no way to just pull the boss off to some barren spot and kill them easily.

Would you still want to build a home on Elnath, if property became available there?
If it were blighted, then most certainly. Then I can just walk out my front door and kill at will.  Just the thought of that makes me... well, it’s exhilarating!

If you were offered your choice of companion animals to take into battle with you, what type of creature would you want fighting beside you?
Hmmm, I think an Ogre would be coolest. Kinda’ like Bane following Poison Ivy around. I actually had a few as pets at my plot till they were fixed on one of the last patches :(.  If it needs to be an animal I would either go with a Bat or a Phoenix.  But I already have several companions whom will follow me to battle at a drop of a hat.  I have made many friends in Istaria. They would drop everything they're doing to go to battle with me, and I'd do the same for them. All one needs to do is say "Jayne, lets kill something!", and I'll drop my tanning blade and come running.

Heck I just may kill a few with my tanning blade!

What would you say is your proudest achievement to date?
I would say being interviewed by the staff at Chaos Reigns! I didn't think anyone had the guts to talk to me, much less ask me for an interview.  Other then that, I was recently told I was the sexiest ‘toon ever; does that count?

Do you have any regrets about your time in Istaria, or are there things you would do differently if you could?
I'm not sure how to say it without divulging too much information, but I guess if I were to start all over, I would have never let anyone know about my personal connection to the game.  Not that I regret it, but it has brought me some unwanted attention that I did not expect, or should I say, even considered. If I had known it was something that would have been a problem, I would have never mentioned it.  Without getting into specifics, I will say ‘sorry’ to those who have issues with my having that connection. On the other hand, I have met so many more who do appreciate me and could not care less about that relationship.

It's kind of funny actually; no one ever expected me to like this game. It was brought to my attention a few years ago at a family get together – Thanksgiving, if my memory serves me right. I was shown this game, and to be honest at first I just didn't get it.  It seemed kind of slow and I really had no idea what I was doing. The one thing that I thought was amazing was that all the characters I saw running around were actual people in our world - people with feelings and emotions, from all sorts of cultures and areas on our globe. Then, after about a month of just getting the feel for it, BAM!!!  All of a sudden I stopped going to EBay. I was in this world more then the real world. A year went by before I could even get my life into a schedule so the game would not control me. You see, when I am logged on I am Jayne, and nothing can change that; not the phone, not the doorbell, and not my work pager.

If Jayne were a tree, what kind of tree would Jayne be?
The Whomping willow from Harry Potter, of course. Don't think I need to explain why.

Of all the enemies that confront the Gifted, which do you most enjoy meeting in battle, and why?
I like the Satyr Island mobs. The combinations you can come up against are a challenge. T6 ones are good too, but the landscape makes it to easy to maneuver. Of course I like the boss mobs. I guess Son of Gigaroth is my sentimental favorite - probably because he was the first one I fought - but they're all cool.  Actually, anything I can kill, I enjoy.  Radiant wisps are fun, too!

Do you have any advice for newcomers to Istaria, or any secrets of success you’d like to share?
If you happen to be lucky and run into me in Istaria somewhere, run!  Just kidding. First and foremost, have fun! Don't let anyone else ruin your game experience. That includes the developers. No matter what, go out there and do your best. Don't worry about what changes have or will happen, and if all else fails send me a tell; I'll show you how to have fun!

Lastly, if Nadia were sentenced to die and the Empire appointed you to be her executioner, how would you carry the sentence out?
Well, I don't think we can kill her because she has comps that we are unable to get without her.  So I think I would raise her prices so no one wants to buy from her. Then once the missing comps are settled, I would just hit the ‘Delete’ button and never see her again. I wouldn't make a martyr out of her; that would be too nice, and as you know I'm not nice. Just let her go into The Phantom Zone.

Win a (Hunting) Date with Jayne!

In conjunction with this month’s interview, Chaos Reigns! is holding our first contest!  The winner will accompany Jayne on an extended hunting trip to her favorite spot in Istaria, Elnath.  In addition to all loot collected, the winner will receive a very special weapon which Jayne used in battle for over a year and an after-action interview in the following edition of Chaos Reigns!

To enter, tell the editors, in 500 words or less, why you want to go hunting with Jayne.  Brag, grovel, recite epic poetry in her honor, compose a sonnet with lots of bloodshed!  There are no level or class restrictions and Jayne may even, at her option, provide ambrosia afterwards.  Submissions will be accepted for two weeks following publication of this issue.  Winner is assumed to have consented to incurring any and all Death Points accumulated during the prize period.

To enter, send your submissions to Alladania or Klaus via PM on the community forum.

This contest is open to all legal residents of Chaos, except in the void or where prohibited by Jayne.  All rites reversed, persecutors will be violated.

Children’s Corner: George the Wisp Makes a Friend


George Meets Fisty

  Fisty meets George.  Fisty is surprised! Fisty is Happy!

George meets Fisty.
George is happy!

Fisty meets George.
Fisty is surprised!

 Fisty is very happy to meet George.

Fisty tells George about the magical essence channeler George Gets Directions  Oops!

Fisty tells George about the magical essence channeler.
George will find lots of new friends there!

George gets directions.
George can’t wait to meet all of Fisty’s friends!

Oops!  Fisty didn’t mean to hurt George.
Sorry, George.  Sorry, sorry!

Fisty and George Hug Bye, George! The

Fisty gives George a hug.  George feels much better! 

Bye, George! See you at the essence channeler! 


Community Projects

Persons desiring to make a lasting contribution to the community and improving our world in a real and meaningful way are encouraged to join the new ‘World Object Repair Crew’ chat.  This chat is intended to keep the community informed about the state of various community projects and let those interested in volunteering know where their abilities are most needed. Some current projects include:

Four bridge spans between Istaria’s Loom and Scorpion Island
The long bridge between Fabric Isle and the Observatory Peninsula
Community lair structures in Dralk and Chiconis

In addition to these major projects, many smaller communities have a number of lamp posts, archways, and other decorative structures in need of repair.  Gifted of all skill levels are encouraged to join in and help make Istaria a better place for everyone.

Anyone who wishes to raise community awareness of a specific project is welcome to provide the details on the project to the Herald.


Congratulations Vandi!!!! Hope that confectioner stuff comes through soon or she'll be battling Jayne for spawn on Elnath before we know it. ;-)

Faerie Builders Inc - All types of work accepted.  T5 metal, T3 all else.  Sandstone work welcome!  Rates standard and negotiable.  Please contact Starna for more information. 

Secrets to the ancient art of Invisibility discovered!  Harvest from motherlodes without being noticed!  Walk past Mhedon in total safety!  Entice hordes of monsters into attacking people you don’t like and laugh at their confusion and outrage!  The power can be yours!  For details, simply send 100sp to Box 31.  For entertainment purposes only, works only on female satyrs.  Act now!!

Looking for love in not enough places. Hi, my name is George. I like long drifts in the moonlight and travel to exotic places. Sure, I get a lot of attention from other people, but they're users - all of them. I want someone to like me for me. Show me I'm not the only radiant wisp in town. Send me your picture and tell me how I can make your dreams come true. Box 43

Looking for Quarrying IV and Dexterity IV techniques.  Please message Alladania, Ani or Klaus.

Financial executive on sabbatical seeks friendship and maybe more. Not able to travel currently, but would like to correspond with the right kind of lady. Send pic and message to Tazoon office, Box 17 attn: GS15201.

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